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Mount and Blade Guide – Games like Mount and Blade – Answer Diary

Mount and Blade is an open game with many fan-made mods, making it a forever game. Read about other Games like Mount and Blade you must try.


Mixed reviews welcomed a game developed by Popular Gaming Company TaleWorlds entertainment and it. Some players loved it for being action packed modern mechanism and the availability of various modes. 

Critics: There are also opposite opinions. The game was criticized for its poor graphics and repetitive actions. 

Mods: Do not be worried about multiple mods as these will ally you in-game.

Quests: There are many quests related to villages to help you in making good relationships with people. 

Anyhow, it is game and action-packed too. So players have given it a try, and most of them are satisfied. 

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What are 20 games similar to Mount and blade

A warfare affected region needs to be put together by your armed forces. Expand your troops, train your forcemen and declare your success. 

Here is a list of games for combat gaming fanatics. 

● Stronghold: A game presented by Firefly Studios. The games revolve around conquest and enlargement through the army. The game has two campaigns to be played one is military, and the other is economic. You can find these campaigns in settings. 

● Knights of honor: The game is about the struggle of a king in building an empire. You, being a king, have to solve and strategize what problems a dominion faces. 

Modes: This game allows both single-player and multiplayer modes. 

Platforms: Knight of honor is compatible with Microsoft windows. 

● TorchLight: Being an RPG game, you control the hero. You do not let your ruthless enemy win. 

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, Linux

Genre: Action role-playing, hack, and slash

Medieval II: Total warDefeat, destroy, rebuild and make your cities better. 

Modes: single-player mode, multiplayer mod

Platform: Microsoft windows

● Rise of nations: Take control over the bulk of civilization. Make strategies, plan your actions for this real-time gameplay.

Steam rating: 9/10

Genre: real-time strategy, strategy game, video strategy game.

● Life is Feudal: Your Own: A multiplayer game happening in medieval times. Construction and formulating oriented game. 

Steam rating: 6/10

Series: Life is feudal

Engine: Feudal engine

● Endless Legend: A game about struggling natives to get settled. To grow food and conquers upon rivals are fully packed in this game. 

Steam ranking: 9/10

Platforms: classic Mac OS, Microsoft windows

Engine: unity

● Aarklash legacy: In search of truth, an acquisitive squad goes through wars. Command your legacy and make a win.

Mode: single-player video game

Platform: Microsoft windows

● Fallen Enchantress: A warfare between kingdoms. Knockdown your opponent and build your empire. One of best Game like Games like Mount and Blade to try first.

Publisher: Stardock

Platform: Microsoft windows

Genre: strategy game, video strategy game

● Miscreated: The survivorship is the concept of this game. A multiplayer, survival, and die-hard game.

Platform: Microsoft windows

Genres: shooter-game, roleplaying game, adventure game

● Force of Nature: Cultivate, craft, and fight against rivals.

Steam ranking: 9/10

Platform: Microsoft windows

● No man’s sky: what do we expect from a science fiction game? This game is your answer. You will get adventure and insightful experience. 

Steam rating: 6/10

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 

● Praetorians: A masterpiece of war with distinct landscapes will make you indulge in the Roman empire.

Modes: single-player game, multiplayer game. 

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows. 

● Anno 1404: A real-time strategy game produced by Blue Byte. The game goes through economic problems to build your cities. 

Modes: single-player video game, multiplayer video game

Rating: 93%

● American Conquest: You will love the concept of this game. Travel as Christopher Columbus. Experience the history and discover new lands. 

Steam ranking: 6/10

Genre: Strategy video game, strategy game, real-time strategy, Strategy

● Battle Brothers: Another RPG game. You own the whole gameplay. You decide what to do and where to go. Choose wisely what to equip. 

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft windows

Greenman gaming rating: 9.3/10

● The Witcher 3: a wild hunt: A sequel of The Witcher. Your enemies are monsters. Drive out your inner monster to compete with those creatures.

Steam rating: 10/10

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft windows

● Warlords Battlecry III: A proved best RTS game. Imaginative heroes have to fight in battles. Rather than having a war, there are also many exciting activities for players

Modes: single-player, multiplayer 

● Legend of Eisenwald: This game is a combination of RTS and strategy. You have to gather your soldiers for a frightening journey where supernatural activities take place. 

Steam ranking: 7/10

Mode: single-player video game

● Chasm: This game will take you into a fantasy world where immortal enemies, captivating treasure, and hidden secrets are waiting for you. 

