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Maplestory Guide – Games Like Maplestory – Answer Diary

Maplestory is a side-scrolling massively multiplayer online game and very popular. Read some other Games Like Maplestory of a similar type.


The game is played in a world named “MapleWorld,” Thus, the game is named “MapleStory.” MapleStory gets chic animations and 2D technology. The vast playable worlds are available for different regions. 

The game is free to play. 

A Korean company, “Wizet,” has developed this game. The developers have made many versions for specific countries. This is the plus point of this game. Each version is published by famous companies such as Nexon.


In the game, you have to defend yourself against monsters. Put monsters to defeat and skill your abilities. As the game is multiplayer, your fellow players can join in defeating monsters. Players can interconnect in the game through Chatting or Trading. 

Developers: Wizet

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows

Genre(s): Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game

Mode(s): Multiplayer

This article is not just about answering some questions about the game, but also provides a list of Games Like Maplestory which you can read below.

What are 20 Games like Maplestory?

The anime standard of Maplestory is quite appealing. Games like Maplestory are being played for a long time. As plenty of players can join in, this adds trim to the game.

You will be waiting for such games. Here I piled up some games with similar gameplay.

  • Pillars of Eternity: Take your game consoles into your hand as your choices will decide your destiny. A throbbing adventure, lead your own bunch of companions and hunt for monsters.

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, strategy

Versions:  There are 5  versions available

Platform(s): Playstation4, Linux, Mac, PC, Nintendo switch

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  • Monster Hero: This game gives a glimpse of Angry Birds. As you have to launch projectiles to attack monsters. Knockdown towers. Seize your monsters and train those. Eventually, you have good monsters as well to defeat bad ones.

Genre: Role-playing(RPG)

Platforms: Web browser

  • Echo of Soul: Let me take you to the mysterious continent, “Kharath.” This region is under the wrath of its goddess. This world is depending on you or survival. The graphics of the game will definitely mesmerize you. Beware, as you have to make choices for survival.

Genre: Role-playing RPG

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

  • LaTale: Like MapleStory, this game is also 2D. A side-scrolling game with a grand exploration. You will come across many quests. With a pleasing ambiance, you will love to roam around this game.

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows

  • Tree of Savior: This game has the same mode as MapleStory. You can have massive players join in. You will experience many cities and features. Be a true savior.

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows

Mode(s): Online Multiplayer

Genre(s): Massively online multiplayer roleplaying

  • Dragon Saga: A free-to-play 3D game. The game revolves around the Golden age when humans and dragons used to live together. Use your skills to create powerful combat. Multiple missions are waiting for you to be accomplished.

Genre: Massively multiplayer online roleplaying

Engine: Gamebryo

  • NosTale: A focus on pets and Nosmates provide a different MMO experience. Enjoy a sentimental adventure carried out by repetitive events. 

Platform: PC

  • Mabinogi: Create your own comic and anime life. Rebirth mechanics will make you enjoy the whole gameplay of the game. Real-life skills like fishing and cooking will be your virtual life.

Platforms: PC

  • Pakapow: Hear the call of your king. Put the demon to defeat. Collect gold. Upgrade your weapons. Fight other heroes to become a leader.

Publisher: Varisoft Co., Ltd

Platforms: Android, iOS

  • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love: It is an open-world MMORPG game. The game is based on the legendary Ragnarok legacy. 

Genre: Video game, Multiplayer Online Role-playing game

Platforms: Android, iOS

  • ArcheAge: An utmost sandbox fantasized game. Complete instances. Live life in any arena. Conquer your enemies.

Engine: CryEngine 3

Platform: Microsoft Windows

  • Swordsman Online: An action-based combat that focuses on player’s skills. Our changing actions will affect action zones. You are a wandering hero that has to experience trials for a heroic rise.

Genre: Multiplayer Online action roleplaying, video game

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

  • Crazy Arcade: A game developed by Nexon. There were five modes introduced. Only the first one kept going. The main character, “Bomberman,” aims at its opponents. The game takes a twist when the bomb changes to water balloons. 

Mode(s): Multiplayer

Genres: Action-game, Video game, Strategy game, Strategy game

  • RuneScape: An open-world fantasy game. Scout in this continuously changing. New challenges will arouse you for survival. You are offered to interact with other players through chatting or trading.

Genre(s): MMORPG

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

  • Genshin Impact: Tevyat, a fantasy world around which gameplay takes place. The fantasy world goes through an action-based battle war. A critically praised combat with the freedom of the open-world must give a try to be played.

Mode(s): Single-player, multi-player

Engine: Unity

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  • League of Legends: A virtual battle arena of 2009. Get experience points. Buy items to make your team strong. You want to be called “Champion” again and again as its production value, attractive character design, and convenience will push you to knock down your opponent.

