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Age of Empires Guide – Games like Age of Empires – Answer Diary

Age of Empire series is still the most popular Real-Time Strategy Game of all time. Read about some Games like Age of Empires to play.


The link between the stone age and iron age of Europe, Africa, and Asia is the focus of this game, Age of Empires. A history-based game with 2D Genie engine and strategy based. An Ensemble Studios game published by Xbox Game Studio.

The game starts with the genesis of the Roman Empire, and hence war begins. With over 25 million copies for sale, this game has landed at the right place in the market. Gamers who love to play strategical games and fair play, this game will fascinate you. Game critics have credited this game because of its historical concern.

What Are the top 5 Games Similar to Age of Empires to be Played in 2021?

Fans of Age of Empires, fasten your seatbelts as I will take you on a rollercoaster list of games, look-alike Age of Empires. Well, your 2021 is going to be played well if you grab these games. So here is the list:_

1- Age of Mythology:– The makers of Age of Empire hit the market with another maestro in building an army and defeating opponent civilization. A classy strategical game will be a better choice. 

2- Starcraft 2:– Second season of StarCraft series, RTS, and space-oriented game. An astronomic struggle between different species. You will get the addict to it.


3- Rise of Nations:– A huge setup comprising eight spans of the world. The main concept of this game revolves around “territory.” Cleverly attack your opponents and get advanced weapons. 

4- DomiNations:- Similar concept as was of Age of Empires. Get your tiny nation and move from the stone age to space age with the clash of clans. Isn’t it exciting?

5- Warcraft III:- A fantasized, real-time strategy game presented by Blizzard Entertainment. Train and combat your unit, search out a map, and attack your enemy.

Are there Games Similar to Age of Empires II?

Age of Empires set not only a mark in the market but left people with its charm. The second edition of this game was an HD version. There were introduced many advanced features. Here I am providing you with five similar games that will surely make you an addict.

1- Cossacks 3:- This RTS gameplay will take old age fans back to that era and a charm of newcomers. In any game, we have not seen such a combination of battle, economy, and building empires in last any game. Key features of this game are:


Have strategical genre

Includes level editor

2- NORTHWARD:– This game has different characters, unlike other strategical games. A war to take hold of the pioneering continent. This game is based on Norse mythology, in which you can have control over Vikings. Key features are: 

Allows online co-op


Online PVP

3- Stronghold 2: Steam Edition:- A game over the castle and its surroundings, crime occurrences and punishments, attacks and defending, is undoubtedly a complete package. You decide whether to treat your people or torture them for mistakes. It is your Empire, and so you have a holdover and around the castle. This game has enhanced graphics and exclusive maps that will worth playing upon castle life. Key features of this game are:

Trading cards


Steam workshop


4- Empire Earth:- This game also links old age history and its revival. A concurrent strategical game in which players have to gather resources to build and civilize their nation. Protect your Empire from rivals as well. This game has many advanced features.

These games allow its players to draw their map. You can also edit existing maps in whatever design you wish for your Empire. Another pro of this game is that it introduced the “Hero” mode. With this feature, you can set your heroes at different units to have a strong attack. Key features of this game are:

Map editor

Two types of hero mode

More attacking power

5- Tropico 6:– Another addition to nation-building games. This game’s plus point is that PlayerPlayer can develop their island and then make advancements to build it as a mighty empire. This game will take you back to the 20th century. 

What is exciting about this game is its concept does not roam around warfare and battles but problems a nation has to face? This makes the game more engaging and enjoyable. At the start, the game is relatively easy to play as your main aim is to earn money to stabilize your Empire. I highly recommend this game if you are sane in such strategical games. Key features of this game are:

Multiplayer mode

Fun to play

Easy to play


Top 5 Popular Games Like Age of Empire 3?

This part of the Age of Empires series draws a picture of the European colonization of Americans. The series’s makers made changes and innovated it by adding features like “Home City” and “role-playing.” Players appreciated this game, and you are must be one of them. You must want to play such strategical games. Here I am providing you top 10 games similar to Age of Empires.

1- Homeworld:- A space story-based game in which players have to reconstruct and reclaim their ancient homeworld. It’s up to you whether you want to be a one-person army or switch to multiplayer mode to encounter.

2- Age of Wonders III:- This game is pretty one of the older strategy games that allow you to own your kingdom. Many diplomatics and warfare situations will have to be tackled to build your Empire. Like other strategical games, this game also has a fantasy world where you have to fight against your rivalries.

3- Bad North:– Unlike the Age of Empires, bad north is relatively easy to play, but it is still strategical. The makers of this game have tricked players with soft music and anime graphics. But as you proceed, playing, it is such a brutal game. As other games need tactics for weaponry and army, this game does not restrict to less. Every land has its size, shape, and strategic advantage. This makes lousy north worth to play.

4- Etherium:– Etherium is a powerful asset that planets of this game have in abundant quantity. A game developed by Tindalos Interactives. Every Empire needs this wealth to survive, and hence the game continues. By taking control of any empire or solo/ multiplayer campaigns, players have to sustain empires by controlling odd resources.

