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Dark Souls Guide – Games Like Dark Souls – Answer Diary

Dark Souls is the most popular trending game for everyone who loves horror, RPG style games. Read about some Games Like Dark Souls to play.


There are many games like dark soul released since 2009, but dark soul games took progress after 2011. This has over 5M+ users. This is a project of Namco Bandai. With time, this game improves a lot and makes its place in the gaming market. Dark Soul is the second series released by Namco.

This is one of the most playable games by European countries. In this game, players act as the third person who is involved in actions. The dark soul is available on all platforms.

The list of 20 games like the dark soul is: 

What are 20 Games Like Dark Souls?

1. Nioh: Nioh is another level game; it offers the same weapon tool as Dark Soul, but its customization is advancing from time to time. You can see the story similar to Dark Souls.

The second version of this game is known as the alpha demo and was released on the first PlayStation network. nioh is at number 2, whereas the dark soul is at number 1


2. Ashen: This game is a cop-ration game with free multiple customizations like Dark Soul game, including a stamina-based system, making this game more in rank. The graphics of this game are quite better than other alternative games.

Other than that, ashen has a genuinely decent arrangement of weapons and offers you some waste to give your symbol a champion look. Even though it does not have a variety of wing wheels and character customizations, you might not have a lot to gripe.

3. The surge: The action-playing game. It includes science fiction playing with modern varieties. It follows a Challenging Role-playing strategy. Players in this game can make the team and battle enemies.

In this game, you need to use an exoskeleton to fight opponents. With the help of measurements, you can customize the exoskeleton which suits your style of play. It would help if you targeted individual body portions of your enemies to the end of them.

4. Demon’s soul: They build their game avatar and take extra care of it. It offers multiplayer gaming too, and structure is as vast as Dark Soul. It is an actor playing a role game.

Demon’s soul continuous cooperation allows you to crush, cut, shoot, and cast to take out or improve opponents. Besides, its multiplayer game is similarly extreme, which means you should put your best show on full display to defeat the difficulties.

5. Dead cell: An action-based game. Located in a dark location, land with great customization in-game. Players have to survive by completing different missions by making alliances etc. Like I referenced before, Dead Cells is a game worked around one objective: getting away from jail.

There’s a trick, however: You should come up low and fall constantly. Hitting the container in Dead Cells begins the whole game once again; every time you bite the dust, the jail and its territories rework themselves

6. Titan Soul: Titan soul is another game like Dark Soul but offers fewer weapon tools; this game has high graphics and visualization. It can be played solo or multiplayer. This game is trying hard to leave the dark soul behind.

7. Sekrio Shadow dies twice: It is a science-fiction game. Advancing with the passing year. Same as the Dark Soul game. This game is liked by 92% of gamers. The main thing about the popularity of this game is its graphics. 

8. Salt and sanctuary: It offers 2D graphic resolution with advancement. By playing this game, your ability and skill will enhance. One of the best alternatives with low specification devices. The story of this game is good and needs some deep understanding to understand.

9. Hollow knife: Less advanced than Dark Soul, but still can be its alternate to it. But location is good as players are satisfied with the game ranking. It is smoother in the running, supporting low spec devices. 

10. Bloodborne: The game should change its weapon skills, including customization compared to Dark Soul. The number of players in this game is increasing gradually. It is a project of Sony games, and everyone knows Sony has its place in gaming. 

11. Wild hunt: A story-based game with great lone rangers. It doesn’t offer enough opportunity to tweak weapons

12.  World of Warcraft: The game is situated in great imagery land. And include great customization with multiplayer gaming. With varieties of weapons.

13.  Horizon zero dawn: This gameplay plays an important role in its avatar in games. But avatars are not advanced as compared to Dark Soul.

14.  Dark mouse: Offer fewer challenges than Dark Soul. It includes a vast area for players. Players love to play this game in customization.

15.  The elder scrolls: Sky rim, this game offers the same but less weapon than Dark Soul. It is harder to complete the level than Dark Soul.

16.  Final fantasy: This game is an action-based game like Dark Soul; it can experience vast play areas. It has more varieties than Dark Soul.

