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God of War Guide – Top Games like God of War – Answer Diary

God of War is the most powerful RPG adventure and action game series of all time. Read about some Games like God of War you must play in 2021.


Adventurous games. This game has also received several awards. Almost 51 million copies of this game were sold in 2020. Unlike other games, it has the feature of an over-the-shoulder free camera. God of War series explained what the action category was capable of in the days of PS2. It has savage combats, unique combos, and abundant monsters to kill. No other action series of the game has influences except God of War. By an epic storyline and savage finishing moves, GoW has inspired many resembling games, and some of them even added welcome addition.

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 What are the 20 Best Games like God of War?

1- Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

It is an action-adventurous game that creates a dark fantasy. This game is also featured a leading character who doesn’t know more about mythology. A well-informed dead man explains the story. And the journey begins with the death of loved ones. The story revolves around Senua’s cognizance of her ecology, drawing connections between her beliefs and the world’s geometry. There are also some rewarding moments when you discover something new.

2- DmC: Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition

It is also an action-based game but in a stylish way. This game has the capability of leaving your open mouth. It is based on a parallel universe. The game starts in Limbo City. Unlike God of War, Kratos kills enemies more brutally. He always makes sure that the enemy suffers more pain. But God of war provides Dante, who is not brutal but is more stylish in his actions and uses weapons to take down his enemies. God of War is better in weapons. The weapons are more destructive than DmC.

3- Bayonetta

Bayonetta is also an adventure game, keeping the balance between dark, light, and chaos. It is the story of a girl named Bayonetta. The character shoves straight into battle after getting one clue about the past. She intended to discover the truth. This game also contains content that is not appropriate for all ages. So kids should avoid playing this game.

4- Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider is not one of combat or Norse Mythology, yet it is full of actions and adventures. The leading character is Lara, and she is cute. She can be dressed up with different outfits with enhancement in placing different weapons. The graphics of this game are so perfect. This game is a fun movement, taking itself seriously not to become dominating on either end.

5- Ninjas Gaiden Sigma 2

Although these games are often compared to one another, they are quite different in gameplay. Ninja Gaiden Series is known for its complex battle.

6- Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This game is similar to God of War to some extent. For example, climbing, traversal, and occasional sass in God of War reminded me of Uncharted 4. Nathan Drake, the player of Uncharted 4, is similar to Kratos in God of war. Both players’ personalities, getting a little tired on adventures, and wish to live a simple life. 

7- Dark Souls: Remastered

I know it is horrible to compare both games as it gives the first appearance of the Nintendo game series, but God of War survived to mirror Dark souls to some extent the other games can. The way it develops a semi-linear open world with countless small, long-distance treasure tracks to the use of gates, such as bonfires, and even the way it ‘inspires you’ by blocking the way with extreme level enemies. 

8- The Last of Us: Remastered

 Joel and Ellie’s journey reflects Kratos and Atreus in many courses of action, apart from the entire zombie apocalypse, infection thing. But it’s not only the story, though; The Last of Us prefers savage and disordered combat is very much in God of War’s wheelhouse. If you want something that pictures the same kind of growth, avncularly, character arc, and a child who scrolls the line between adorable and fussy, you won’t have much better than The Last of Us.

9- Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

No matter what action-forced game uses Greek mythology, the first thing that pops up’s in mind is the God of War. There’s no inconsistency in an idea. Assassin’s Creed is more profound in the storyline, but there are some similarities. 

10- Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Like God of war, Uncharted 3 is an action-adventurous game similar to God of war in many aspects. It was released for Playstation 3 in 2011. Many critics criticized this game due to its soundtracks, graphics, storyline, and gameplay. It is a multiplayer component along with network play. Like God of war, it is also a third-person viewpoint game. 

11- Deagon age: Inquisition

It is also included in third-person action games. A fantastic part of this game is that you are not only the leader of some bands but the main point of sweeping, large-scale movement to reform and order to land torn apart by civil war, etc. Some inquisitions are restricted. It doesn’t mean it lacks the sense of progression, but the way you start the band and highly influential political materials, etc., these all stuff make it inferior to God of War.

12- Aura kingdome

This game is known as Fantasy Frontier in Taiwan. It was released in 2013 for Android, Windows, and iOS. It is not a much-auctioned game, but Fantasy lovers would love this game. It is also a multiplayer online game. It was initially called Gensō Shin’iki in Japan. This game is free to play and is played online. As it is multiplayer, you get to interact with people in real-time. 

