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Civilization Guide – Games like Civilization – Answer Diary

The whole series of Civilizations is trending among millions of players. Read about some similar Games like Civilization, which you must try.


A game series by Sid Miere in the early ’90s is a turn-based, strategic, 4X video game. 4X refers to four elements a game holds naming, eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.

In civilization, the player builds the empire that stands the test of time, becomes emperor, conducts diplomacy, shapes an economy, and comes face to face with great leaders of history and race to achieve victory over others.

Until today, the Civilization series has introduced six installments to the series. This game has numerous expansion packs and spin-off games. A player can achieve victory by winning an army battle, scoring a higher score, achieving a set level of cultural civilization, or building interstellar ships, but the list does not stop here; it goes on.

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What are 20 Games like Civilization?

Total War: Three Kingdoms

A stunning empire-crafting and real-time thrilling battle game with series of heroes and legends.


A space game where you inhabit new planets to spread and foster your civilization while combatting alien intruders

Hoi 4

Hearts of Iron 4 allows you to take the lead of any nation from WW-II and apply your tactics. One of best Games like Civilization.

Age of Empires 2

Competitive strategy game to experience multiple civilizations.

Europa Universalis 4

Crete universal dominant empire from scratch to hatch.

Age of War

Save your civilization by creating, shaping, and boosting your troops.

Age of Wonders III

Create an empire of your dreams, build, manage, shape, and run every system as per your wish and command.

Stars in Shadow

A great sci-fi strategic 4X game, civilize at new planets, negotiate with aliens and streamline your empire position.

Field of Glory: Empire

Manage your empire to expand in time. Fight, battle, and conquer to stay beacon of dominance over time.

Conquest of Elysium 4

A different game with variant mechanics for other races. Play as a distinct race—a great fantasy fiction game with a rogue-like element.

Panzer Corps 2

Live WW-II as leading your troop, try to win victory over others. Another popular Games like Civilization.

Endless Legends

Discover hidden truths of the past while complying with the day-to-day hustle of the present.

Fantasy General II

Run the legacy of your father and rule clans while tackling foes.

Fire Emblem Fates

Story of a protagonist who is emotionally split between two homes; actual and birth.

Dominion 4: Thrones of Ascension

Take control as a powerful being and decide how your dominion affects the territory and win over others to prove your dominance.

Legends of Eisenwald

An adventurous game where you take the lead of small troops and battle to win your right to life.

Combat Mission: Black Sea

A simulation game is depicting war-fare between Ukraine and Russia, where NATO comes in too. More thrill to discover in-game.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Become cursed un-dead and thrive for battling with foes, be-ware from friends as well in this darkness lurking world.

Empire Sin

A strategy RPG with building a criminal empire.

Grand Kingdom

Recruit units, picture war, battle till the end, and protect your Kingdom.

Can we Play Civilization VI on PS4?

Civilization VI came on PS4 in Nov 2019. It is available, but some features may be absent on PS4 compared to PS5 or other gaming consoles.

What are Civilization 6 Wonders?

A list of wonders in Civilization 6 is given, along with their era and cost.

Wonder NameEraCost-Production
Great LibraryClassical400
Great LighthouseClassical290
Mahabodhi TempleClassical400
Terracotta ArmyClassical400
Hanging GardensAncient180
Chichen ItzaMedieval710
Hagia SophiaMedieval710
Huey TeocalliMedieval710
Mont St. MichelMedieval710
Venetian ArsenalRenaissance920
Potala PalaceRenaissance1170
Great ZimbabweRenaissance920
Forbidden CityRenaissance920
Cristo RedentorModern2100
Eiffel TowerModern2100
Sydney Opera HouseAtomic3300
Estadio do MaracanaAtomic2835
Oxford UniversityIndustrial1450
Ruhar ValleyIndustrial1450

Can we Play Civilization VI on Xbox One?

Fortunately yes! Civilization VI is available on Xbox One and PS4, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It has single-play and multi-play mods.

How You Will Rank Civilization Games from 1-5 in Series?

Ranking the Civilization series from best to worst is not easy. Some installments disappointed players, or new releases made the previous worst. Let’s look at the list generated based on players’ preferences and reviews.







Which Game is Better? Civilization vs. Stellaris?

Stellaris and Civilization games are both of the same genre and kind. The only difference is civilization happens on planet Earth while Stellaris is a space-based game. If you are more into space, then Stellaris meats your taste, but if you want to explore and live history, then civilization is your choice.

Another remarkable difference is the price between the two. Civilization feels costly than Stellaris comparatively, but the experience of living in various historical civilizations pays-off.

