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Harvest Moon Guide – Games like Harvest Moon – Answer Diary

No other series is more popular compare to Harvest Moon from the last decade. Read about some Games like Harvest Moon if you want more fun.


The harvest moon is a tale of a farm and 90’s game. It was available for playing on August 9, 1996, in Japan. Amccus developed Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Later in 1997, this game was released in America and 1998 in Europe. 

Gameplay: The game Harvest moon is conceived on rural life. The Player has to manage the chores of the farm within a time limit. 

The Player has to grow crops, take care of livestock, clean the farm, sell harvested crops, attend festivals and make good relations with villagers. 

Main objective: The main objective of the game is to maintain and repair fertile land. 

Genre(s): role-playing, farm simulation game. 

Mode(s): single-player

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What are 20 games like Harvest Moon?

Whether it is cultivating affection, engaging with local people, or roaming around in rainy weather, this game has interacted with players more closely. 

If you love only administrative games like Harvest Moon, then here I bring you a list to fulfill your craving. 

Staxel: You will quickly get what is inside this wrapped gift. Yeah, you guessed it right. Staxel has the same gameplay as Harvest Moon has. Take quests, make your next-door your companion and go fishing with them.

The Sims 4: If you are searching for a real-life simulation game, then The Sims 4 is your mark game. You can take any action in this virtual World. 

Graveyard Keeper: Are you done with cute stuff? The Graveyard keeper is your game. Instead of building and taking care of the farm, dig graves. 

Garden Paws: The name of the game maybe get a flashback of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. The game not only indulged in cuteness, but many new actions have been introduced. You can tame your animals and be a shopkeeper also. 

My Time at Portia: A fantasized farming game based on Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing genre. The game allows you to simulate game actions like cultivation, confront monsters, explore resources, and be fair. 

Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley is probably the most premier farming game nowadays. Make your inherited land fertile. Make your farm jammed with crops and livestock.

Animal Crossing – New Horizons: If you are looking for a look-alike game of Harvest Moon and do not know about Animal Crossing, then you must be charged for it. Players are discussing this game a lot. Animal Crossing is an endmost vacation based on the farming gameplay of Harvest Moon. 

Wonder Land: An extensive game for farming mechanics. Easy and interesting at the same time, giving an unmatched experience for Harvest Moon lovers. Play it on your mobile and avail yourself with eye-catching graphics.

River King – Mystic Valley: Grab fishing experience by this game. This game has changed gameplay as farming sims changed to fishing simulation. You can now have fishing skills at your hand. 

Gemini lost: Gemini Lost makes you curious by taking you into a mysterious world. You are provided with a variety of characters to build a community. Search for resources, manage time and make strategies for your civilization.

Fantasy life: Variety of characters, dozens of hunts, enormous replaying value, yeah you can have all in this game. Cutesy graphics and customization of fantasy life is the core concept of this game.

Farm For Your LIFE: An interesting gameplay with a combination of wild zombies, farming adventures, defense, and running your restaurant. A powerpack. A time killer. All these actions folded in cute graphics are a must to be played.

Viva pinata: Pinata is a breed, the main character of the game. You have to create a farm that attracts Pinata. A visually crafted game, especially for youngsters.

World’S Dawn: HARVEST MOON influences this game. You will be captivated by the huge character collection comparison to 32 characters. SUGAR VILLAGE will put you in charm with its exceptional graphics.

FUNKY BARN: A game with a farming simulation genre. Build a farm for adorable animals. Players have to start from the basics. Barren land is a challenge. Use your strategies to make a fertile land with limited resources.

MIRAMAGIA: Farming simulation combined with a magical world makes this game chic. Select one from four classes, i.e., Sorcerer, Shaman, Mae, and Druid, and let your skills drive magic in-game.

Castaway Paradise: Being a native to the village, you have to take care of animals, plowing crops, and go fishing in this tropic land. This game has the same gameplay as Animal Crossing. That’s why it is recommended for sure.

Rune Factory FRONTIER: This game is the third game of the Rune Factory series. Like other sequels, in this game, you will be taken to a fantasy monarchy. You own a farm, and you will be assigned different quests to maintain your farm. This game has a season system that makes players more eager towards it. 

Which one is the Best Harvest Moon game?

Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town has been listed on the list because of its “Deceiving Engagement.” Players tend to play it again and again. 

