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Florida water recipe

The Origins

The first time it was introduced in people in the United States in 1808, in the 1830s, Florida Water was an established item in the drugstores and American perfume shops. In the middle of the 19th century Robert J. Murray and David T. Lanman, located within New York, established something of a stranglehold over the product, aided mostly by European design (still used in the present) and was designed through French design firm George du Maurier. The essence of the product was an Americanised perfume, the initially, the claims for the water were primarily medical: a cure for headaches, fevers , and colds. Later, with advances in the field of chemistry and pharmacy, it was changed to perfume.

What is the reason it’s known as Florida Water?

It is not associated with the location of Disneyworld or it is not related to the Miami Dolphins and the Everglades. Florida Water, in keeping with its humble beginning claims as a remedy for almost all ailments, is named after La Florida, the home of Juan Ponce de Leon’s mythical Fountain of Youth. Murray and Lanman saw the commercial potential of a tie-in with the legend and decided to commission the bottle’s iconic artwork to show this mythical fountain.

The Ingredients

The basic ingredient is alcohol with addition of essential oils that have been dissolved. In the past, lavender was the primary scent however agua de Florida is now a blend of lemon, neroli, bergamot cloves, cinnamon rose , and orange flowers.

Florida Water and the Shaman

We have been trying to locate the product (we were enticed by the stunning bottles during an excursion to Paris) we have discovered a flourishing community of shamans located in UK. I’m sure. As I said, unexpected. Florida Water, also known as Spirit Water, proved such an immense success across the States during the 19th century. Word spread across South America, where it was adopted by the rural communities for traditional ceremonies. It is the Hambledon’s Agua de Florida is now produced in Peru. We’ve conducted our own investigation to find alternative uses for. Massage it into your temples to ease anxiety; mix it with ice and basil, then sprinkle it on windows and doors to bring joy to your new home Put 4-5 drops of it in an ice cube by your bedside and light a candle in pink and focus on your partner in love and discover the true love of your life.

Uses that aren’t as atypical…

It is possible to find this an eerie and spooky atmosphere and be better off spraying a bit around the area, spraying linens for an aroma that is fresh or for a citrus scent.

“Candy and flowers, my dear” Ellen had said time and time again, “and perhaps a book of poetry , an album or perhaps a small container or a small bottle of Florida Water are the only things that a woman can be willing to accept from an opulent gentleman. ‘


1 3/4 cups of baking soda (grocery department, bakery section)

1.25 cups of Citrus Acid (found in the hardware store or Walmart Canning Section)

2.25 cups of cornstarch (grocery department, bakery section)

One box of food coloring (grocery store)

2 bottles of oils essential to your life (health food or bath store)

2-ounce travel bottle for spritzers (can be bigger, but should limit the amount of water to 2 two ounces of water)

One baking tray (or Ice cube tray). I came across a mini-brownie “bites” pan with individually made squares, however any tray that has smaller molded shapes could work.

1-measurement cup (2plus cups are preferred)

Storage jar

1 handheld strainer (or sieve)

2 large glass bowls


Combine the baking soda and citric acid and cornstarch together in a glass bowl. Utilizing a wire strainer, put the mixture through the sieve and into a different bowl.

Fill a spray bottle 2 ounces of water and then add 6 drops food coloring.

Then, spritz with the “sieved” mixture with water and stir. It is important that the mixture be DAMP but not runny or wet. It will begin to bubble when you spray it and will then be infiltrated. It’ll look similar to wet powder. You will be able to “mold” it in your hands. Be careful not to let it get too runny. The color will be uniformly distributed. (I didn’t get to use all of the spritzing liquid.) Recommendation: Take a look at the photos of the story for a better idea on the consistency.

Incorporate the essential oil one drop at a to ensure that it smells similar to the scent you’ve selected.

Continue to spray until the mixture starts to dry out and you want to make sure that it doesn’t become wet. Incorporate 5 drops to get more intense scents (peppermint or lavender) and 6 drops for weaker smells (grapefruit as well as lemon).

Place the mold in a tray, press it firmly and allow to dry/mold for two hours.

In a jar, place the jar in and decorate.

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