What is the Civilization 7 Release Date?

The last installment to the Civilization Game series was in 2016, and later its add-ons were released, and it was expanded over variant consoles. Now, the next 7th installment is expected in May 2021. 

Civilization VII will be released on Microsoft Windows, OS, Linux, and Nintendo. We can hope for its arrival on PS and Xbox later as this game has a history of joining these consoles later the release over other platforms.

Which Game is Better? Civilization 5 vs. Civilization 6

Civilization 5 was released in 2010, and for six years, gamers were left with its updates and DLC. In 2016, Civilization 6 came in with DLCs and Updates of Civilization 5 in one pack and offered next-level DLCs and updates. This makes Civilization 6 more content worthy than its predecessors. 

The only bar in the way of Civilizations 6 is its four times higher price than civilization 5. Some of the city updates and bonuses disappointed players initially, but enhanced mechanics, expanded maps, and the addition of religious and district systems helped it progress.

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What are the Best “Civilizations” in the Civilization 6 Game?

Among the 42 available civilizations in Civilization VI, the top few of them are named below. Every civilization has a plus point and unique progression that other civilization is lacking. 

  1. Shaka of Zulu (resistance to cultural and military attack)
  2. Tomyris of Scythia (combat strength)
  3. Qin Shi Huang of China (strong tourism attraction)
  4. Wilhelmina of the Netherland (Strong economy)
  5. Saladin of Arabia (religion + Science)
  6. Basil II of Byzantium (Heavy Cavalry)

These top six are named along with their major plus point over other civilizations.

What are the Best “Civilizations” in the Civilization 5 Game?

Among the variety of civilization, below are names of the best civilization on the bases of victory type, and their major plus is also mentioned next to them:


Major plus

















  • Morocco








Can we Play Civilizations 6 on iPad?

Civilization 6 needs higher horsepower that means it is not a lightweight game. It can be played on recent iPods, including iPad Pro, 2017 iPad, and iPad Air 2, but older iPod versions do not support the Civilization series.

What are 5 free RTS Games on Steam?

1-Dota 2

Completely free game to play, unleash unseen battle weapons, heroes, and abilities. Play several hours and still discover amazing content.


Join online battle to become a legend of myth. Experience numerous weapons, fight, and chose a God to help you along the way.

3-Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

A game based on HBO drama series offers you to play the role of western Lords. Play the game, fight and stop the dispute among seven nations.

4-Blood of Steal

Use cold weapons to fight with the army in the medieval ages. Know every hero to utilize their specific characteristics. You can enjoy a duel (fight between heroes).

5-March of Empires

Take charge, form an army, build the empire, and battle to save your title of Northern Tsar, Desert Sultan, or Highland King. Fight with enemies to save your emperorship.

Which Game is Better? Civilization vs. Hoi4

Hearts of Iron 4 is a war-based game with battling thrill and weapons. This game is to win command and victory over the world. The only thing common between Hoi4 and Civilization is being strategic based and fighting to win rule over others. 

If you are an old nerd with variant history freakiness, then civilization is the best option as it also offers to build the whole empire. If you are more into War, battle, and army fights, then Hoi4 is on your list. Another plus point of Hoi4 is its cheapness as compared to Civilization.

What are 5 Games like Civilization for Android?

1-Forge of Empires

Your aim in the game is to rise from stone-age and built an empire but without War.

2-World of Empires 2

More similar to Civilization 5, as you either wins through effective diplomacy or a strong economy or fight to rule.

3-Hade’s Star

Civilization, but in space. You inhabit various planets and explore vast areas while fighting with aliens.

4-Clash of Clans

 Fantastic game-play where you can join millions of clans online to save your civilizations.


Collect resources, built an empire, and manage it strategically. You don’t need to fight for the emperor.

Which Game is Better? Civilization vs. Age of Empires 2

Both games vary in style and game-play. Although both implement strategy and provide a vast experience of civilization from stone-age to the present age, but Age of Empires is a fast-paced game while Civilization is a slow-paced and turn-based game.

Game-play, maps, and campaigns of Age of Empires 2 are exciting, informative, as well as fast. Civilization focuses more on resource collection, while civilization focuses on history and turns. Although educational and compelling, civilization is comparatively slow as it is a turn-based game, and you have to wait for other’s turn.

Which Game is Better? Civilization vs. Age of War

Age of War is a strategic video game where you have to battle with other troops to save your civilization. You build troops of an army in five different ages of time. In every age, you customize, enhance, boost, and prepare your army to fight with other armies; you gain an XP from every victory you receive. Each XP helps you grow your civilization further.

