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Persona Guide – Best Trending Games like Persona 5 – Answer Diary

Persona 5 is an RPG game, and you can find many games in this popular series. Read about some Games like Persona 5 you must try in 2021.


The Sixth game in the Persona series. Persona 5 is a role-playing video game. It was first released in Japan and later, in April 2027, was released worldwide. Persona 5 was developed by P-studio. Persona 5 takes place in modern-day Tokyo and follows around students of high school. The group of students gang up with mystical superpowers and are called Phantom Thieves of Hearts

The gameplay, story, visuals, music, and art direction led to this game’s critical acclaim. 

Genre(s): Role-playing, social simulation

Platform(s): Persona 5, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Persona 5 Royal, 

Mode(s): Single-player

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What are 20 Games like Persona 5?

If your thirst for gaming did not fulfil yet, then here are some games. These will blow you out with a fantastic JRPG experience. 

● Dragon Age: Inquisition: A role-playing and third game of the series Dragon Age. The game takes place in the same fantasy world as was in the previous round. You need to complete quests to pursue in Inquisition. Every new level will provide you with perks that will benefit you in the entire gameplay.

Genre(s): Adventure, Role-playing(RPG), Tactical

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

● Wolfenstein: The New Order: For the lovers of shooter games. An action-adventure shooter game from a first-person perspective. The game needs players to fight against enemies quite often. Players’ survival is based upon utilizing the health system, and combat will assist you against enemies. You will be hooked with a wide range of options and first-person shooting scenarios.

Genres: Shooter, Adventure

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

● Final Fantasy XV: Boast off your wealth. Premium content. Gameplay that supports high-resolution graphics. Enjoy playing enchanted and well-crafted gameplay of Final Fantasy XV.

Genres: Role-playing(RPG), Adventure, Fighting

Platforms: Google Stadia, PC(Microsoft Windows), Xbox One, PlayStation 4

● Tales of Zestiria: The fifteenth edition of the Tales series. This game is a Japanese role-playing game. Like other role-playing games, this one also uses an action-based Linear Motion Battle System. The creatures in the game are procreated by negative energy. The lead role has to evacuate this threat by spiritual mystic powers.

Genre: Role-playing(RPG)

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PC(Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4

● Horizon Zero Dawn: Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing thrill and exciting game. Explore the lush world, which is inhabited by bizarre mechanized creatures. You have to play the role of a skilled hunter. Make desirable choices to beat those creepy creatures.

Genre(s): Shooter, Role-playing(RPG)

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4

● The Cat Lady: The game revolves around a lady, Susan Ashworth, known as Cat Lady, in her neighbourhood. The lady does not have any friends or family. With the arrival of five strangers, all the scenarios will be changed. Those five are Parasites. Ruthless and deadly. They will do anything possible to harm Susan. Help Susan to meet everything possible for her survival.

Genres: Indie, Adventure, Point-and-click

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Linux

● Undertale: The gameplay of this game revolves around the survival of a kid. There are banished monsters who are not ready to leave any human alive. A kid has fallen underground. You, as a player, need to play to take that kid back to the surface.

Genres: Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4

● Rogue Galaxy: A game set in a futuristic fantasy universe with action role-playing. Random battles. No real need for exploration. A real-time hack and slash combat. Direct control to lead character. Strategize your fight and attack upon your targeted enemy.

Genres: Role-playing(RPG), Action

Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4

● Legrand Legacy: An 3D cinematic with a unique original soundtrack. Turn-based combat will test your gaming skills. Rebuild your strongholds. Quests that will award you. Play mini-games. Pile up your loot—a complete power-packed immersive experience with incredible player choices. 

Genres: Indie, Tactical, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One

● Fire Emblem: Three Houses: A turn-based and tactical RPG. You, as the lead, have to teach three significant houses. Every house has students who are exceptional in personality. As their tutor, you need to teach them about academic lives. The combat will help you out in strategizing to teach.

Genres: Turn-based strategy (TBS), Tactical, Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

Platform: Nintendo switch

● Nier: Automata: A sequel to 2010 game Nier. A role-playing action game. There is a proxy war between alien-created machines and human-crafted androids. The game is a combination of role-playing and action-based hack and slash combat. The game is acclaimed for its gameplay, action, and music.

