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30 Popular Dog Type Pokemon In Whole Series – Answer Diary

There are a lot of different Pokemon looks like dogs and similar features. We just collect some popular “Dog Pokemon” and rank them for you.


There is no need to explain about Pokemon Games again and again. Most players who like to play games already know about this popular game series of all time. You can also read a Pokemon Guide on our site that explains and answers many questions about it already.

Pokemon series lovers already know everything about a large number of different types of creatures in this game. Dogs like creatures are trendy, and you can find them in almost every game. They are friends with humans, and features may look very similar to real-life animals.

You can find almost all available Dogs like Pokemon in-universe for trainers to choose and play in this list. The list is created based on best Dog Pokemon to worse, based on skills, powers, and different abilities. Don’t even think that these dogs’ Pokemon are just like regular life animals; their skills and capabilities can scare you.

What are 30 Popular Dog Pokemon of all Time?

Below is the list of different Dog Poekmosn; you can see a clear difference when reading. Some of these are perfectly look like dogs; others are added because of their abilities like dogs.


Braixen Dog Pokemon

The best part of the Fennekin Evolutionary line, not too much like dog or human. One of the best Pokemon when it comes to the adorable type. You can call it fox-like Dog style in our list of top “Dog Pokemon.” Unlike some other Pokemon of same type, it looks very innocent. You can consider it like a personal pet in your home, easy to control.



Another cool fox-like Pokemon is included in our list because of its Dog-related features. It is designed to look like European foxes, making it different from all other varieties created based on Japanese style. Dark-type Pokemon, suitable for everyone who loves peace, quiet, moving around without making any sound at all.

It’s just new to series introduced in 8th generation mostly use for stealing food. But you must know that most players don’t like it much compared to all other giants dog-type Pokemon already available. Overall, you will surely love this fox-like Pokemon chosen as part of our amazing list.



You may wonder why we include a lot of fox-like Pokemon as part of this list? It’s important to understand that all of these are added here because of their dog-like features. They may look like a fox, but it’s a lot different when you play them.

There is one unique ability as part of Thievul; it’s strong against all other enemies compare to other Pokemon. You can consider it a particular war machine, better against all other Pokemon when fighting the same type.


Suicune Dog Pokemon

If you want to see a monster dog, this is your chance to look at this awesome Pokemon. In our opinion, you can consider it better than some wolves too. It’s also available on the Pokémon Crystal game cover, showing its importance and how much the creator invested in it.

If you look at the image, you may consider it some kind of bloody monster. But most states of this Pokemon are just based on defense only. You can mess with it; some attacking abilities can harm everyone badly.

Galarian Zigzagoon

Galarian Zigzagoon

Galatian Zigzagoon is part of this list because he mostly loves to pick fights with everyone. But it is not a dog; in reality, it mostly looks like a raccoon. People like this cute Pokemon because of its behavior like a pretty dog. If we try to rank Dog Pokemon because of their beauty, it’s one of the best and surely will win this competition.



One of the best fire type Pokemon, Vulpix looks weird. You may not be able to understand what this one more looks like? Some people may consider it more like the fox; others may think it’s a dog of some kind. Behaviour is also weird; it looks like in attacking mode & also very calm, sometimes like innocent kids.


Lillipup Dog Pokemon

Lillipup is considered the cutest puppy in the whole world of Pokemon. Best for dog lovers and favorite by millions of players. It includes different abilities that can shock you, like Lillipup can fight with any strong enemy whenever possible.

Please don’t consider it very weak because of its small size; it can also pick up many different gifts when walking on the way. You can also find a mini-guide about Lillipup Evolution below.



For everyone looking for an almost real dog in the Pokemon world, Herdier is one of the best choices for you. It’s very popular and available in the Kalos region. Like the real world, it’s very loyal to humans from the start of creation in the world of Pokemon. Herdier is Very easy to train and use whenever possible by trainers.



Stoutland is an evolutionary form of Herdier with many different abilities, making it better than normal dogs style in the Pokemon world. This new form looks like a scary monster, proving how evolution can turn an average dog into something crazy.

In some regions, this Pokemon become very popular and loved by almost every trainer. You must know about its ability to rescue and help humans is really at the highest level.