Genres: shooter game, roleplaying game, adventure game, fighting game

Steam rating: 7/10

Which game is better? Mount and Blade vs. Total war? 

Both games are strategy games. But Mount and Blade are far better than Total war. Mount and Blade are of shorter level, but in Total war, you are the leader. 

In Total war, you decide and command the whole empire, but you are a general in Mount and Blade.

Total war allows strong dominion because everyone is under your command. Its best Games like Mount and Blade to try when looking for alternative.

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Out of Mountain and blade & Battle Brothers, which game is better? 

There are evident differences between both games. 

Roleplay game: Mount and blade is a role play game. The responsibility of actions depends upon the central character.

 On the other side, Battle Brothers have leveled up gaming. 

Leadership gaming: You do not have to take hold of the game as a single unit. But you manage your troops as a manager manages its crew. Interaction of this game is a plus point. I will suggest if you are a fan of Mount and Blade, then try Battle Brothers. 

Which game is better, Mount and Blade or Skyrim? 

In my recommendation, play both games as both of these have their gameplay. Skyrim does not allow multiplayer. You are a one-person army. You alone have to make battle strategies yourself. At the same time, Mount and Blade offer a multiplayer option. 

If you are a fanatic to conquer and conspiracy games, then Mount and Blade is your game. But if you are interested in classical trials and stealthiness, then Skyrim will be a perfect game. 

Which game is better? Mount and Blade or Blade and sorcery? 

If you are looking for ruthless action and want practical interactions, Blade and sorcery is your game. Be a combatant and play your role. 

Mount and blade is a role play game. The game gets complex sometimes as the main character has to deal with circumstances. 

Blade and sorcery are prohibited for a certain age as it includes severe bloodshed. But it is ranked 9 out of 10, being popular in adult gamers. 

Which game is better? Mount and Blade or Kingdom come deliverance? 

Well, both of these games are a bit similar. The main contrast is Mount and Blade is character-oriented, whereas the Kingdom of Deliverance is story-based. 

In Mount and Blade, you have to raise your army, make combat actions and fight with rivals as a whole gang.

 On the contrary, in Kingdom come to Deliverance, you do not need to personalize your allies. 

The most exciting thing about this game is you encounter multiple enemies. This adds excitement to the game. 

Oh, that was a quick overview. In my opinion, both games are fun to play. Mount and Blade offer much replaying, whereas Kingdom comes Deliverance is a new fish in town to be judged. 

Does Mount and Blade Warband co-op? 

No, no co-op. Captain co-op only survives as long as you strive from the enemy wave. Whenever you survive a wave, weapons unlock. It will result in reviving your fellows. 

Its developers are working to introduce co-op as well. 

What is the Strategy of Mount and Blade Warband? 

Strategies help you to survive in-game. There are some typical tactics to be skilled in:

● Cavalry strike ranged rivals

● Traversed attackers beat infantry

● And infantry knockdown cavalry

Strategies: implement these strategies to get success at your hand:

● Cavalry army

● Heavy cavalry

● Archer army

● Thump horses

● Backstabbing

Which game is better? Mount and Blade Warband or Elder Scrolls? 

Although Mount and Blade Warband is a smooth action-play game, according to critics, it creates issues with the end game that Elder Scrolls exceeds in. 

If you are starting gaming, Mount and blade is a perfect one. But Elder Scrolls is a more exciting RPG game. Elder Scrolls gives a more advanced RPG experience. 

Which game is better, Mount and Blade or Life is Feudal? 

  Let me chew this discussion as both games are up to mark. 

Early access: The most irritating thing about Life is Feudal is it shows completion without even unlocking some items. In Mount and blade, you can rack for many hours. That’s what a gamer wants! 

Rating: The rating describes the popularity and criticism of the game.

Life is Feudal is ranked at 6/10 and

Mount and Blade are at 10/10. It is clear enough. 

Interest Development: Life of feudal is more interesting to play as compared to Mount and Blade. 

How many games are available on Mount and Blade?

There are five games in the series. Each game maintains the roleplaying concept of the game. 

You can not decide what to pick first, but you will end up playing all. 

● Mount and Blade:-First game of series introduced in 2008

● Mount and Blade: Warband:- It is the second game of series introduced in the same year, 2008

● Mount and Blade: Warband:- It is an expansion of the last introduced game. It was produced in 2010

● Mount and Blade: with sword and fire:- A sequel was available in 2011. Steam has ranked it 9/10

● Mount and Blade II: BannerLord:- The most awaited and glorified version of the game is now available. It was introduced last year; 2020 probably was the best thing that happened to gamers. 