Main Objective: Its reimposing of farms brings players to play it once more.

PLATFORM: Nintendo switch

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Can we play Harvest MOON on PS4?

Unfortunately, your beloved game is not available on PS4 yet. But yeah, it is announced by Natsume that by the end of this year, you will be able to play your Harvest Moon on PS4 as well as on switch.

Which game is better, Harvest Moon vs. Stardew Valley?

Despite many similarities between these games, Stardew Valley is considered better according to critics.

Gameplay: Stardew Valley has a faster pace than Harvest Moon.

Actions time: Harvest Moon actions are slower to take place than Stardew Valley.

Graphics: Harv Moon has more catchy anime colors and color-changing interfaces, whereas Stardew Valley does not have such vast graphics.

Reason for Stardust Valley’s popularity: Stardust has more replaying modes availability.

Out of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, which game is better?

Rune Factory is a derived game of Harvest Moon. So both of these have almost the same playing interface. Both games have farming simulation.

Advanced action play: Rune factory takes a step forward by introducing weaponry options. Harvest Moon lacks these advanced options. 

Both games are great fun to play. But Rune Factory conquered Player’s hearts with its battle option.

Which game is better: Harvest Moon or Stone Hearth?

The main difference between both games is “gameplay.” Stonehearth is a city-building game. Conversely, Harvest Moon is based upon farming sims. 

Character Conceptions: Harvest Moon’s main character is a farm maintainer who is responsible for all actions.

Stonehearth is a heroic interaction with characters.

Steam ranking: Stonehearth 7/10

Harvest Moon 7/10

On a concluding note, Stonehearth is considered a deadly game, but Harvest Moon is still enchanting players.

Which game is better? Harvest Moon vs. Graveyard Keeper?

Both games are role-playing theme-based games. Both have alluring themes but opposite to each other.

If you are tired of fantasy cuteness, then be a gravedigger.

But Graveyard has not been successful yet in ripping out Harvest Moon’s rank. Harvest Moon has incredible farming-gameplay and engaging modes that players did not resist playing again and again.

How will you Rank Harvest Moon Games from 1-10? 

1- Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

2- Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning

3- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

4- Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl

5- Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

6- Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

7- Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

8- Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

9- Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

10- Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

What is Harvest MOON animal parade Emulator?

A sophisticated addition to Harvest Moon. Farming simulation got an upgrade of construction gameplay.

Genre(s): Role-playing, Farming simulation

Mode(s): Single-player

Platform(s): Wii

What are 5 Harvest Moon similar games on Steam?

Players reached out to Steam to get a handful of similar games like Harvest Moon. Here is the list you can fill your basket with.

Kynseed: A gameplay on a mysteriously growing tree. Cultivate, explore and live a family legacy.

Forager: An unusual gameplay. Explore and buy lands to expand your farm.

Farmers Dynasty: Real-life farming and construction simulation of this game is worth playing.

Little Wood: A moderated gameplay with farming sims will be your best pick on Steam.

Story of Season: Doraemon lovers, get ready for an exciting adventure with your favorite cartoon. The interaction of famous cartoons with nature will be challenging.

Is Harvest Moon available on Xbox One?

Harvest MOON: Mad Dash is available on Xbox One from 2020.

But for now, the publisher of this game has announced that its new series Harvest Moon: One World will be available on Xbox One this year but for the US only.

How to play Harvest Moon? Best YouTube Tutorial

Open Google

Write “youtube tutorial of Harvest Moon.”

Click on one of the popped-out links.

How To play the Harvest moon game?

The harvest moon is an android game. It is an eight-bit classic game that has been manufactured for the NINTENDO console. Some of the basic controls through which you can also play these games are:

Enter button: To start the game and play.

Upward arrow: To move forward.

Downward arrow: To move backward.

Left arrow: To move your character left.

Right arrow: To move your character right.

Shift arrow: To select an option.

What are five android games like Harvest moon?

Five android games like harvest moon are as under:

 Farming Simulator 14: Farming simulator 14 is also an android game in which a man builds his farm and then looks after and grows his agricultural land. It is like an action game. 

Farming USA 2: This game is also an android game. It has both modes, single-player and multiplayer, and Bowen games develop it.

Pocket Harvest: The pocket harvest is an android-based game, and it is completely based on a farmer’s concept. You can make your farms and lands according to your choice.

Everyone: EveryTown defines City-Building, Farming, construction, which is developed by Flero Games.

