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Borderlands Guide – Games like Borderlands – Answer Diary

Borderlands is the best action, Open World game of all time. If you want to know about more similar games, read Games like Borderlands.


A king of open-world, first-person, looter shooter game, released at the end of 2009. Four vault-hunters travel to different planets in search of the Vault. They go to find Vault, as it is rumored of having advanced alien technology and other valuables. On their way to find Vault, these hunters cooperate and battle with enemies. 

There are four games in the series, but some other spin-off games have also become popular already. Every game in the series is different from others, with amazing new locations, maps, missions, weapons, and much more.
Rating for each game is high compare to many other games of a similar type already. If you want to play this series, you must start with the first game because, unlike other series, it’s perfectly created.

This game’s most famous feature is the “loot system,” where you can almost get anything. You can find all kinds of equipment when playing the game, completing quests, or anywhere on the map. Most of these weapons and other free stuff is available for every player in every mission.

What are 20 Games like Borderlands?

Payday 2: most suggestible to an action-oriented, fast-paced environment seeker. This game is thrilled with shooting and robbing fantasy.

F.E.A.R.: Real-world game with impression forming weapons, leads, events, and gameplay immediately grabs player’s attention.

Team Fortress 2: A sequel to Team Fortress is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game; Team Fortress 2. Rich in classes, characters, and advanced graphics also supports up to 24 players.

Bioshock Infinite: The third installment to the Bioshock series, Bioshock Infinite. The story is based on original events of recent history and is no immediate story successor of previous game installments. Real event-relatedness hooks the player from beginning to the end. 

Spellbreak: A fantastic game with magic spells as weapons. Master the spell and cast it over players or enemies to hold your powers to superiority. 

Destiny: A mythic-sci-fi game with PvP and PvE support. Pair with the squad, raid, and strike to win the battle against enemies.

Call of Duty: Starting from world-war II passing through the midst of the cold war and going to space and other worlds, influences the player through a brilliant range of weapons.

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Counter-Strike: The terrorism and anti-terrorism based game in which two teams become opponent and fight for set objectives.

Half-life 2: Suspense, thrill, effective story-telling, and puzzle-solving features, coupled with first-person shooter mechanics, imprison the player in its magic.

Dusk: A rural town of Dusk, where bloodshed and butchery must be key competencies to survive and uphold your power. Along the way, a player faces horrible creatures as well.

Bulletstorm: First-person shooter game with 9/10 ratings on steam. This game is a short adventure (6-7 hours long). Its availability on every platform is its plus point.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground: A well-known game for mobiles, commonly known as P.U.B.G., shooting, looting, and gear up the strength to win a chicken dinner. Pairing up with squad or solo play is up to players’ wishes.

Overwatch: A unique game that allows everyone in the squad to be a hero of their kind. Two teams of six players and each player decide his role as a hero. Every hero is distinctive in role and abilities. The hardship of battling in the rain fascinates the players.

Black Mesa: A re-make of Half-Life, with satisfied every player. It pays tribute to the great game, Half-Life, and as a player said, it does what is always promised to do, and it is modernized, faithful re-creation.

Superhot: A game with minimalist art-style with the major plus point of time play. Times stops in-game when a player stops moving, allowing to assess the situation more closely and thoughtfully.

Apex Legends: The first person, free-to-play royal battle game. Cross-platform is expected to release in 2021. Its attractive feature is electronic art.

Hallo: A player uncovers the secrets of Halo and battles against aliens on vehicles or by foot.

Doom Eternal: Either play as a doom slayer or demon and fight until you defeat the other. PvE and PvP are in progress.

Metro Exodus: The third installment to the Metro series, a survival horror thrill, grasp your interest.

Shadow warriors 2: A first player shooter game coupled with quests to uphold your energies, powers, and strengths.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an FoP, action RPG game in which the mission/goal is a survival from the continent of Wareclast. You play through the adventures to gain enough power to avenge those who wronged you before.

On the other hand, Borderland invades, attacking, discovering, solving, and fighting the battle to gain something valuable to you. Therefore, we can say for sure to go for Borderlands if you want rich content and adventure.

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Is Borderlands 3 Multiplayer?

Borderland supports 2-player split-screen co-op; if you are looking for a larger squad of three or four, you should play it online. On PC, even this two-player co-op is absent.