Differentiate between “Mount and Blade” and “Warband”?

Warband is a sequel to Mount and Blade and presented for gaming the same year as “Mount and Blade.” I must say many new and unusual actions were introduced. 

Multiplayer: Mount and Blade depend upon a single character. Multiplayer has been introduced to Warband, creating more excitement. 

Upgradation of troops: In Warband, soldiers’ upgrade was made easy by a single click

What are the tactics of Mount And Blade? 

There are different tactics for players and heroes. 

Hero tactics: Hero is leading the game, so it has technical tactics to handle players. 

● Strength sovereign

● A dignitary

● Patch finder

● A bowman

● A commander 

Player tactics: Players ascend according to commands of the hero. 

Here are player’s tactics:

● Guardians

● Backs up

● Detach and defeat

● Hack and slash

● Twitch

What are the famous Mount and Blade Warband battle cheats? 

Cheats help you to mount towards completion smartly. There is a list of most popular cheats that you would choose to be quirky in-game. 

● Defeat troops: Press CTRL+F6

● More 10,000 Gold: Press CTRL+X

● Full Health: CTRL+H

● Stop time: CTRL+F11

● Filled horse health: CTRL+SHIFT+H

Differentiate between ” Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword” and “Warband”?

The new expansion, i.e., “Mount and blade with fire and sword,” is considerably harder than Warband. However, fire and sword are going viral for new inclusion of techniques. 

Level of hardness: Fire and sword are hard to play. Exploring new interfaces will be enjoyable. Warband is an expansion of the first game of the series, so whoever has played the first game will be aware of the concept. 

Changed era: Fire and sword have opposite eras than Warband. Gun warfare. Early firearm environment is introduced. 

But it does have a drawback. There are more chances of losing a battle with guns as compared to Warband. 

In comparison, Warband is more enjoyable to play with its easily understandable arcade. 

What are the 5 combat tricks of Mount and Blade Warband? 

If you are a noob and want to be a pro in Mount and Blade, then here is a combat trick list. You can learn and improve your moves with these tricks:

● Do not slip out: You will get free enemies if you elope. 

● Call up lords: Mustering up with lords will give you an easy win. 

● Strength up quickly: You need nine strengths to unlock weapons. Level up your strength to enjoy the loot. 

● Command your soldiers: Order your troops wisely and appropriately. 

● Speed up your map: Hold the Control and spacebar button concurrently to speed up your map.

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Is Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2 multiplayer? 

Unfortunately, multiplayer has not been introduced for Bannerlord 2.

You can select “multiplayer mode” from settings. But it is limited. 

By clicking on “multiplayer,” you will be displayed modes of the game only. 

Creators of the game are saying to introduce co-op for Bannerlord 2.

Out of “Mount and Blade” vs. “Medieval total war,” which game is better? 

The main difference between these two games is vastness. Both games are warfare ones. 

Here are some factors that will differentiate both games. 

Immensity: Mount and Blade are not like a huge course of action. 

Total war is a high-level battle with owning an empire. 

You are the king of the empire in Total war, whereas, in Mount and Blade, you are just a general. 

Depth: Mount and Blade are deeper in action as players take part in the battle itself.

On the contrary, Total war has a ruler who commands its warriors to participate in the war.

Both games are best in their consequences.

How to play the multiplayer campaign of “Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword”?

Sorry to say, but there is not any multiplayer mode. But soon, co-op mode will be introduced.

There is a multiplayer option, but it is useless to click that icon. 

How to Start a War in Mount and Blade Warband

There could be any reason to start a war. You can

● Either capture one of your enemy castles.


● You can attack an opponent’s army. 

Those were some more superficial reasons, though. Ugh

Be a professional warrior. That’s better. 

● Own a city

● Have sufficient faction

● Raid on any castle or troop member 

● Allow your rival to attack you

● And here the war begins

Which Mount and Blade should be played first? 

As a startup, Warband is the perfect option. You will have an idea about gaming gameplay, combats, choices, cheats, and maps. 

Warband will give you better training for playing a warfare game. Play its mods and practice on those.

Warband is an easy-going and linear game that slowly mounts towards you. 

Its is an expansion of the first game. It has the same quest. For beginners, it’s a happy beginning. 


This article covers games like Mount and Blade and answers some other essential and trending questions searched by thousands of players. The primary purpose of creating this answer guide is to help new players find all answers to their minds in one place. You can always bookmark this site gaming section or share it with other game lovers to support us.

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