Friday, May 20, 2022

Five Smart Tricks to Get Rid of Your Debt in 90 Days

Getting rid of your debt is imperative as it can be a major hindrance in your way to financial stability. Thus, you must do everything in your power to get rid of your existing debt and finally start progressing financially. 

So, are you ready to get this started? If yes, you’re in for a treat. Let me highlight a few tips and tricks that can help you dig your way out of debt. Have a look:

Accept the Situation 

How do you react in desperate situations? In times when things don’t make any sense? Especially when things are falling apart financially? People usually start ignoring stuff. They hibernate and avoid things like pending bills, going out, making friends, and more. 

If that’s the case with you, you need to make some amendments. Accept the situation and face the music. Clear off the kitchen counter and pay the pending bills immediately. If you cannot do it, simply calculate the amount that needs to be paid so that it stays in your record.

Get a Damage Report 

Do you have all your credit card bills? All the financial reports? If not, you must get them right away as they’ll help you understand where exactly you stand financially. Contact your bank and get a damage report. 

It will involve your credit history for the past few months as well as your credit card rating and behavior pattern. It’s usually free of cost unless you subscribe to the monthly report. Since we’re talking about debt issues here, I suggest you not subscribe to such reports. Avoid additional charges as much as possible.

Talk to Your Creditor 

How much is the interest fee on your debt? Is it making a considerable difference in the amount that you already owe? If yes, it’s time you renegotiate a deal with your creditor. Either talk to your creditor yourself or you can hire a professional to manage things for you. 

However, for those who are already on a budget, I don’t recommend hiring a third party for that’s an additional expense. Talking to your creditor and getting a better deal will help you manage your existing debt issues, which is what you need at the moment.

Go for a Debt Plan 

Having a debt plan is essential if you wish to come out of the entire process smoothly while still standing on your feet. A debt management plan can be the guiding light you need in such desperate situations. 

If you ask me; I suggest you go for an IVA debt plan. An IVA, aka the Individual Voluntary Agreement, is a legally binding, formal agreement between your creditor and you. It’s used to legally buy time so that you can pay back your debt at your convenience.

Create a Realistic Budget 

Last but not least, you need to put things in order in your personal life, too. You cannot achieve financial success if you keep on splurging and shopping extravagantly. Hence, creating a budget is essential. 

Also, you must be realistic when creating a budget. Calculate your earnings, know where the money goes and cut back on the additional expenses. Remember that there’s a significant difference between wants and needs. If you wish to achieve your financial goals soon, you need to stick to the needs and skip the wants for some time.

The Takeaway 

Make no mistake; achieving your financial goals is not going to be simple. You may have to make a lot of painful decisions and it won’t be easy adjusting to the new cycle of life. However, please know that consistency is the key. If you remain consistent, nothing is impossible.

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