17.  Dragon age: It offers advanced open-world activity RPG customization. This game is advanced with weapons; the game is less ranked than Dark Soul.

18.  Divinity: Original sin 2, this game is located in the land of Rivellon imaging hundreds of years ago. A game is set in expert mode, and this game must advance its assortment of weapons.

19.  Fallout 4: This game has a vast playing system and crafts many various items.

20.  Middle earth: This game is as advanced as Dark Soul, with the same weapon advancement.


What must every player know about dark souls 4?

There no information on Dark Souls 4 yet; it’s difficult to say if creators would ever make Dark Soul 4, as there is lots of competition. Many games like Dark Soul are on air and having great raking too.

Recent Dark Souls 3 completed its levels. Like dark soul3 (Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice) and the forthcoming (Elden Ring), both games head are glad to require some serious energy and trial with new and different ideas. Suppose there will be another Dark Souls game.

In that case, it will be exceptionally unique to the set of three everybody knows and loves. The creation of Dark Souls is vast, and there’s no explanation that another Dark Souls game wouldn’t occur in 2021.

Which dark soul game is best in the series?

Dark Souls 3 is possibly the best series of the games and positively the best in social apps’ title. Dark Souls 3 is an action-playing game like past games in the series. Creators are testing if they could advance it more.

To increase it for more challenging experiences is a straight line to a greater level, and ideas are opened out with more clarity than past sections. Dull Souls 3 has:

1. Excellent ranges

2. Extraordinary managers

3. Epic insider facts

And my number 1 supervisor in the whole arrangement.

Is there any other game like dark soul with guns?

Compared to other RPG methods this year, The Witcher 3 offers more than Dark Souls regarding story and activity. The game started in a land where you are The Witcher, who battles against evil powers and animals utilizing little-known charm and gun fighting abilities.

Capcom’s most recent development to the Monster Hunter varieties, Monster Hunter: World, is another RPG activity that you can use to search for a decent Dark Souls alternative. In the game, you play as a hitter and take on missions to hunt beasts in a wide range of living spaces, and you will experience gunfighting skills.

How many games are released in the dark soul series?

1. Demon’s soul released in 2009′ 5 January

2. Dark souls on 11 May 2011

3. Dark souls on 22 September 2011

4. Dark soul2; the loss of the crown in July 2014

5. Dark soul two on 11 March 2014

6. Dark soul 2; scholar of the first sin on 1 April 2015

7. Dark soul three on 24 March 2016

8. Dark soul 3; the ring city on 27 March 2017

9. Dark soul trilogy on 19 October 2018

10. Dark soul; remastered on 24 May 2018

11. Demon’s soul on12 November 2020

Is it a dark soul multiplayer game?

Yes, can play dark soul games with multiplayer; you can play with your friends but are restricted inside a specific level range. The level of reach varies, consist of the kind of multiplayer things being used. The matchmaking for groups is a single direction step that decides the square level range of individual using multiplayer-things

Which one is the most hardened dark soul’s game?

Bloodborne was on air right after Dark Souls 2 and is considered a more challenging game than Dark Souls. The dark soul is not a challenging game than others. But players feel blood-borne as the most challenging game ever. Consider Bloodborne’s DLC the most demanding game in Dark Souls past.

What are the games created on the dark soul’s style?

1. Destiny

2. Alienation

3. Lords of fallen

4. The surge

5. Salt and sanctuary

6. Titan souls

7. Shovel knife

8. Enter the dungeon

9. The wticher3; wild hunt

10. Nioh

11. Journey

12. God of war


Is there any game like dark soul but easier?

The first Dark Souls1 is the easiest game; I also played it and finished each level with a good score. On the other hand, Dark Souls 2 is a challenging game to complete. Other than this following are easy as compare to others.

1. Nioh 2

2. Dark soul 2

3. Ashen

What is dark soul three samurai?

Dark soul three samurai is also called a naked samurai. To kill this samurai, you have to use combine attacks. It is one of the difficult missions in this game. But I beat him by three combine attacks.

What genre is a dark soul?

