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Life is Strange Guide – Games like Life is Strange – Answer Diary

One of the Best Games ever created based on real-life stories and incidents. Read about some Games like Life is Strange you should try now.


Dontnod Entertainment developed this game. Its prequel was introduced in 2017, and later in 2018, the sequel was released. It is an episodic game, and Every Episode is linked with another. The developers did not expect such a massive response from the market. 

Its Story is based upon a girl who is an enthusiast of photography. The game takes a turn when she comes to know that she can make traveling in time possible. 

Life is strange has been awarded many times because of its character-focused and episodic concept. 

What are 10 games like Life is strange? 

Life is strange, has influenced players. Game lovers are searching for such masterpieces. Here is a list of likewise games:

Night in the Woods: A gripping, mindful terror and a riddle will give you more of a story game. 

Oxen free: Like Life Is Strange, Oxen free takes an unexpected turn to a paranormal story. Best game for story-based gaming lovers. 

FireWatch: This game engages its players through continuous suspended episodes. 

Until Dawn: Frightening events and multiple choices will challenge you. Play quickly! 

Last Day Of June: If you are looking for a real-life story, you can relate to this game. You will play real-life events and challenging alternatives.

Gone Home: This game is for those who like a fine story-lined game. Exploring and dedication based games will crave you to play more. 

Quantum Break: A mystic and action-packed game for enthusiasts. 

FireWatch: Not an episodic one, but a story-based game. Explore and look into the game’s mechanism for having fun. 

Wolf Among Us: An adventurous and full of the entertainment game. It is compatible with Xbox 1, PC, and PS4.

Beyond Two Souls: A game by Quantic Dream. A story focussed game that depends on how perfectly you make choices. 

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What are 5 Popular Telltale Games in their series? 

As the name suggests, they are makers of story-based games. For some license issues, they are not making such games anymore, ugh. But I got you with this list of incredible games depicting the TellTale era. 

Guardians Of Galaxy:– The manufacturers have done best to make it an action-packed game. But controls of the game are a bit difficult to handle. 

Minecraft: story mode:- You would not regret playing this masterpiece by Telltale. Enjoyable, calming, and the best thing, you can do whatever you want. 

Batman: The Telltale Series:- It will be a compelling one for Batman lovers. The telltale influence will revitalize the defending ability of Batman. 

Telltale’s Poker Night 2:- Are you a pro at poker table games? Telltale’s Poker Night 2 is quite simple and exquisite.

Jurassic Park:- Old is gold. This game is not updated, but its brilliance is still up to the mark. 

Can we purchase Life is Strange on steam? 

All episodes of Life is Strange are available for free on steam. You can now enjoy free playing from episodes 1-5 on steam. This game is highly rated on steam to be played. 

Can we download the original soundtrack of Life is Strange 2?

Yes, Life of Strange’s soundtrack can be downloaded. You can get it from Spotify. You can also get it from YouTube. Also, there are many websites available on google from where you can download it. 

Can Life be Strange to be played with Nintendo switch? 

Only Life is Strange one can be played with a Nintendo switch. 

Similar games are available to be played with Nintendo switches. But unfortunately, only Life is Strange could be played with a switch. 

What are 5 similar games like the Telltale games series? 

Are you a Telltale games’ fan? Here are some similar games to quench your thirst. 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Galactic heroes and cruel enemies will drive the game’s whole Story. Control over actions will be key to win. 

Batman: The Enemy within: choose a companion for Batman for his alliance against merciless agents. 

The Council: Buck up your adventurous lover and make your role in the game powerful by suitable choices. 

DETROIT become human: Make machines merge with your choices to meet the needs of the future. 

Guilty Parade: You will see a military dispute. Wisely choose your side. 

Can I play Life is Strange on Xbox 1?

The BAFTA awarded game is now available on Xbox. But sadly, the only trial of Life is strange: 1 is free. The second part of this game has to be bought for Xbox and so the third one. 

Only the first episode of Life is strange: 2 is available for free as a trial. 