13- Aarklash: Legacy

This is a tactical role-playing game that Bigben Interactive developed. It was released for windows only. The player gets to control four characters out of 8 to form a party. For playing, it only requires windows 7 Vista/XP up to 32 or 64 bits. Dual core-possessor running at 1-8 GHz. Requirements are shallow so that anyone can play this game.

14- Spider-man: Web of Shadows

This game is based on a fictional superhero, Spider-man. It is full of action. It was released in 2008. Unlike other games, it is a single-player game but is included in a third-person perspective. It’s all versions have many common elements. This game also received positive reviews from critics. At a certain point in this game, the player is given two choices from which he has to pick one, which influences the ending of the game.

15- Canon

This game is mainly similar to Spider-man Game. The developers designed this game so that players of the Spider-man game would surely remember his identity. The campaign in this game seems short, but you’ll find excitement in character development. You can have its best experience on Playstation 4 and 5.

16- Ninja Blade

It is full of action. Almost more than 88% of people played this game and loved it. Developers are FromSoftware. It was firstly developed for Microsoft windows. But it can also be played on Xbox 360. Ninja Gaiden and God of war should be praised as Ninja Blade. It tells Ken Ogawa’s story, who is trying so hard and struggling to be like Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden. It feels like developers were trying very hard to make this game a cinematic experience instead of keeping everything so smooth.

17- Dante’s Inferno 

It is an action-based video game released in 2010 by Visceral Games. Electronic Parts contributed as its publishers. It was released for Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, and Xbox 360. Artificial Mind developed the Playstation Portable version. The game not only provides light attacks, but you can also enjoy heavy attacks and can also use magic. 

18- Alice: Madness Returns

The one thing that makes this game stunning is its psychological horror hack and slash. It is a complete action-based game that was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation3, and Xbox 360. The main characters of this game include Alice Liddell, Angus Bumby, Cheshire Cat, and Dollmaker. At the end of this game, Alice has mastered the physical world.

19- Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory developed it, and Sony Computer Entertainment was the publisher of this game. It is full of action games with mesmerizing Gameplay and storyline. It has heavy action hack and slash. The mythology revolves around the titular Heavenly Sword, a blade side viewed by an unknown man. The narrator of this game is Nariko. The main leading player of the game is King Bohan. This game has fantastic soundtracks and stunning graphics. 

20- Metal Gears: Rising Revengeance

 It was created in 2013. It is the best action hacked video game series. It is available for almost all platforms, including MS Windows, Nvidia Shield Portable, PS3, Xbox 360, etc. After its release, many critics criticized it for its sophisticated cutting system. They said that its use of Metal Gear elements to finish the story notwithstanding its focus on action, soundtrack, and boss fights. Some criticism was directed at its camera and the length of the story mode. 

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 Is God of War Available on Xbox?

Yes. God of war series can be played on Xbox as well as PCs and Playstations. Previously, it wasn’t available for Xbox, but in 2020, a tweet by Playstation was seen that they were celebrating the launch of the Xbox series x. Issues in the Xbox series have cropped already, even by the day of release. But there is a new console launch event that’s still worth it for consumers.  

 Will God of War be on Pc Ever?

God of war is now available for PC gamers also. The latest version of God of War is launched for PC. But it requires 8-64 bits Windows OS with ADM six-core Processor and Intel Quad-core CPU. With this space, you can easily enjoy the best graphics, actions, and sounds of this game. Players enjoy playing on PC. It’s not complicated; instead, you’ll enjoy every moment while playing. Use headphones if you want to enjoy the sounds of this game. 

 What are the 5 Best PS3 War Games?

1- Killzone2

Killzone 2 was launched for PS# in 2009. It is considered as a second main installment in the kill zone series till now. It is a first-person shooter game. This game walks on the well-trampled ground. It also urges to have the attention of gamers to styles, design, and graphics. The first thing that every person notices are visual. The texture and lighting are unique. Fans and also non-fans should try Killzone2. 

2- Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is also a first-person shooter game developed for ps3, windows, and Xbox. It is a blockbuster action game that aims for matchless destruction. It allows you to knock down the buildings shielding the enemy. Luckily, the online stage is set skillfully for some happy-thrilling moments. Battle without vehicles has a different kind of pace. Though the plot records a high-stakes dispute, Battlefield 4 serves its storytelling energy in its characters. Sad to say that they all often act as soldiers who have character, rather than characters who are soldiers.

3- Call of duty

It is also a single-player game. The story is told from a multi-player perspective, and you get to play as a new British SAS operative and US Marine. It is available for PS3, Pc, and also for Xbox. Call of duty is a fantastic game full of actions. 