Happy Farm: This game has a complete concept of farming, social interactions, and building a residence.

Which game is the best, Harvest moon vs. Animal crossing?

Both of the games are the most popular and liked video games. Both have pros and cons, such that in Animal crossing, you can easily play with your friends, while in Harvest moon, you cannot play with your beloved friends.

Another cons in Animal crossing is that you cannot save up to 3 files, while in harvest moon, you can easily save multi-files. You can earn millions of coins and buy furniture in the Harvest moon, but in Animal Harvest, you cannot buy furniture and farms.

Which game is the better Story of the season vs. Harvest moon?

Harvest moon and Story of the season both are not relatable in their characters. Both have different characters, but most identical and solid faces are in Harvest moon, which gives a plus point to the game.

 Harvest of the moon is better than Story of the season in the sense of an android vs. pc game. In this regard, Harvest moon is an android game that you can easily play on your mobile phones, but the Story of the season is developed for pc and laptops.

You cannot customize your land in the Story of season, while Harvest moon gives you a free hand to customize your lands and farms as you need. That is why I think Harvest moon is a clear winner against Story of the season.

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Is Harvest moon available on iPhone?

Yes, Harvest moon can also be played on iPhone. This game has been manufactured for any electronic device. You can play it on pc, laptop, android, iPhone, or whatever you want. 

That is why Harvest Moon is a viral and amazing video game. iPhone users can easily play it on their devices because it is manufactured to play it on every device. So, let’s play it on your iPhone and make fabulous farms, lands, and buildings.

What are the five best farm games on the iPhone?

iPhone games include more fun in lying games. The best farm games you can play on your iPhone are as under:

Hay Day: This game is now available on Apple’s App Store, and this wonderful game is now hitting 4.6/5 stars from user rating, and that is pretty much good.

Farmville 2: Country Escape, mirroring Harvest Moon, Farmville 2 all are the same concept games. You will feel the same feeling while playing these three games.

Farm Story: This game has one benefit that every week the game is updated. So, you can play it with the updated things.

Family Farm Seaside: This game makes you do farming and living stock at the same time.

Moy Farm Day: If you are not so keen and serious about playing farming games, this game will be the best choice.

Is there any harvest moon fan game?

Yes, there are harvest moon fan games that you can play and enjoy on your device. Some of the fan games of harvest moon are as under:

Stardew Valley is the best choice for gamers who are searching to get their Harvest Moon to fix. The Harvest Moon games inspired this project.

World’s Dawn: is defined as a colorful social simulator inspired by the Harvest Moon series. However, the game targets farming, fishing, and mining.

Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is more of an open-world adventure than a strict farming simulator, but there’s enough farming and socializing in the game to justify it scratching that Harvest Moon itch.

Which game is better: Harvest Moon or My Singing Monsters?

Highly rated games with power-packed gameplay.

My singing monsters have cute monsters as characters. You have to breed as well as train your monsters. Create a melodious sound and sing along your monsters.

But yeah, Harvest Moon is farming a simulated game with strong, appealing graphics.

Both games are of immense recommendation. Choose whatever you are obsessed with. 

P.s. You would not regret it if you play both of these.

Which game is better, Harvest Moon vs. Haydee?

Need a break from real-life sims? I got you. 

Haydee, a diehard shooting game. An old-style mechanics concept. 87% of players have given worthy compliments about this game.

Harvest Moon is considerably close to real-life gameplay, so it is slightly filled up with rankings. 

Whether it is real-life sims or gunfire, you are going to be addicted.

What are 5 RPG games with a marriage system?

OK, marriage simulation lovers, here are some top RPG games with irresistible marriage gameplay.

20 Billion Wives: A sequel of cult-hit, with double the number of wives.

DAYS GONE: A game of longevity by Sony’s Bend studios.

NEVER FORGET ME: Deal with married life. A sequel to Always Remember Me.

Divine Slice Of Life: A novel is visualized. Also, a dating anime theme.

Red Dead Redemption II: A powerpack western-style action-play game that follows a rock-star open world.


Harvest Moon is one of the best unique Farm Simulation, RPG game series of all time. It’s now over 20 years old, with a continued sequel of new games coming every 2,3 years. Each game in this series is different from others based on the story, new features, and gameplay style. We hope this short guide will answer all your questions commonly asked by players.

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