Which game is better? Life is strange or Oxenfree

Life is strange and is slightly better than Oxenfree. The level up for Life is strange, only awarded by BAFTA. 

Both games are based on an amazing story. The graphics, choices, and characters of both games are splendid. 

 Only because more choices are provided by Life is strange, it is considered better than Oxenfree. 

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Which game is better: Life is strange or Wolf among us? 

Both games are of episode base. Both are of the excellent interface. 

The only difference between these games is Life that life is strange and more realistic; on the contrary, the Wolf among us is fantasized. 

Also, Life is strong and is more focused on the Story. 

Which game is better? Life is strange or Linden?

Linden is opposite to Life is strange in terms of characters. Life is strange about humans, whereas Lioden revolves around the pride of animals. 

In Linden, you own pride and hunt for animals. It’s a simulation-based game. 

Life is strange revolves around real-life happenings. 

Is there any TV show available on Life is strange? 

Good news for the audience of TV, Legendary Entertainment has bought the rights for this game. Currently, there isn’t any update regarding the release of a real TV show of this game. 

Much news is swirling in the industry. There is a curiosity in people, and there should be. The most played and awarded game will be projected to TV screens soon. 

Who did voice over for Life is Strange 2?

The magic of Life is strange has spread over many countries. Not only its gameplay but characters have affected its players. Vocals have added frosting to the cake. 

You must be peculiar about knowing who is behind such realistic vocals. So here is your piece of cake. Some voices of the main characters are:_

Gonzalo Martin voice-over by Sean Diaz. 

Mei Pak by Lyla park

Roman Dean George by Daniel Diaz

Don Bladaramos by Hank Stamper

Robert Shearer by Brett Vaughn Foster

Richard Neil by Anton Oates

Nick Apostolides by Charles Erickson

Chandler Mantione by Christopher Ericson

Sarah J. Bartholomew by Cassidy

Steve Lisky by Finn

 Is there any movie released on Life is strange? 

Yes, In 2018, a movie was released. That movie, titled “Dawn,” was based on the storyline of Life is strange. 

Life is strange and is ruling over all mediums. So why not for the film? On fans’ demand, this step was taken by Morrissey. On January 1, 2018, it was announced that Morrissey would cover this game in a full-time film. 

What are 5 Story Choice Games

Video games were never meant to be story-based and were developed to create a virtual interface. The only entertainment purpose of video games has been changed. 

Storyline-up games persuade gamers to be skilled more. 

Because of this trend, developers have tough competition in the market. Upcoming games are closer to 

Real-life. More controllable choices have been introduced.

We are giving you a list of such standard games so that your enthusiasm for gaming urges. 

Nier Automata: A sequel of Nier. Make multiple choices and experience multiple endings. 

Until Dawn: This game allows you to play Quick-time even as a choice. This will guide you to take your character with the best possible choice. 

Mass Effect 2: Command crew of shepherd. Shepherd is the commander of control. Make your Story of the game exciting by making the best possibilities for the crew.

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Heavy rain: This game is perfect for detective and thrill lovers. It is up to the player to make dramatic choices to capture the culprit. 

Deus Ex: Human revolution: A choice centered game. Revenge will be taken. Human abilities would increase by artificial attachment to body parts. Make your decisions accurate for the conclusion. 

Which game is better? Life is strange, or Life is feudal? 

Life is feudal is a fictional fantasized game. Whereas Life is Strange is a real-life incidental game. 

Life is feudal, gives more choices to build, making ammunition, and breeding animals. Whereas, Life is strange and is closer to modern human Life. 

Life is strange is a smooth game with no difficulty of choices and actions. Considering Life is feudal, a fine going game would not be wise as it distorts when using skills. 

What are 5 Movies like Life is Strange? 

I am showing no offense to filmmakers out there. But Life is strange, needed to be filmed because This game has real-life incidents and emotions.

Many games and films are being made on the storyline of” Life is strange.”

If you are, you would appreciate this masterpiece. Here are some movies to be worth watching as these are based on Life’s concept is strange.


Take shelter

Stand by me

Twin peaks

Donnie Darko

Are there similar books to Life is strange? 

