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Mass Effect Guide – Games Like Mass Effect – Answer Diary

Mass Effect is crazy science fiction game and very popular too. Read about amazing Games Like Mass Effect and answer to important questions.


Mass Effect is a Science Fiction Media Franchise. The first release of the game was on November 20, 2007, a third-person role-playing shooter video game. The series is acclaimed globally for its character development, descriptive gameplay, voice acting, territory, and player choice. The profit-oriented and applauded era of Mass Effect is more famous for this game.

Genre(s): Science fiction, Military science fiction, Space opera, Third-person Role-playing Shooter

Platform(s): Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation 3, Android, Windows Phone, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

What Are 20 Games Like Mass Effect? 

A whole new journey awaits you in the world of Mass Effect. With stunning visuals and an entirely new galaxy to discover, BioWare offers you the home of the next era to explore. Commander Shepard’s story may be over, but many more stories are to be told in the Mass Effect universe.

If you’re a fan of the Mass Effect universe, you can check out some of the latest games in the series, as well as the all-new Mass Effect: Andromeda. Mass Effect: Andromeda will take you to the distant galaxy of Andromeda. Below is list of amazing Games Like Mass Effect that you must try.

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● Exiles – 2015.

The creators of Ravensword: Shadowlands, an award-winning and successful movie, have created EXILES, a delightful recreation of a beautiful 3D science fiction movie set in a distant world. Shortly, a colony on an alien planet finds itself isolated and devastated as corrupt forces seek to enslave it with a deadly virus.

Platform(s): OS – Androids

● Tom Clancy’s Division – 2016

Platform(s): OS – Windows One PS4.

Tom Clancy’s Division is a pioneering, next-generation expert unit that first introduced role-playing grenades into the modern naval environment. After a devastating pandemic engulfed New York City, several vital suppliers went bankrupt, leaving the city in a state of disarray and without access to food or water.

● Broadcast on Mars – 2021

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

Two robots fight to reverse the zombie apocalypse that is sweeping humanity across the planet. But a terrifying thriller is hidden in the most unlikely places of the photovoltaic system. RYZHIK!

● Nano cells 2021 Mission

Platform(s): OS – Windows

Anticipated Entry Firing Full power early entry firing and stealth removal were set for December 2086. As Alicia, you’ll be able to put the invaders at the foot of the wall with your super high-tech swimsuit, primary and secondary weapons, abilities, and particular actions!

● Side – 2020

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

SIDE is a science fiction recreation in which the participant assumes the role of one of the many survivors in the vast dirt and space debris left by the last remnants of humanity’s galactic battle.

● Attack on the Mediterranean: 1943 – 2021

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

Engaged with massive firepower, Mediterranean Assault: 1943 takes players to forgotten fronts across Italy and Africa. One of best Games Like Mass Effect in our list.

● Overreach. Mission Eden – 2019

Platform(s): OS – Windows One PS4.

Overreach: Mission to Eden is a fast-paced action RPG set on the visually stunning planet Eden. In Overreach, you play Nora Harwood, a member of Everreach’s security team, whose mission is to secure Eden’s settlement strategy and investigate a mysterious incident.

● Mars Raiders – 2018

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

Mars Raiders is an ICC sniper with aliens on Mars. Discover the purple planet and submit to a deep story. It is not an extraterrestrial story. ……. It is a story of life and love.

● Office

Platform(s): OS – Windows, Mac 

It’s 1962, and the nation is troubled by a tense military situation. A top-secret branch of the authorities called “The Bureau” investigates a mysterious attack by an enemy more effective than communism.

● Tinkertown – 2020

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

Early entry Gather your friends and head to Tinkertown, an exciting multiplayer sandbox game! Discover a magical place filled with loot, danger, and creativity.

● Hero Hunters 2018.

Platform(s): OS – Android

Go into battle with an army of heroes in beautiful 3D fighting! Equip your weapons, sniper rifles, swords, high-powered guns, and more! 

● Sky Reborn – 2020

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

Sky Reborn is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG – a place where you follow your path or join different players and conquer the wilderness.

● Gene Rain – 2018

Platform(s): OS – Windows One PS4 

Gene’s Rain is a next-generation 3D third-person shooter. The story is set in a futuristic world with a linear narrative structure and uses excellent visible results that present a new world model for the players.

● Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – 2017

Platform(s): OS – Windows One PS4, Android

Put together a team of three buddies and make the most of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands open-world, extensive, dangerous, and responsive shooting experience.

1. Star Trek: The Video Game – 2013

OS – Windows

Play as two of the greatest science-fiction heroes of all time, Kirk and Spock, in the award-winning STAR TREK game and develop a highly realistic cooperative experience that will further expand the Star Trek universe. A massive reboot of Star Trek in the world of the 23rd century, this shooting game cover immerses players in a rich and authentic story.

● Breaking Dawn III: Shadow of El-Gil 2020

Platform(s): OS – Windows One PS4.

The ninth episode, Breaking Dawn III: Shadow of Ethyl, is a vast content and content-rich game with over 270 monsters to fight and capture, an entertaining card game with 180 game cards to collect, and over 1400 unique items to keep! It’s a vast outdoor role-playing game/dog!