5- American conquest:– If you are a fan of Age of Empires, then you will be its fan as well—a game with two more editions with a wide range of units. Players have to fight for the American continent with its real-time strategies. This game will take you back in history. Many factions and battles for a range of units provide your fun.

Which iPhone Game is Most Similar to Age of Empires? 

Age of Empires’ lover does not stop their hunt for strategical games. The makers of the iPhone have availed their customers by Forge of Empires: Build a city. This game has won an award and brought to the iPhone. You can also play this game on the iPad. 

The central concept of this game is quite similar to Age of Empires. The PlayerPlayer has to build his kingdom. Search for food—supply and trade your goods. Take control over newly discovered units. Make strategies to conquer your enemies. Key features of this game are:

Easy to download and free to play except for some prime features.

Build your state and evolve from the stone age to the modern age.

Highly rated game

A rewarding play

You can add other players in the new updated version.

Is There Any Game for PS4 Similar to Age of Empires?

Age of Empires is not available on ps4. But no worries at all. Railway Empire has been released for playstation4 and Xbox as well. 

So a different interface but similar strategies as we’re in the Age of Empires. In the Age of Empires, players have to own a kingdom. In this game, players build railway lines and but locomotives. These railway engines serve their people. You face difficulties in prospering your cities. Hire railway officers at different positions. Trade and make your city progress.

This game has multiple modes—a comfortable handle of operations. Start your engine. Build railway lines—strategies your economy.


Can You Play Age of Empires on Windows 10?

I have good news to tell you. Microsoft has announced the availability of Age of Empires on windows. You seem to be a big fan as you can play Age of Empires on your PC compatible with Windows 10.

Microsoft has introduced a definitive version of Age of Empires. It is a remake of the original version and its Rise of Rome expansion sequel. Microsoft has changed this version. HD graphics improved sound quality, a 4k resolution, multiplayer support, and achievements added to entertain Windows10 users.

Why does the Age of Empires 2 be Better Than its 3rd Part?

Both parts differ greatly from each other. The only similar feature is history RTSes. Both parts are best at their place. Players prefer Age of Empires 2 over Age of Empires 3. This is because 3rd one is quite a rushed one. 

People didn’t respond to good reviews for the 3rd part. Although, there is not as much difference between both. Players complain about the build limit. Age of Empires 2 does not have any limitation and rush. Age of Empires 3 lacks defense and a rushed one with a build limit.

Which Ones are the Best Civilizations of the AOE 2?

Never any game has been played for such long as Age of Empires II. Here is the list of the top 10 civilizations of Age of Empires II:_

Franks:– The most popular and ahead civilization of Age of Empires II is Franks. Franks not only progressed one but a tough competitor as well.

Slavs:– no one can guess Slavs to be so successful as these are silent assassins. Their faster workers are a plus point for Slavs.

Incas:- A local American civilization holds its position in the list. They have fewer worries regarding house building. They have a faster-towered rush.

Huns:– The most different and most played civilization of Age of Empires. Their mini and unique units of army add strength to its defensive system.

Vikings:– Vikings are tough. They get wheelbarrows and carts for free, and that suits to Vikings. I do not have a misconception about Vikings. They can lead the sea and lands.

Aztecs:- An early game civilization, which is fast at the uplifting economy. The faster building of military units, relics, and enough resources are power banks of this civilization. 

Indians:- like Aztecs, this is also one of the civilizations added to the game at the start. A knight was replaced by a camel, which proves as pros of this civilization.

Mayans:- The most favorite of players. This civilization won many battles. Their long-lasting resources helped in wins.

Berbers:- Berbers are the best choice if you want to move ahead faster. They prove best for strategies for winning the game.

Britons:- An old civilization with more focus on the military. They have a perfect archery unit. Also, their villagers gather food faster hence increase the economy faster.

Which Age from the Age of Empires is Best and Why?

The highest-ranking game of Age of Empires is Age of Empires II. People have shown a massive response to its robust community. The classy, real-time historical strategy does not seem to be old soon. It has been played for over 20 years.

It does not have to build limitations and is not rushed at all. Players are enjoying their strategic interface. Hence it makes Age of Empires II best.

What are Five Games Similar to Age for Empires for Mac Book?

It does not matter that you have mac and a fan of Age of Empires games. Programmers have introduced many looks and like games for mac users. Here is a list of alternatives to the Age of Empires. I hope that you will be satisfied and may find your desired game.

Starcraft: As the name suggests, starcraft is space interfaced. Players should have a large number of forces to tackle attacking aliens. You have enough resources to be dominated over enemies. This game has many features:

Free to play


A science-fiction game

OpenRA:- An open-sourced game developed for hardware implementation. This game will take you back to the days of RTS. Pros of this game are:




Wide lands:- A real-time strategy game. Build your roads. Boost up the economy. Order your clans. Thus the game has many campaigns with the single-player mode. Pros of this game are:

Create your tribe

Real-time strategy 

Free to play

Caesarea:- A recreation of Caesar III. This game has significant features. This game allows you to expand your city through the classical formation to modern city life. Pros of this game are:

Strategy game



MegaGlest:- This game is developed with details. While playing, you can manage one of seven faction’s armies. Each unit model has been designed with perfection. Its 3D graphics will surely entertain you while playing. Key features of this game are:


Real-time strategy 

3D graphics.