Genre(s): MOBA

Mode(s): Multiplayer

  •  Elsword: A 2.5d MMORPG game. You will get 13 different characters to play with. With definite abilities, distinctive abilities, and a range of characters, you are gonna be addicted.

Genre(s): Fantasy, action, MMORPG

Mode(s): Multiplayer

y, some players think Elsword is dead. 

Steam Ranking:

Maplestory: 6/10

Elsword: 7/10

Both games are pretty close in the steam ranking. Players can not easily be one-sided. Both games have pros and cons. Pick any according to your need.

There are a lot of other Games Like Maplestory which you can find on the internet. Over 15 are added above already. You can visit Article Meta for a long list of those Games like Maplestory.

Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Mabinogi?

Again, different thoughts on both. I see mixed emotions. Lol, it is going to be a tough comparison.


Maplestory has more action-based combat. You can now dodge in Maplestory 2. But without gear, it is useless. It is a requirement now.

On the other hand, Mabinogi is quite dull at combat.

Entertaining: Mabinogi can give you a long-lasting entertaining playing duration. In comparison, Maplestory gets boring as players review. 

Steam Rating: 

Mabinogi: 7/10

Maplestory: 7/10

What are the 5 Best free MMORPG on Steam?

MMORPG is the new trend. Massively multiplayer games create more excitement in-game. You tend towards win. Steam has brought a list of the best MMORPG games. You would not resist playing these. So, grab a pick for your gaming tastebuds.

  • TERA: Reactive combat, along with interesting quotes, are the top pros of TERA.
  • Star Trek Online: Explore your Galaxy and command your crew. Make up-gradation for multiple factions.
  • EVE: A complete freedom offering. You can do everything literally. You can be an entrepreneur. Just imagine the vastness. A SciFi MMO genre. The sandiest MMO gameplay.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Are you a Star Wars fan? I got you. Be anyone from your favorite movie character. Choose your verge and be a fighter for the Sith empire.
  • Black Desert Online: One of the best and appealing MMOs so far. With RPG genre, Co-Op availability, and finest graphics, this game is a must-play.

5. Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Dragon Nest?

Maplestory is oriented on MMORPG. But Dragon Nest is a collaboration with Maple Story. 

Dragon Nest:


  • Non-targeting combat system
  • Stunned graphics


  • You have to pay to win in the game.



  • Fibe mobility
  • Good defensive system


  • High mp usage

6. What are 5 Side Scrolling MMORPG Games?

MMORPGs are getting hold of gameplay of outdated games. Especially side-scrolling MMORPGs. Here is a list to quench your thirst for MMORPG.

  • Action Quest: A 2D, fantasy RPG game. When you want a dosage of action and adventure, get to Action Quest.
  • Adventure Quest World: Full of action and adventure RPG. A browser-based with 2D graphics. 
  • Aeon Rivals: A free-to-play, 2D, MMORPG game for Microsoft and Mac. Make the team with your friends and defeat invading monsters.
  • Awesomenauts: Decamp with your friends to an online battlefield. A side-scrolling and MOBA game.
  • Closers: Call your closed ones. Aliens have horror-stucked the streets. 3D graphics will add to your bravery.

7. How to solve Maplestory not launching on Steam?

First, you have to download the MapleStory client from Nexon Launcher or Steam. Then update your client’s file you have downloaded. Then, you have to open the Nexon Launcher, then launch it as administrator.

  • Norton AntiVirus users, turn off the Norton before opening the Nexon Launcher or MapleSLineage: A Medieval fantasy game. A 2D wire-framed graphics. Siege a castle. Collect taxes. Smash monsters. Complete your quests.

Platform(s): Windows, Mac OS X

Genre(s): MMORPG

Mode(s): Multiplayer

  • Crazy racing Katrider: The similar genre as that of Maplestory. A multiplayer racing game. Earn your revenue and make in-game shopping of spraypaints and vehicles.

Platforms: Android, IBM PC compatible, iOS, Microsoft Windows

  • Dungeon Fighter Online: A well-known DFO. A JAPANESE’s anime adapted this. One of the most played games. A classic 2D fighting arena. There are numerous social aspects and quests in it. Enjoy wandering on a 2D screen with hoarding monsters.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

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Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Elsword?

Maplestory is way advanced than Elsword. Elsword has become outdated. Nothing is developed in past years, whereas Maplestory has been developed. Gameplay, combat and quests, all make Maplestory a powerpack game.

It really doesn’t matter whether a game is outdated or not. For some, Maplestory is bored af on contractors and keep in mind no SD card should be inserted in your computer.