The dark soul game is an action-based game as well as a role-playing game. because it’s a story-based game in this game, you will experience the action as well as role-play in it

What are a few upcoming dark souls like games?

1. Demon’s soul remake

2. Rain world

3. The surge 2

4. Dark side 3

5. Nioh 2

Is it a dark soul fighting game?

It is an advanced series of finding the enemies, fighting, and resting with the advanced area’s game land. And challenging round of battling different opponents together because it’s a multiplayer game. It is an advanced level action-based game.

Is there any movie like dark soul?

If I don’t remind you about any dark soul movie (dark crystal) released in 1982, it is like a dark soul game. It is also a science fiction movie introducing new gadgets to enhance games like dark souls.

Which is the best dark soul game to start with?

The best dark soul game first “action like” game is the first “Multiplayers” game created by heads Demon’s Souls. 

This is available on PlayStation 3 was introduced in 2009, and it built the framework for advanced games like dark soul. Demon’s Souls, as famous as Dark Souls, offers an RPG. It’s not as renowned as Dark Souls.

Is dark soul2 worth playing?

Yes, it’s worth playing when you’re giving enough time and know well about this game trick. It’s a great game with high graphics and design. As the series is coming, dark soul weapon tool and land design is also developing.

Is the dark soul a sci-fi game?

It is a slow and testing activity RPG game in a quiet science fiction land where the border between science and mystery is hidden. When a top of human success. Major suspense for players is that mystery that is hidden.

What are games like dark soul3 only?

1. Nioh

2. Hollow knife

3. Ashen

4. World of warcraft

5. Demon’s soul

6. Titan soul


What are some games, like dark soul-inspired games?

1. Sekrio; shadow die twice

2. Salt and sanctuary

3. The surge

4. Fallout4

5. Dead cell

What are games like dark souls on Android?

1. IRE; a blood memory game

2. Anima; ARPG

3. Arcane quest

4. Adventure quest

5. Awaking of dragon

6. Blade bond

7. Dungeon hunter 5

8. Dungeon and demon

Is Nioh like a dark soul?

Nioh is played for fun purposes in which it’s harder than other games but easier than dark soul. In case you’re searching for an action-based game, you found nioh the right choice going to. It’s suitable for going to be highly more adventurous than Dark Souls. In any case, the style in Nioh is that the game is as simple or challenging.

Is a dark soul an RPG game?

Mostly games like dark souls have some high parts these days; character advancement as time passes through. I consider Dark Souls at its center of RPG with Multiplayer divisions. An RPG is where you assume a job so that you could view anything with a story style. I could consider anything with a story style.

Should I play dark soul two before 3? 

There truly is no need to play two before 3; their stories are not connected in any position other than a “repeating cycle.” and also references in Dark Souls 2 that link back to Dark Souls 1. 

What are five games like dark souls on steam?

1. Dark fantasy worrier

2. Ancient abyss

3. Infernal radiations

4. Hollow witch

5. Fade the first chapter

6. Fallen angel

7. Dark unreal

8. Zombie’s cool

9. Let it go

10. Before the ashes

Is dark soul 2D game?

Dark Souls is a game created in 2011. its characters are added to the land of the game but are not original. The player can decide to draw in with their own “Salt and Sanctuary considers Dark Souls as a 2D activity game.”

Why do people like dark souls?

Dark Souls is a decent game for some designs. It has an adventurous level plan. It goes easy in battle and pays players who need to gain skill with every enemy. The arrangement of massive fires in-game, but on the other hand, it is probably the best ranking of a game plan I’ve found in years.

Is dark soul 3 an open world?

No, dark soul 3 is not an open-world game because it has the most advanced game regions than open ones. Dark soul3 is more like a jail than an open-world ARPG. Dark soul 3 is much easier than any other soul series.


In the 2021 century, as a competition of everything is enhancing, there is a high competition in games ranking. Game lovers want new skills and varieties in the passing year. The dark soul is the best competition for all other games with the best series and chapters. Don’t know when Dark soul four is coming, but the player is waiting for it desperately. Our country wants more action movies to boost our minds.

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