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Emu VS Ostrich

In 1930, in a book named “The Zoo,” writer Ogden Nash expounded on an enormous, flightless bird: “The ostrich meanders the incomparable Sahara. Its mouth is wide, its neck is narra. It has such long and grandiose legs, I’m happy it sits to lay its eggs.” Nash didn’t pen a recognition for the emu, the ostrich’s flightless cousin. Had he, the sonnet may have noticed the likenesses and contrasts of these Ratite relatives. As far as biggest birds, the ostrich holds ahead of all comers, the emu, second. The emu comes from Australia and the ostrich from Africa.

The Ostrich:

Five types of ostrich exist. The normal ostrich (Struthio camelus) has according to any land creature at 2 crawls across. The ostrich can stand 4 to 9 feet tall and can gauge 140 to 320 pounds. They are enduring, with life ranges of 40 to 50 years. The birds are omnivorous. The ostrich has two toes and a paw. The male is highly contrasting in shading; the female dim brown.

In the last part of the 1800s, ostrich cultivating became famous, with plumage being the principle crop. Ostrich feathers were something major in women’s caps back then. With an adjustment of style, ostrich stow away was utilized to make quality calfskin. These days, as you have most likely perused, they are being raised for food. Ostrich meat is low in fat, however an ostrich burger can be costly, with meat on the request for $12 a pound.

The Emu:

There is one types of emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae. The emu is more limited than its ostrich cousin, coming to somewhere in the range of 5 to 6 feet tall. Emus likewise weigh less; they can go in size from 40 to 132 pounds. An emu has three toes. Emus live simply around 10 to 20 years. Emu chicks bring forth with stripes. They become chocolate brown and, in 12 to 14 months, both male and female emus have indigo-hued feathers.


Emus and ostriches are polygamous in an unexpected way. Female emus mate with a male, lay eggs, and afterward leave that male, who broods and really focuses on posterity. The female then, at that point mates with another male. Male ostriches battle to make an array of mistresses of five to seven females. Eggs are laid in shared homes. Emu and ostrich chicks are precocial, which means they incubate with down quills and open eyes, and leave the home in merely days.

Fun Realities:

Ostriches and emus are expedient animals. An emu can run 25 mph and run at 30 mph. Ostriches can approach 42 miles each hour. Ostrich races, with riders on the birds’ backs, are as yet mainstream. The two birds lay huge eggs; the ostrich lays the biggest of any bird. Ostrich eggs are white, almost 6 inches long and weigh very nearly 3 pounds. Emus lay greenish-blue eggs weighing about a pound.


Emus are the second biggest birds on the planet and the biggest birds local to Australia. Ostrich is the biggest bird on the planet by stature and a local of Africa.

The emu have profound earthy colored quills and by and large is undeniably challenging to recognize the male and female of the species. Nonetheless, during the mating season the emu hens develop dark quills on the head and the exposed skin on the head becomes blue. The male and female ostriches then again have distinctive shaded plumes. The male ostriches have dark plumes with white on the wings and tails while the females have dim earthy colored quills.

The Emu has extremely impressive legs with three toes which permit it to run at speed of upto 30 mph. The feet are supposed to be sufficiently able to kill a human. The Ostrich has amazingly impressive legs with two toes that are planned in a way to empower it to run at paces of upto 40 mph. The ostrich additionally have especially enormous eyes according to their heads. Indeed they are said to have the biggest eyes among the land vertebrates.

The Emu is broadly cultivated now for its meat, oil and cowhide. This oil is produced using emu fat. The ostrich is likewise cultivated broadly yet chiefly for its quills. The delicate quills are in incredible interest for making dusters just as enhancing things. The ostrich meat and cowhide is likewise promoted.

The emus structure sets during the mating season and will remain together for around five months. After the female has laid her eggs they become the obligation of the guys and the guys brood them while turning them upto 10 times each day. During this time of brooding the guys don’t move out of the home and doesn’t eat or drink for the whole hatching time of 56 days. The chicks stay with the dads for the initial five to a half year and around similar region for the initial two years. The ostrich male would for the most part assume control more than six to seven females during the reproducing time frame. Every one of the females in the gathering lay their eggs in a similar home. The predominant female lays her eggs first. The eggs are brooded by the guys and the females in turns with the females during the day and guys during the evening. This gives a characteristic cover to the home with the females mixing in the ground and the guys dark shading mixing in the evening. The guys safeguard the hatchlings and help them to take care of, in any case, not very many endure the hunters.


1.Emus are the second biggest birds local to Australia while Ostrich is biggest bird local to Africa.

2.Emus have profound earthy colored plumes with it being extremely challenging to recognize the guys and females besides during mating season while the ostrich guys have high contrast and females have earthy colored quills.

3.Emus have three toes with velocities of upto 30 MPH while ostrich has two toes and rates of upto 40 MPH.

4.Emus are cultivated for their oil, meat and cowhide while ostriches are cultivated for their plumes meat and calfskin.

5.Emus sets for mating however the hatching and raising the chicks is finished by the guys alone. The ostriches structure bunches with every male have six to seven females and the hatching is finished by them reciprocally.

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