Which one is the Best Borderlands Game in the Series?

Many hail for borderlands 2 is the best of the whole series based on animation, character customization, story, enemies, and shooting. Unlike the previous game, Vault Hunters must ally with a survivor group on a planet to stop a large corporation from unlocking the power of the new vault. Both the main storyline and also many other side quests are available to complete in this game.

What are the 5 Best Looter Shooter Games of all time?

Among the tough competition of best looter-shooter games, the followings have proved to be the best of all times;

  • Spellbreak: One of the great shooter games rich with action, battle, suspense, and thrill.
  • Warframe: Another fantastic multi-player, fast-paced, and looter-shooter game that is F2P.
  • Destiny: Fabulous sci-fi, a looter-shooter game of these times allowing PvP as well as PvE.
  • Shadow warrior2: First-person shooter video game with single- and multi- gameplay.
  • Doom eternal: Aesthetic first-person shooter game coupled with brilliant mechanics and gameplay.

Why Borderlands 2 Make it Rain is Best Game?

Game mechanics, gameplay, story, animation, a vast variety of enemies, and richness of side quests make Borderlands 2: Make it Rain the best of the series.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Risk of Rain.

Risk of Rain is more of a defense based game as player has the mission of saving himself/herself from aliens and escape from their planet. There is an element of looting, but Borderlands is the king of looter shooter game. Borderlands is more dominating, invading, and attacking than defending and escaping as of Risk of Rain.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Payday 2.

Borderlands is more of search and invading. On the other hand, Payday 2 is a heist. Borderlands do not allow a squad of four, but Payday is a four-player co-op game with looting fascination. Payday 2 is best for heist fans and robbery fantasies, while Borderlands could be more suitable for invaders, shooters, and puzzle-solving interests. On the whole, both games are worth experiencing.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands 2 vs. Fallout 4.

Borderlands 2 is best known for its looter shooter genre, but fallout four does not fit this box. Both the games are action RPG games and made their place in their genre. Fallout 4 happens in the future after nuclear explosions, while Borderlands have four different planets. These two games are worthy of players’ time and attention, although belonging to a somewhat different genre.

Which Game is Better? Outer Worlds vs. Borderlands 3

Outer World focuses more on storytelling than actual gameplay, and it ends shortly compared to Borderlands. Borderlands is rich in content, mechanics, gameplay, and most importantly, a shoot n loot element. Outer World is an action RPG. It is up to the player which game to choose for play; adventure-based or combat focused.

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Who makes Borderlands Series?

Borderland Series is developed by Gearbox Software 2K Australia Telltale Games, Published by 2K Australia Telltale Games. It was first released in Oct 2009 and last released in Sep 2019.

What are the Top Five First Person Shooter Games of all times?

Best shooter game, top five, list:

1-Playday 2: thrilling adventure to live with the squad, giving life to bank robbing fantasies.

2-Call of Duty: A World War II inspired game with a modern touch and taste devastating shooting.

3-Counter-Strike: a novel game of its kind, encompassing shooting, rescuing, and coping -abilities.

4-Spellbreak: One of the great shooter game rich with action, battle, suspense, and thrill

5-F.E.A.R: thrilled with a real-war scenario and encompassing the most memorable weapon, F.E.A.R. is an unmatched shooter game of the times.

What is Borderlands pre-sequel’s best character, co-op?

Many say that Aurelia and Claptrap make the best co-op, but others defend the Jack and Wilhelm duo for best co-op.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Bulletstorm.

Both games are first-person shooter games, but Bulletstorm’s game-time is short, like 6 to 7 hours, which makes it difficult for a player to stick to it. At the same time, Borderlands holds players’ interest with quests and adventures, and sequels.

Which Game is Better? Dying of the Light vs. Borderlands

Dying of the light is a survival horror game; it is based on an undercover agent in the open-world. On the other hand, Borderlands is a shooter game with thrilling quests and events. If a player likes the element of horror, mystery, and adventure, then Dying of the Light is an optimal choice. On the other side, real-world action based invading and striking features are presented in Borderlands.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands 3 vs. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 3, being the successor of Borderlands 2, could have been more thrilling and adventurous, but after analyzing the players’ comments, it is concluded that they admired Borderlands 2, but Borderlands 3 disappoints them a lot. But this did not affect Borderlands’ overall selling; even the third sequel was sold on much profit that some people predict the fourth one based on the sale of Borderlands 3.