● Mass Effect: Andromeda 2017

Platform(s): OS – Windows

Return to Mass Effect’s world and lead the critical people of Andromeda on a determined quest for a new world.

● Zibbs – Alien Survival – 2020.

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

Zibbs: Alien Survival is an exciting open-world game in which you play as an alien trying to live forever on an unknown planet, Earth.

● The last hope on Earth – 2020.

Platform(s): OS – Windows

Early Access In Last Hope on Earth, you are free to explore the open world, acquire and find resources, build your base, destroy pollution, and track various players. It’s all about survival: local climate, corruption, the need for cleanliness, and the same opposing players.

● Global Operations: Libya Commandos – 2011

Platform(s): OS – Windows 

The anatomic bomb has fallen into the hands of terrorists, a suspicion of attack, And the only one who can stop the disaster is you! 

Which Game is Better? Mass Effect vs. Dragon Age Origins?

Mass Effect and Dragon Age both have similar combat, i.e., Squad-Based. In both games, you can control your custom-made characters.

But some hallmarks make Mass Effect better than Dragon Age.

● Combat Speed: Mass Effect’s combat feels more realistic and is quick, whereas Dragon Age has slower, tactical, and quirky.

● Consistency: Dragon Age, no doubt, was one of the best games ever. But Mass Effect is more consistent in its gameplay. 

● Prolonged Gameplay: Dragon Age takes a lot of time to be completed. It would take on average 25+ hours to complete the first part. The gameplay of Mass Effect has a high hype all the time.

What are Popular Mass Effect Factions?

If someone has to choose a sci-fi game, then there is not any better than Mass Effect. The rigorous galactic stakes and incredible technology usage can never be seen elsewhere. The famous Mass Effect divisions have to be discussed as you will get to know which one is more liable to play first.

Have a look at these factions:

● Typhon Federation

● The Indoctrinated

● Tuchanka State Union

● Terran Federation (TF: C Verse)

● Turian Hierarchy (LotV)

● Turian Hierarchy (TF: C Verse)

● The Kayseri Ward Crime Family

● Nexus Council

● Shepard’s Squad

● Interstellar Republic

● Batarian Remnant

What is Mass Effect Enable Console?

To enable a console in a game means that you have unlocked certain features in a game. 

Enabling the Console:

● Go to Documents>BioWare>Mass Effect>Config on your PC.

● Open the BIOInput in Notepad

● Find [Engine. Console]

● Add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde

When playing Mass Effect, just press the Tilde key (above tab) to open the Console.

Type in your wanted cheat.

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Which Game is Better? Mass Effect vs. Jade Empire?

This is quite difficult for a gamer to choose between two massive games. Mass Effect and Jade Empire are both equally crafted up to the mark. Yet there are some differences on which you decide which are one step ahead.

● Storyline: Mass Effect is a military-based sci-fi game. At the same time, Jade Empire is a rich storyline from Bioware.

● Weak Points: In the TTD mod of Jade Empire, increased DMP upon opponent creates weak points. However, there is no such disturbance in Mass Effect.

● Combat Style: Mass Effect has a third-person shooter gaming combat. Jade Empire is more like an RPG and action focussed.

This conflict is between BioWare and a sci-fi game. Both are maestros in their style. So choose one and persuade your gaming. 

What is Mass Effect Andromeda Save Transfer?

No one can finish a game in one sitting. You need to save your game from beating it up later. Mass Effect Andromeda has brought up manual saving of your game. 

Save your progression in the game by the Auto-save feature of Andromeda.

Follow these steps to reserve your game for later.

● Go to the Main menu.

● Drag your left Analogue stick upward to the Save option.

● Click on the ”A” button (or X if you are using PS4), select it.

● Plump for a spare slot to save in.

Note: Mass Effect Andromeda does not import files saved in the original trilogy.

Is Mass Effect a Tabletop RPG?

Yes, it is.

The Mass Effect d20 can be said as a Tabletop RPG. Hundreds of players have played this game globally.

d20 rules:

The d20 rules used in this game are provided by Wizard of the Coast and based upon d20 OGL.

Which Game is Better? Dragon Age Inquisition vs. Mass Effect Andromeda?

The word war table has been set on the two legendary games. Let us have a look at the differences and similarities of both games so that we can come to a decision. Dragon age have many features that make it one of Games Like Mass Effect.

● Combat: Both games possess the same war, i.e., squad-based. But Mass Effect takes a step forward as its action is quick and more realistic. At the same time, Dragon Age has a bit of a slow one.

● Same Universe: Both games follow the same universe. Dragon Age Inquisition has some nods to other BioWare games. On the opposite side, Mass Effect’s Bonkers theory connects both games. 

● Extended game: In Dragon Age Inquisition, it takes too long to complete. I mean, there is no need for roaming and dragging gameplay for nothing. In contrast, Mass Effect Andromeda has spontaneous actions that make a player more engaged in the game.

Will Mass Effect Andromeda Use Old Saves?