4- Crysis

It is a first-person shooting game. German Developer Crytic developed it. Many players also love it. Developers have used the latest technology, advanced suits, more powers in this game. It has fantastic shooting, a defense system, and speed is just incredible.

5- Counter strike: Global offensive 

It is a combat game. It has many similarities with Call of duty. Both have amazing graphics with almost similar gameplay. This is also a 3rd personal game that shows the whole character along with armor and weapons.

What are Popular God of War 4 Bosses?

1- Ares

Ares was the original Olympian God of War. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. In Olympians, he was one of the most powerful and prominent gods. He came to convert all Olympus, including his parents. For this purpose, he struck a relationship with The Furies and forced them to take a relentless approach. 

2- Sigrun

This God is the toughest Valkyrie Queen. It is optional God in This game series. She is massively influential. She also served under the previous queen before becoming Valkyrie Queen. She holds enormous powers and weapons. She also contains superhuman powers. She is fully skilled in using her weapons. She makes other gods of Valkyrie as a child. 

3- Poseidon

Poseidon is the God of Sea. He is so powerful that he can unleash the sea hand harsh waves as his weapon. He can create a vast Titan-esque form made from water. He can also create blasts of lightning from his hand. He also has the capability of controlling the ice in various ways.

4- Gaia 

She was the mother of Titans, and she protected Zeus at the request of his mother to prevent Cronos from devouring him. She also saved Kratos from Underworld. After some time, Kratos plucked Gaia. 

Gaia was not much influential as compared to other gods. 

5- Zeus

The end of God of War II has Zeus, who betrays Kratos in one of the most savage subversions in games’ history. The end of God of War III gives you wiping out the Pantheon one after another before you finally ram a sword through the king’s copy ribcage. The game cuts to the first person, so you have an up-close-and-personal look at Zeus. 

What is the Best Video to Watch God of War 1 Gameplay?

God of war is one of the best action-plus adventurous games I’ve ever played. Its gameplay is available on YouTube.

I would suggest watching this gameplay by the game Kratos. He is one of the best YouTube gamers. This gameplay is available with subtitles and voice-over. It includes all the aspects of the game and all the critical events that shouldn’t be missed. In short, this gameplay is also a masterpiece. 

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What is the Best Video to Watch God of War 2 Gameplay?

Here’s the Gameplay of God of War 2. This video provides a complete storyline of GoW2. RabidRetrospectGames, a famous You Tuber, uploaded this game walkthrough video. This Gameplay Walkthrough cover-up the part1. This video has no commentary, and that’s the reason you’ll enjoy watching this video.

What is the Best Video to Watch God of War 3 Gameplay?

God of war III is best selling game also. It is a masterpiece of the GoW series. This video is best if you desire to see a complete storyline. This video provides every aspect of God of war III. It can be called an All-in-one video for GoW3. Many fans can’t find the relevant video, but I would suggest this one. It is one of the best you’ll ever have.

Which Game is Better? God of War vs. Bloodborne?

PS is a platform for playing games. Both games were released for Playstation. Both are outstanding games. Bloodborne is a very fantastic game. It’s like the spiritual sequel. While playing, you’ll feel the uniqueness of bloodborne. It paves the way towards excitement as it is an entirely action-based blockbuster game. 

Many games irritate you or make you curse the developer or graphics, but this game is absolutely out of all these things. While on the other hand, talking about the God of war, people love this game primarily because of its Greek mythology.

What is the Difference? God of War 3 PS3 vs. PS4

God of war is one of the best action-adventure video game series. It was initially launched for Playstation 3. With the release of Playstation 4, developers launched the game for Playstation 4 also. Playstation 4 provides enhanced features and more efficient controls of the God of war series. People who have played this game on either Playstation 3 or 4 will surely understand the difference in graphics, display, soundtracks, and controls of the game. 

Playstation support all kinds of games, but while playing action games like the God of war series, you’ll feel a different kind of excitement and curiosity in-game. It enables you to feel the next level of thrill and excitement. 

How to Play God of War on Pc?

God of war can easily be played on Playstations as well as on pc. Previously it wasn’t available for pc, but now it had given us the advantage to play on it. But people also used consoles to play God of War on computers. Until last year, people who didn’t have Playstations used to play on pc by simply using an emulator for which the part of the god of war is compatible. Like God of war 2018 was only for Playstation 4. 


So basically, God of war is a third-person game. Many people love it. Many of them played and became a fan of God of war. There are many other games like the God of war series, but this game has a separate fan base. In short, God of war is the best game ever. You may find other games like this, but this is a masterpiece in all. Hope you love reading “Games like God of War

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