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Everything you need to know about lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds aren’t as valuable as natural ones, but they can save you a lot of money. Plus, they help the environment. When buying from reliable stores, they are usually a safe bet. Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls and find a trustworthy retailer.

The first thing you need to know is what a man-made diamond is. A natural diamond has many characteristics, and man-made ones are just as unique. They are created from a seed of diamond grown in a lab. This seed is coated in a particular solution, transforming it into a synthetic diamond. These lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds.

Man-made diamonds are made in a laboratory. Their structure is the same as a natural diamond, and they exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. The main difference is in the process of their formation. Natural diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat, making them very rare. With cutting-edge technology, man-made diamonds are produced under the same conditions in a lab. They undergo the same grading process as natural diamonds.

Are man made diamonds worth anything?

There are two methods for producing lab-created diamonds. The first uses a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) method, and the other one uses the Chemical Vapor Deposition process.

Creating man-made diamonds is similar to developing natural diamonds, except that it takes a few days while natural ones take hundreds of years to form. It means considerably less cost involved in manufacturing lab grown diamonds (compared to mining natural diamonds). 

The process for making lab-grown diamonds is relatively new, but it’s rapidly becoming a popular method, and the quality of these stones is a big plus. They’re cheaper than natural diamonds, but they can look as stunning as natural ones. Plus, you can use colored diamonds like red or purple diamonds in your jewelry, which is nearly impossible with genuine diamonds.

Lab grown vs. Cubic Zirconia

Let’s talk about the differences between lab grown diamond vs. cubic zirconia. These gemstones are often used in jewelry, watches, and other products. The most significant difference between them is the crystalline form, which has a unique crystalline structure. A diamond is made of carbon atoms arranged in a cubic crystal structure, while cubic zirconia has zero carbon.

While lab grown diamonds are more expensive, they are still more durable. The biggest difference between them is that cubic zirconia can scratch easily, affecting the ring’s appearance and price while a real diamond can never be scratched. That is why you’ll want to avoid purchasing one unless you have the budget for a large ring. 

Another big difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia is their value. A lab-grown diamond can be twenty to forty percent less expensive than a mined diamond, which is why they’re often more affordable for consumers. And cubic zirconia jewelry is even cheaper.

Are man made diamonds real?

If you are in the market for a diamond, you are probably wondering, Are man made ones considered real diamonds? The answer is both yes and no. As earlier mentioned, they are both created using the same processes. That is why lab grown diamonds are not considered fake diamonds. However, they are not “natural.” 

A natural gemstone was formed in the Earth’s crust billions of years ago, and it is only a matter of time before a man made one. 

However, many people are starting to buy man made diamond jewelry. If you can’t afford a natural diamond ring, you can go for a manufactured diamond ring, and it will look equally spectacular. While they are artificial, they can still be a good choice if you want to get your hands on a high-quality diamond.

Wrapping up:

Lab grown diamonds can be an excellent option for those looking to save money and still get the same quality of the diamond. However, natural is more preferable in jewelry because it has more character and unique features that can’t be replicated with lab-grown stones. For instance, an emerald-cut stone will never have the same brilliance as one from nature when you compare them side by side. If your budget allows, go with a mined diamond so that your loved ones who wear this piece can enjoy all of its beauty over time. But if you’re on a tight budget or want to do something different than what everyone else does when they buy engagement rings, then look into getting some lab-grown gems instead!

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