For Windows 10 users, update Windows to the latest version. It could be necessary to download updates from the MS website.

Which Game is Best? Maple story vs. Eden Eternal?

MapleStory is the most famous game. It is actually a 2D game that attracts most of the gamers towards itself. You cannot become bored because of its updating contents by week.

You have the option to explore more things in this game. You will experience lots of quests, space, and other monsters everywhere. The overall experience of this game is fantastic.

Eden Eternal is actually an RPG game. It is a multiplayer game which is manufactured by X-Legend. Your guild can make your own town. You can freely swap between classes. You have fast-paced action combat, which you can use in your game.

How to Link Maplestory to Steam?

The first point to link Maplestory to steam is to have a steam account or client link download. Then you have to login into your steam account for further process.

Then you have to download the Nexon game you wish to play through Steam. Here is all the process you required to link Maplestory to steam. Then open your Game page and play the game whatever you want on your steam.

Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Tree of Savior?

Many chances of a win if you have a bigger team in Tree of Saviour. Maplestory is at the top of massively multiplayer games. 

Steam ranking:

Tree of Savior: 6/10

Maplestory: 6/10

Wao competition is tough, though.

Maplestory’s server is not stable, so that client instability occurs. There is not meso farming in the reboot.

Tree savior has token limitations. Loot distribution is not fair. Also, attribute training is limited. Poor control handling and invisible walls are prominent cons of the Tree of Savior. 

But both games are multiplayer and available on Microsoft Windows.

Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Ragnarok?

Both games are considered competitors as these face the same targeted market. Both games have the same features, i.e., 2D isomerization, cute graphics, and MMORPG. 


The main difference that I consider to differentiate between these two masterpieces is popularity.

Maplestory has been ranked as many female players consider it so engaging. Its cute graphics attract players.

Whereas Ragnarok is now called a Classy choice. Not so dated, but yeah, Maplestory is more popular.

Easy to play: 

Maplestory is quite user-friendly. Maplestory has pleasing quests. You will understand its gameplay easily.

On the other hand, Ragnarok quests suck. If grinding has been made easy, then it takes too long to complete a quest. 

Which Game is Better? LaTale vs. Maplestory?

Both games have extreme charm. We can not say that this is a good game and that one is poor. Every game has something before the other one. 

Pros of LaTale:

  • If you fight proficiently, you will get more money and exp.
  • The shop is least money oriented
  • Most stuff FTP
  • You can not use the same skill multiple times; you need others to be skilled at it.

Pros of Maplestory:

  • It has a vast gameplay
  • Maplestory wins at movements and quests.
  • Maplestory has detailed backgrounds.
  • Maplestory has more comprehensive content.

Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Grand Fantasia?

The main difference occurring in the different storylines.

Grand Fantasia is a story of friends who go on journeys and face challenges. Whereas Maple is a world in which you have to face monsters.

Platforms:  Both games are supported for Microsoft Windows.

Both games are MMORPG games. You can enjoy both. Maplestory is most popular these days, whereas rand Fantasia is an award-winning game.

Why leave one. Grab both of these. But Grand Fantasia is one of best games like Maplestory.

Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. Dungeon Fighter Online?

These two games have insane events. If you are inconclusive, then I would suggest you of DFO jumping event. Start Maplestory when terra burning starts; it will take you to jump in mid of game. 

Steam ranking: Both games are ranked 6/10 on steam. 

DFO is arcade based game with uncountable excitement. Maplestory is not behind in popularity and gameplay. The only thing Maplestory is farther than it is newer.

How to Make Maplestory Run Faster?

  • Go to “START”
  • Key in “View Advanced System Settings”
  • Click on “Settings’ in the “Performance Section”
  • You will see many things to be clicked on
  • Click on “Adjust for Best Performance”
  • Click “Apply” at the bottom of the screen

What is Stone of Eternal Life Maplestory?

A boss awards this equipment. The feature of this tone is it grants additional bonus stats.

All Stats: +3

Weapon Attack: +3

Magic Attack: +3

Which Game is Better? Maplestory vs. School of Chaos?

Maplestory is available to Microsoft Windows whereas, School of Chaos is available on android and iOS. Both games are MMORPG. 


Maplestory has monsters as enemies. School of Chaos has zombies. Enemies are enemies. Do not feel pity for any.

Being popular, Maplestory beats School of Chaos in it. But School of Chaos is available to tp two platforms, and that’s a plus point for this game.


This article has answered frequently asked questions about Maplestory. You will find it beneficial in differentiating different games. All answers are well researched and optimized as per user demand. Hope you love reading “Games Like Maplestory”

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