Games are developed. Movies being filmed. TV series will soon be on air. But what about reading such relatable books? Are you curious? Or a bibliophile? 

Take a screenshot of the books mentioned below if you love Life is Strange’s realistic and phenomenal storyline. 

The Gift of Magi: An attic piece storied on selfless love. 

Thinner: A story of a sufferer of a good life. 

Christmas Every day: A family-oriented story making their every day happier than Christmas.

Heartstopper: Volume two: A story of friends and family to make things happy for them. 

The Romance of a Christmas Card: A character-oriented story that is defiant youth.

Which game is better: Life is Strange or Walking Dead? 

If you have played Life is strange, then you will regret playing Walking dead. 

Hold on, I am explaining it with reasons. Life is strange, has the finest Story, handy choices, best background music, and is closer to reality. But Walking dead, after the first season, has fallen to ground level. Yeah, gamers are disappointed by follow up sequels. 

Life is strange and has made people emotional. It has an impact on people engaged in the game. But Walking dead is dull and could not grab its audience. Hence, Life is strange as a maestro. 

Is Life is strange worth it? 

Yes, definitely. That is why this game has been awarded. Its Telltale gameplay, experience time travel, making choices to solve mysteries, and above all, an emotional attachment makes it worth it.

What are the multiple endings of Life? 

There are only two major endings of the whole game. 

Although, in Life is strange 2, low or high morality may change endings. So there will be seven endings till Episode five. 

What genre of Life is strange? 

The steam page has listed 20 genres for this game. As you can not decide whether it is a dramatic game or a survival game or a real-time game!?

The main three genres are:_

Episodic video game: As the game is story-based, it is linked with episodes. 

Interactive film: Players can relate this game to real Life and feel more interaction. 

Graphic adventure game: You can travel back into time. The adventure continues throughout the game. 

Which game is better: Life is strange or Strange flesh? 

Strange flesh is an adult game. So its specificity is cleared. Implicit sex takes place in the game. There are some exciting factors of the game. When you get drunk, you can effectively defeat your enemies. It might drive off your health a bit but never mind. 

On the other hand, we have our masterpiece, i.e., Life is strange. Best dramatically and storyline up game. 

Both games differ greatly from each other. There are some advantages which Life is strange to have over Strange flesh. Life is strange grabs more audience, but Strange flesh is for adults.

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What are 5 storyline games for the iPhone? 

If you are an iPhone user and want to enjoy story-based games, it solves your need. Charge your iPhone and download one of these games mentioned below:






Which game is better? Life is strange or a High school story? 

The high school story is ranked 4.5 out of 5. The reason behind this is its characters. The story of this game is based on high school life, but not more realistic. Complete missions and socialize with friends. 

Whereas Life is strange is all about real-time stories. Time travel affecting the present, past, and future is chic. It allows more characters to mingle. 

The only advantage of a High school story over Life is strange is that it can be played on mobile devices. 

Which game is better? Life is strange or Episode to choose your Story? 

The episode is an interactive story-based game. The player enters one of a wide range of stories. This game can be played on smartphones making a point over Life is strange.

 Life is strange and is the master of all Story lined games. 

But availability on cellphones and making gaming easier is a plus point of Episode. 

Are there similar games like Life is Strange for Xbox 1?

Why would Xbox users miss the chance of experiencing story-based games! Here are some games that you can enjoy by playing on Xbox1.

The walking dead

Fire watch

Murdered: soul suspect

Tales from the Borderland

Gone Home

Which game is better: Life is strange or Wolf girl with you? 

Wolf girl is a simple, old form and story-based game. Unlock chapters to proceed in the game. You will pass through this game when you use combos wisely. Not standard as Life is strange is. 

Life is strange and is better than Wolf girl in terms of action, choices, graphics, and storyline.


Hope you love reading “Games like Life is Strange”. It’s important to understand that Games are becoming more real with time, this game is also a big example to prove it. A lot of scenes and incidents are added from real life and you can felt like everything is happening around you. Enjoy this amazing game and all alternatives to it.

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