Nope. Not at all.

You can save your game progress in Mass Effect Andromeda. You do not need to play the last games to enjoy Andromeda’s gameplay. Not your previous success is asked. 

You can not import saved files from the trilogy into Andromeda; also, it will only ask you if you played male/female.

What are Savage Worlds in Mass Effect?

The association of savage Worlds into Mass effects has energized players. A major change in the last version. Add heavy sections in weapons. Shields will work a bit more appropriately. Enhance some talents. It is more of an RPG game. Two massive gameplays combine in a powerplay.


● Hanar

● Drell

● Krogan

● Quality

● Turian

● Asari

● Human

● Salarian

● Volus

● Elcor

● Batarian


● Asari Biotic

A conversion of Mass Effect into Savage Worlds. I am finding unknown and searching for stars!

Which Game is Better? Halo vs. Mass Effect?

The two most celebrated games conflict now. This is going to be interesting as well as crucial. So let’s get started!

● Titles: Although both games are sci-fi, Mass Effect’s title is more of an RPG game. At the same time, the Halo title is like an FPS game. It’s just about your preference.

● More Missions in Mass Effect: Being linear in gameplay, Halo does not seem to have more than collecting relics. But in Mass Effect, there are fun, engaging missions. It does not matter you go through those missions; you may enjoy them at least.

● Finer Graphics of Halo: No doubt, Mass Effect has enticing missions. But the areas where tasks happen can not be seen clearly. Mass Effect must have that clarity of noticing little temptations. Halo takes the lead in this feature with its expansion in the environment. 

● Better story experience of Mass Effect: Mass Effect’s game choices are far better than Halo’s. Clarity of dialogues and more character options make Mass Effect excel in this regard. 

● Halo’s vastness in weapons: There are many weapon options in both games. But a variety can not be seen in Mass Effect. When you have more options in weapons, it is liable to tackle enemies. Halo, on the other hand, guns, and mechanics gives player more tactical options.

Which Game is Better? Mass Effect Andromeda vs. Witcher 3?

You must play both games! If you are a gamer, then you must be aware of the learning period of both games. But for pro ones, it can be a distraction. Never mind! We are here to discuss on which side any one of these is better!

● Combat: The combat in Mass Effect is up to the level. I have said it above also. The combat of Mass Effect is more fluid. But, Witcher 3 lacks in it.

● Storyline: The Andromeda is more of a reboot, so the rest of the storyline was not so important. Whereas Witcher 3 has a streamlined story.

● “All in one” of Andromeda: Where we are taking a record of contrasting things of both games. Let us have some key features on hand. The “All in one” of Andromeda is a chic where all the game stuff comes together in a mission. This makes Andromeda A Hulk of games.

Witcher 3’s worthiness in graphics and storyline makes it standard games. On the other hand, Mass Effect Andromeda’s character choices and combat is a gauge itself. It’s up to your preference as both games are damn entertaining.

Can we Play Mass Effect Andromeda on Xbox One Console?

Mass Effect Andromeda is the first Frostbite-powered game. Yes, you can enjoy this captivating gameplay on Xbox One. An HDR game is what you can enjoy playing on PC, PS4, Pro, and Xbox One. If your hardware settings are fixed, then Mass Effect will be a whole treat.

What is Mass Effect Andromeda Graphics Comparison?

The Andromeda Graphics comparison is between Low and Ultra graphics. The low graphics does not feel so good as the ultra one. So, there are such quite clear cuts of how graphics are better in Ultra mode.

● Lighting in Ultra mode makes things more visible even in a cave.

● Environmental detail in ultra mode gives high-quality graphics and feel-able shadows.

● The texture quality of characters in ultra mode shows little details and realistic shadows.

What Type of Game is Mass Effect?

Mass Effect is an action role-playing video game, and BioWare developed the game. Mass Effect is not an FPS game. It is a third-person shooter game.

Is there any Movie like Mass Effect?

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (2012) is a movie similar to Mass Effect. 

Genre: Animation, Action, Sci-fi

Country: USA, Japan, Canada, SouthKorea

Soon an adaptive film will also be released on the same name of the game by BioWare.

Which Game is Better? Mass Effect vs. Star Wars?

Mass Effect vs. Star wars means Biotics vs. The force. Both games are outclassing, but which one is better? Let’s have a look! You can consider Star War as one of best Games Like Mass Effect too.

● Mass Effect is more likely realistic, but Starwars makes it like its name. It is more towards sci-fi.

● Mass Effect is more unique, and Star Wars are more recognized.

● Mass Effect has more dynamic and mature gameplay.

● Star Wars is a sci-fi fantasy space game with an in-depth RPG.

● Mass Effect has more impactful character decisions, whereas; Star ars has a more smooth ending.

The choice is yours. For me, I would grab both being an enthusiast gamer. :p


 Mass Effect, no doubt, has taken players into its influence. It has made up the market to a high level of earnings. This article covers almost every perspective regarding the Mass Effect’s pros and cons. The comparison with other games is also well kept. For more answers, stay tuned to us! Hope you love reading “Games Like Mass Effect”

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