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Drug Testing: Here Are Some Amazing Benefits You Should Know

Before getting to the benefits of drug testing, you must know what drug testing is. Drug testing mainly looks for the presence of any prescription or illegal drugs in your blood, urine, hair, saliva, or sweat. The most common type of drug testing includes urine testing. It is often tested for drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opioids, steroids, etc. This type of testing is done in a workplace organization, legal or forensic purposes, and sports organizations and for monitoring the use of opioids. 

Illicit drug use severely hinders a person’s ability to function and, in many situations, can lead to long-term addiction or regular usage. Because of the heightened danger of on-the-job accidents and injuries, illegal drug use poses a particularly significant risk for persons at work. If you exhibit signs or symptoms of drug misuse, your doctor may recommend taking a drug test. A drug test may be necessary as a condition of employment or as part of a police investigation or participation in organized sports or court proceedings. Read on to learn how drug testing can prove to be a boon for you.

Promotes Safety of the People While Increasing Their Productivity

The use of drugs at any place can have many unwanted adverse effects on your safety and wellbeing. These negative impacts may include impaired decision-making, increased accident rate, and reduced reaction time. As a result, all these can affect your overall performance. When people drink or take drugs at work, their judgment is impaired, and they are twice as likely to have an accident. Only those individuals can operate heavy machinery or handle sensitive information, not using or abusing drugs.

It has also been noticed that illicit drug use can reduce or hamper the user’s productivity, resulting in absenteeism and low morale. In this regard, the concept of drug testing programs such as a breath test can prove highly beneficial to your wellbeing. As mandated by Federal Regulation Alcohol Breath Testing 49 CFR Part 40, breath alcohol tests are done using a DOT authorized breathalyzer that measures breath alcohol to three decimal points. It will bring about awareness among the drug users, enhance their productivity and reduce absenteeism to perform their tasks better. 

Random Drug Testing Can be Beneficial

This is where an exciting fact lies. The deterrent impact of a random drug test is evident. Still, many people don’t realize that the testing frequency does not affect the advantages of a random drug and alcohol test policy. In one study, occupational groups that were randomly examined had much lower accident rates than those who were not evaluated, regardless of the frequency of the tests.

As it turns out, you can get the benefits of randomized drug testing without having to pay for it regularly. The fear of a future random test seems to have an equally beneficial impact on testing the staff.

The survey also discovered that white-collar professionals and technical and operations staff had a higher favorable influence. Furthermore, the Meta study found that continued random drug testing reduced total drug-positive findings from 13.6 percent of the workforce in 1988 to 4.4 percent in 2016.

Safeguards the Reputation of an Organization

Drug testing is extremely helpful in safeguarding the reputation of an organization. Wondering how? Various lawsuits have significantly increased, mainly because of wrongful conduct, termination, or another incident. These cases become a significant burden on various organizations financially and eventually can put the organization’s reputation at risk.

A proper and comprehensive drug testing can help vet people suitable for the organization. However, you can also do suspicion drug testing if you feel that a particular employee, sportsperson, or any other such individual is under the influence of drugs. Certain protocols and training must be followed to test these individuals and take the required action without putting the organization’s reputation at legal risks.


Drug Testing Enables Screening Drugs Users Before Hiring Them

Specific organizations, especially sports centers, companies, hospitals, are obliged to conduct drug testing, if needed, to prevent any future complications. Pre-employment drug testing can be helpful because it is always better to incur the drug testing cost before hiring an individual than to face the potential cost of dealing with any drug user later after employment. Hence, it is good to screen the individuals before hiring them.

You must be already aware that medical costs are often higher for those individuals who have alcohol or drug problems. Regular testing can help to avoid such unnecessary compensation claims.

Reduces Unnecessary Conflict Or Increase Health Risks

Drug addicts, especially those using stimulant substances like ice or cocaine, tend to be a little more violent. The organization will identify and deal with drug-abusing personnel before any episodes of conflict or violence occur if a drug testing program is implemented.

Drug usage has a lot of negative consequences for one’s health. The deterrent impact of workplace drug testing and employee education on these health dangers can considerably contribute to a healthy workplace.

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Final Note

Drug testing has various benefits for every company, regardless of the sector, as the testing proponents promote safety and productivity benefits. If your organization does not have a drug-testing program already, you must plan and execute one immediately for the welfare of the staff and the company itself. And make sure to hire an expert with ample satisfied clients to ensure both the testing and result are accurate.

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