On the other hand, the civilization series is about living like an emperor; you strive you live in your empire, maintain and expand your civilization, take care of diplomacy, save your empire from intruders, and fight with enemies through a strong army. You are responsible for the betterment of your civilization.

In essence, we can say civilization has much more rich experience to offer coupled with fighting strategies of the specific time and civilization. Age of War focuses on one aspect of civilization, while the civilization series has wholesome content.

Which Game is Better? Civilization vs. Total War  

Total War has War as pivot focus, and it generally provides a war frame of specific periods of history. Civilization provides a wholesome overview of the historical period, chose a period of your choice e-g Arab, Europe, China, etc., and play as you own it. 

Civilization has a variety to offer. You choose an era and live every aspect of it. Total War, as the name signifies, offers war events. You build war strategies, troops, shape the alignment, and everything about combat. Total War does not focus on any other aspect of civilization.

Civilization has a complete package of history comparatively; if you are more interested in living the actual history of humanity in different regions, then Civilization is at your pace. If War, strategy, combat, and protection of civilization are your only point, then pick Total War.

How to Fix Civilizations 5 won’t Start Windows 10 Error?  

Civilization 5 may cause a certain error on PC. To solve all possible issues in Windows 10, here we are providing you with a comprehensive guide.

Civilization V won’t state error

Outdated Graphics Card would be the most probable reason. Update your Graphics Card Driver by downloading the compatible model. 

Civilization V Unable to Start Correctly

Civilization V not starting correctly can be due to missing DLL files. Find the name of the missing file in the installation directory, find and copy it from the DirectX directory according to your PC compatibility, i-e 32 bit or 64 bit.

Other Errors

Not Lunching Error | run game in Compatibility mode 

For a detailed guide on Fixing Windows 10 Error, visit

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How to Play Civilizations 5 well? YouTube Video Tutorial

The best technique to play Civilization 5 well is to play it and learn through your mistakes. But here we are providing you some essential tips, to begin with

Build city near to resources

The foremost thing you should do is to establish your empire near resources such as trees and rivers

Finish what you start

Although you will be offered many policies and resources but first focus on what you started, it is better to get a boost from finishing one temple than collecting resources and getting none.

Make citizens happy

It is a matter that happy citizens boost your while unhappy citizens are a danger for you. Keep your citizens as happier as you can.


Utilize all trade routes; if you get three trade routes, then shape three caravans for it. Trade will not only help you boost revenue, but it will spread your religion as well.

Spread religion

Establish and spread your religion. It gives you more boost and strength.

Form troops

Shape your strong troops for any kind of War and protection of your city.

For further tips on how to play Civilization V well, visit this YouTube link, 

Which Game is Better? Europa Universalis 4 vs. Civilizations 5  

Europa Universalis 4 is based on historical events, a little much similar to Civilization 5, but in comparison, both games have many differences. Europa Universalis 4 is a real-time, comparatively slow-paced game with a real-world map. On the other side, Civilization is comprehensive, fast-paced, strong game-play, and simple to grasp mechanics with an imaginary map of the world.

You score a victory in Civilization V, but in the EU, there is no such thing as victory or win; you create your own goals and achieve them through your game-play. Europa Universalis 4 is one of best amazing Games like Civilization.

Civilization presents nations to play while the EU has actual countries on the map to play. Moreover, Civilization is a turn-based game that the EU is not. Therefore, it majorly depends upon the player which game fits the taste.

Is there any Civilization Game for Xbox One?  

Fortunately, Civilization VI has been added to Xbox One at the end of 2019. But unfortunately, other installments of the series are not available on Xbox One. There is no official statement as to why others are not available on Xbox One and Why the Civilization VI revolution came so late on Xbox ONE.

What is Civilizations 5 Attila Guide?

Civilization 5-Attila the Huns has some respective tips for playing with. Here is a brief list of how to boost strengths in the Attila civilization of the Huns;

  • Grow your pasture to earn a bonus
  • Double Raze the less inhabit cities and form your city
  • Use older cities’ names (as names of cities passed in-game or of other civilizations)
  • First, make your Battering Ram, which generates a +300% more bonus.
  • The second built your Horse-Archers as best scouts than melee and your Battering Rams.


Civilization series is a spectacular game with rich historical knowledge and tactical skills. The game provides you to experience multiple civilizations of this world who ruled before you. You take characters of various historical characters from variant civilizations and strive to expand, prosper, and maintain your civilization.

The game is filled with multiple strategic tactics that you need to apply to your civilization to prosper. The game educates you about the hardships of being emperor and ruling a territory; on the other hand, it enhances your command over productive decision making. Hope you love reading “Games like Civilization”

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