Genre: Hack and slash, Action role-playing

Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

● Ghost of Tsushima: A 2020 action-adventure game. The game features an open world where a samurai is on the mission to protect Tsushima Island from the Mongols’ invasion.

Genres: Stealth, Action-adventure

Platform: PlayStation 4

● Bloodborne: A role-playing action game. The game follows the lead character. The choices made to the surface will affect the whole gameplay. A blood-borne disease is afflicted upon inhabitants of the game world; your character needs to come up to make survival possible. The gameplay is entirely focused on strategic and weapon-based combat and exploration.

Genre: Action role-playing

Platform: bPlayStation4

● Monster Hunter: World: An action role-playing game and fifth chapter of main game Main Hunter. As the name says, this game is crowded with wandering monsters. You will be playing the role of “Monster Slayer”. Either kill those creeps or trap them. The core-gameplay would not let you be distracted from the game.

Genre; Action role-playing

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

● Cyberpunk 2077: An action role-playing video game. The game takes place in a Night city, an open-world setup. Also, the first-person perspective of the game is a customizable mercenary. The narrated settings, graphics, and some gameplay elements have received mixed reviews. 

Genre: Action role-playing

Platform(s): PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S

● Days Gone: An action-adventure survival horror game. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Oregon. You can play this game from a third-person perspective, which means you can explore this fantastic open-world interface. As this one is survival gameplay, players need to defend themselves from hostile humans and Freakers. Use melee and improvised weapons to protect yourself and make survival possible.

Genre(s): Horror-survival, Action-adventure

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

● Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE: This one is a crossover game. The Fire Emblem games are blended with few Persona game elements. That’s what this game is featured upon. Many JRPG fans consider this gameplay as one of the best ones for Wii U. So there is not any chance to miss out on such an immense experience.

Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo switch

● Xenoblade Chronicles: A fantasy-based action RPG. It the more of a real-time system instead of traditional combat like Persona. If you are looking for a change of pace, then this game is a must-play. 

Platforms: New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U

● Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor: A better chance for noob strategizers. The game is specifically designed for newcomers in strategy games, with initial techniques and ease in RPG gameplay. 

Platform: Nintendo DS

● Fire Emblem: Three House: Base upon combat and social-simulations, this one has more similar elements to Persona. Both games have school-based gameplay. With captivating characters and impacting game design, this game can be said as Persona’s sister game.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Can we Play Persona 5 on Xbox One?

No. Persona 5 has not been released for Xbox One. A petition has to be submitted to make this excellent gameplay available for Xbox One. 

Keep up your curiosity; gamers!

Which Game is Better? Persona 5 vs Persona 5 Royal?

Persona 5 Royal is an updated version of Persona 5. Many new features and advancements have been added in Persona 5 Royal to increase playability. 

 Let us look at what we got new in Persona 5 Royal that we did not have in Persona 5. 

● New Characters: The extensive change that has been made in Persona 5 Royal is the addition of new characters. The characters like Gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa have added a new twist in the storyline.

● More hours of gameplay: Persona 5 Royal has added 20 hours in gameplay. More the time duration, the more excitement.

● Additional features: More activities, more areas to be explored, new mechanics, and expanded dungeons.

So, we can say that Persona 5 Royal is an altogether better game than Persona 5.

Which Game is Better? Persona 4 vs Persona 5?

Both games of the series have better features as compared to the last game. Both have got immersive gameplay to hold you in the game. 

Perhaps, certain features will throw light on which one is better.

● UI: The UI in Persona 5 is smoother in Persona 5 than in Persona 4.

● Menu colour: The red and black menu is more transparent than the mustard one. 

● Soundtrack: Persona 5 has a better soundtrack.

Reasons why Persona 5 is Better:

Persona 5 has 100 times better dungeons and better gameplay than Persona 4.

What is the Persona Fire Emblem?

Persona Fire Emblem is a Nintendo Switch game based upon the gameplay of Persona. If you played Persona, then this one will also hook you up. 

Nintendo’s new strategy game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, combines traditional and tactical combat. You will love the deep social simulation of Fire Emblem.

What is Persona 5 Night Walking Warrior?

Mokoi is the night walking warrior of Persona 5. It is the second Persona of the Death Arcana. If you want to find Mokoi, then it can be discovered as a Shadow in Madarame’s Palace and the Chemdah area of Mementos.

Who Made Persona 5?

The developers of this incredible game are Atlus and P Studio. The composer of Persona 5 is Shoji Meguro.