Which Borderlands to play First in Series?

Although the best choice would be playing all the games of the series in their release order, you should play borderland pre-sequel after Borderlands 2. The order is:

  1. Borderlands
  2. Borderlands 2
  3. Borderlands: Pre-Sequel
  4. Tales from Borderland 
  5. Borderlands 3

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What are Borderlands 3 worlds?

Every world/planet plays an important role in the campaign; four of these planets are:

  • Pandora
  • Athenas
  • Eden-6
  • Promethea

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Bit Heroes

Bit Heroes offer a huge variety of gameplay, PvP, trials, quests, dungeon, mechanics, expeditions, and dungeons coupled with Zombo invasion. Borderlands is the king of looter shooter games, which no other game can beat. Both the games have their taste, challenges, theme, side events, and stories.

But when it comes to player-holding story and graphics, Borderlands wins the heart of millions and leave the rest behind. The mission, thrilling events, and alertness of players are remarkable in Borderlands.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Risk 

Risk and Borderlands have nothing to compare except “the looting element.” Risk” is “Rouge” like while Borderlands king of first-person RPG shooter mechanics. Players say that Risk, compared to Borderlands, has nothing interesting to hook them up. It is rough, vague, and more like robotics. Players say that Risk bored them as compared to Borderlands.

Which Game is Better? Destiny 2 vs. Borderlands 3

Borderland overall is diverse in gameplay, actions, and visuals, which makes it superior to any other game of the same genre. Destiny 2 is preferred for visuals and gun-play. The ultimate looting and shooting addiction bring players back to Borderlands 3.

Although Borderland 3 has fewer positive reviews than its second sequel when it comes to Destiny2, the choice would be Borderlands for looting and shooting gameplay.

Destiny 2 has some challenging, fascinating raids, but these are not enough to bring Borderlands’ addictive to Destiny 2. Perhaps, both games are great in their context, and players to play both of them, one after another.

Is Borderlands an open-world game?

Yes! Borderlands is an open-world, first-person shooter, action role-playing game. It has four planets to conquer with massive weapons and an intriguing story. Lots of side quests make this game a perfect open world with fun.

You can go anywhere possible in few games and almost do nothing special, which is quite boring. But many side quests can engage you while exploring, and players can have fun.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Rage

These two games are far from comparing, rage is not close to Borderlands. The only thing you can compare is an environment and that too, very little. The Rouge has weak weapons, no range, and players do not appreciate the gameplay. Fewer like F.P.S. control of Rage, but this cannot be the reason to call Rage better than Borderlands.

Borderlands holds the richness of gameplay, graphics, storyline, weapons, quests, mission, inter-play, and levels and loot. There is nothing such thing to compare in Rage.

Which Game is Better? Borderlands vs. Serious Sam

Borderlands is the King of first-person looter shooter game. Serious Sam is far from comparing with it. Both games are first-person shooters, but the variety and diversity experienced in Borderlands are missing in Serious Sam.

Serious Sam have less competition with enemies as they are fragile and lack combat abilities and cognition; on the other hand, a player has everything superior, such as armor, health, and strength.

This seems like the player wins even without battling and fighting to win. Borderlands feels more real battle as one thrives on winning over enemies and find the Vault.

How Many Players can play Borderlands 2?

Borderlands allow split-screen local multiplayer, but you can go for online borderlands if you want to play with the squad. It still does not support P.C. split-screen, 2-player mods.

Will there be another Borderlands?

Officially, there is not any hint or statement for the release of Borderlands 4. Rumors say that there will be 4th borderlands or a pre-sequel from 2021 to 2023, but the officials have not confirmed it yet.


Borderlands rules the genre of first-player looter shooter games. It has the best graphics, gameplay, storyline, weapons, classes, boosting strategies, mods, and battle mechanics. Other games of the same genre may emerge to compete, but only fewer were built to compete with Borderlands.

Still, borderlands are preferred in this genre and hold millions of hearts. In the future, we may expect any new game with blasting battles, fascinating story, captivating loots, enhanced shooting, and more advanced mechanics, but this is far from reality today.

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