Can we Play Age of Empires on iOS?

Microsoft has revealed that new versions of Age of Empires will be available on iOS soon. Microsoft is expecting massive revenue by introducing this strategy game to iOS. Developers are working on something to provide this game both on phone and iOS. The team is also working on new development, which is announced later.

What are the Top 10 Ages of Empire’s 2 Cheats?

Here are the top 10 cheats, which you can also use in the AGE OF EMPIRES 2.

ROCK ON: It will give you 10,000 stones instantly.

Nature wonders: This cheat helps in the control of wildlife.

BLACK DEATH: Helps in the killing of all instantly

RESIGN: You will lose the game suddenly.

WOOF WOOF: Aids in the turning of hawks into flying dogs.

TO SMITHEREENS: A powerful chatty man appears

FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY: A powerful gorilla unit appeardog

 I R WINNER: You will automatically win the game.

WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY: It will instantly kill you

Aegis: It will enable the sudden build.

What are the Top 10 Ages of Empire Cheat?

Here are the top 10 cheats, which you can also use in the AGE OF UMPIRES.

1.BIGDADDY: You will get a black car with a rocket launcher.

2.PEPPERONI PIZZA: Gains 1000 points of food.

3.COINAGE: You will achieve 1000 gold.

4.QUARRY: You will get1000 stones.

5.WOODSTOCK: You earned 1000 wood.

6.UPSIDFLINTMOBILE: Faster chariot archers.

7.KILL[X]: It will automatically kill the player number [x].

8.HOYOHOYO: Clerics become faster and more robust.

9.NO FOG: Suddenly Removes the fog in the war.

10.REVEAL map: It will instantly show the map.

What are the Top 10 Asian Dynasties Mods of the age of empire 3?

The top 10 Asian dynasties mods of the age of empire 3 are here:

1.ALTERNATE SUPREMACY: This mod is like a conversion mod.

2.NAPOLEONIC ERA is a renowned, fan-made modification for Age of Empires 3. 

3.THE SECRET KEEPERS RPG: In the Land of Three Kingdoms, not all is as it seems. Behind every door is a secret; behind every happening is a hidden cause… Princess El grew up.

4.NAME AND RANK MOD: a Simple Mod that gives “Most” of the Land Military units Names and Ranks.

5.HUNDRED DAYS: Hundred Days is a total conversion mod for Age of Empires III – The Asian Dynasties. It aims to offer innovative gameplay taking place during…

6.AGE OF UMPIRES III: THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE MOD: A total conversion mod for The Ottoman Empire from a single detail to the end

7.GALACTIC CONFLICT: Age of Empires III: Galactic Conflict is a non-commercial, fan-based Star Wars themed mod under construction for Ensemble’s Studios Age of Empires III.

8.WARS OF MIDDLE EARTH: This is a clean, balanced, historical, and accurate total conversion mod for Age of Empires III 

9.HAMMERHEAD AI: The Age of Empires 3 The Asian Dynasties This AI will be mainly focussed on improving the European civs, does it play other nations?…

10.TOTAL WAR MOD: Total War is a mod for the Age of Empires, which changes the visual.

From Where Can I Download Age of Empires’ 3 Mods?

The more accurate and easy way to search it and then install it into the game. 

Click on the Mods icon.

Search for your desired mode

Click on browse more mods.

Click on Subscribe to install.

What mods are the top 10 of Age of Empires 2?

Top-rated mods of Age of Empires are listed below:

Doom episode

Thrones of Iberia

The rise of the Joseon dynasty

In the name of the serpent,

Rise of the Totonacs

Rise of Genghis Khan 


Nocturne’s ALPHA WOLF

Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship RPG CO-OP

Age of Fantasy

Is Age of Empires 2 Fun to Play?

When you play Age of Empires II, you will start believing why it is so fun. Many people have played this game. There is a vast online community of this game. It is providing a fun and strategic experience. Although it is 20 years old game, it is still popular and top-rated. Its easy building feature, graphics, and historical real-time gaming have made it fun to play.

Which Campaign of Age of Empires 2 is Challenging to Play?

The Bari campaign is considered to be the toughest to play. This campaign belongs to forgotten empires. It takes over 4 hours to cross this level. But after so much time, you may or may not be succeeded. Even the best tactics do not help you in winning. 

Can we Play any Age of Empires on the Phone?

After launching this game on Windows Phone and iOS, only castle siege can be played on android. There is only hope that this game to be played on the phone.


As you can understand from this article, we answer many questions that everyone may ask in a single post. Similar games about each type of Age of Empires 2 are also provided. Please bookmark our site if you are looking for more quality similar content about different games

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