Is Persona 5 Multiplayer?

No. Unluckily, Persona 5 is a single-player game. But yeah, soon will be some exciting features like getting help with fellow players. 

What are the 5 Best PS4 Anime Games?

Anime games are usually considered as best playing ones for their video interaction and spin-offs. PS4 is regarded as a home for anime games. The virtual business of anime games in PS4 has been a favourite among gamers.

Here are some best of all anime games that you can enjoy playing on PS4.

● Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle

● First of the North Star: Lost Paradise

● Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

● Dragon Ball FighterZ

● One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

What are Few Persona Fan Games?

Fan games are made to celebrate base games’ success as Persona has blown away gamers, so why do we not celebrate gaming by making fan games. What I feel is gamers would not deny playing any similar game to their favourite one. 

Here are some Fan games of Persona that you will love to simp in.

● Persona 2: Innocent Sin

● Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

● Persona 5: The Gaybreakers

● ATLUS and Emulation

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Can I Play Persona 5 Without Playing the Others?

Persona 5 is a standalone game. Also, Persona is a franchise, and its games do not depend on each other. You can pick any and start playing.

To play Persona 5, you do not need to play the whole list. You can start directly from Persona 5.

Which Game is Better? Danganronpa vs Persona?

Both games follow the same concept. But some pointable differences will buckle the favourness.

● Genre: Persona is purely RPG, whereas Danganronpa is a virtual novel.

● Popularity: Danganronpa has become popular with its mainstream with PC and PS4 ports.

● Likeness: If you start playing both games, you will end up loving both.

There is not anything to be disliked in these games. But yeah, all anime lovers out there will get offended if I get biased in this conflict 😛

Is Persona 5 Share Play?

You can share stream and content on Persona 5 Royal up. But by using third-play, you will spoil your game so try to start the game afresh. 

Also, this feature was introduced to help players but until the in-game date of December 24.

What is the Persona 5 List of Books?

Like Persona 4, you can also read or purchase books in Persona 5. There are a total of 34  books in Persona 5. Some of them will increase your stats; some will unlock abilities for you; some locations will be unlocked. After reading the whole book’s stock, you will get the title of Bookworm. 

Here are some books from which you can select any according to your need:

● The Great Thief

● Zorro, the Outlaw

● Cry of Cthulu

● Woman in the Dark

● The Gallant Rogue

● The Alluring Dancer

● Pirate Legend

● Weekend Parks

● Vague

● Musty Vegas

You can check out the complete stack of 34 books here

What is Persona 5 Expansion?

Persona 5: Royal is the expansion of Persona 5. The wait is over, and the development is finally here.

It is not a new game, but drastic changes have been made to the gameplay. Enhanced combat, more playable time with more choices, Persona 5; Royal is all set to blow you away.

Which Game is Better? Persona vs High School Story?

I know Persona lovers out there will raise their hands in favour of Persona. And yeah, they should be loyal lovers. 

A big difference is that the High School Story is a mobile game. You can not play it on PC or elsewhere. But Persona gives you more platforms to be played on.

High School Story is more like simulation games. Whereas, Persona is an RPG and strongly hit down High School in this regard.

If a game gives you more choices to make and focus on character, then it is better than others.

Is Persona 5 Co-Op?

Unluckily, there is not such feasibility of Co-Op or multiplayer in Persona 5. The game lacks this very needed option. But it can be expected to be available in the future.

Which Game is Better? Persona vs Shin Megami Tensei

Before any conclusive thoughts, let me explain some key differences between these two animes.

Genre: Persona is based upon JRPG with focussed on traditional storyline and character. On the other hand, Shin Megami Tensei is combat and mechanics oriented.

Hard-to-play: Persona, as compared to SMT, is critical to play. SMT is somehow easy to handle.

Popularity: The main reason for Persona being more popular than SMT is its focus on themes and proper story-driven gameplay. The more sensible infrastructure of Persona makes it popular, but SMT lacks in it.

Which Persona Game Should I Start With?

You can start with any Persona game as all games in the series are standalone ones. But in my opinion, take any except Persona 4. 

Persona 3 can be a better option to start with.


Persona 5 is the best game to be added to your gaming playlist. It has all to fulfil your gaming craves. This article covers every question that can be asked regarding Persona 5. A well-researched and must-read information about Persona 5. 

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