Bound is more like tigers with an appearance similar to a dog, trendy in the Galar region. Extreme, impressive height, it can defend its trainer very well. You may never see any other Pokemon with this level of speed to cover a very long distance without facing any trouble. Its new electric type strong Dog Pokemon, which you may never see before in previous generations.


Yamper Dog Pokemon

When you look at images of this Pokemon Yamper, You may see one of the very innocent faithful dogs ever created in Pokemon World. Useless when fighting, it has the charm of too many different puppies. If you need a powerful killing war machine, this one is not for you at all.



In Pokémon Shield, Zamazenta is considered a hero because of its legend, which everyone connects with it. You may never see any other Pokemon, this much robust and wolf-like creature with different abilities that can surprise you. It’s not just good for defense, but attacking skills are also compelling.



Zacian is a wolf holding sword, ready to fight at all times. Its ability to defend is incredible, too. As you can look at the image, it’s a scary monster favorite of almost all trainers. You may know that this one is popular among players, but every trainer considers them the best weapon when fighting.



Dark color unique dog style Pokemon is Zorua. You can use it to prank other people, like sending it first when the fighting starts. Others will surely make fun of you, consider that you have a fragile team, and surprise them with others. Many trainers love this one; even though they don’t like weakness, it useless against others.



Commonly known as Illusion Fox Pokémon, Zoroark looks like Zorua. If you don’t like small pranks, this one can make your day—almost all similar abilities to the previous Pokemon in our list, but on a large scale. Impressive attack and speed are an essential part of this type of Pokemon.



Growlithe looks very awesome because of its design and nature, loved by almost every trainer. It’s just like another puppy-styled monsters which you will love to play with. A great sense of smell and loyalty make them police dogs in the Pokémon universe. If you look at them from far away, you may consider them kids of a tiger because of their design.


Arcanine Dog Pokemon

If you want to turn battle in your favor, train Growlithe, the most powerful dog monster Pokemon. A lot of essential stats provide every trainer advantage in-game against everyone who tries to win. Growlithe is another pokemon you can consider as a police dog in-game.


Dog Pokemon

Rockruff is a mixed breed of dogs, and the Japanese fox looks cool because of its excellent design. You can use it because of winning battles, but this is the perfect choice for those who focus on beauty and looks. As per the picture, you may consider it a very cool puppy, attractive if you like dogs.


Smeargle Dog Pokemon

Commonly known as Painter Pokémon, Smeargle is just created like a dog in Pokemon. When you look at this creature, you may think it’s not a dog, but you will find why it’s added to our list if you look closely.



When you look at Electrike, it’s clear that the designer may be out of options when creating something unique. Strange looks like something crazy; Electrike is more like a monster than a just dog. Color is not just suitable if you look at this wild dog like a monster, making it worse.



Famous as discharge Pokémon, able to control its abilities but looks furious monster. Manectric is weird when you try to look at its shape, style, and how it works around. Its evolution version of Electrike, best because of new color better than ugly green. If you love ugly dogs, choose Electrike; if you love little less but still ugly, choose Manectric.


Poochyena Dog Pokemon

Poochyena is the most famous dog-type Pokemon in generation 3, which you may love. After looking at this creature, you may think it’s some animal that’s just waiting to attack you. It’s just scary and ready to bite at whenever you through on its side.


Mightyena Dog Pokemon

Mightyena is an evolutionary form of Poochyena that will auto turn after you spend enough time with it. After this process, you can consider your life safer and better. It can quickly drop any enemy attack stats when hit to the war ground.

Consider it specially build for fighting with others; you may not see any other better choice for top Dog Pokemon. These are just effective against everyone come to their way in battleground.



Zigzagoon is mostly like raccoons, but we can’t see them acting like one. The only reason to add them to our list is their behavior closer to dogs compare to raccoons. Looks very cute; two different color lines make them very beautiful. Even they are good at the fight; they can consider as proud of the whole franchise.



What may you people feel after looking at the above picture? It’s not likely to be considered as a dog, but in our opinion, it’s just an innocent pink dog. It looks very ugly when you see it from the front, but it is not that much bad at all.


Granbull Dog Pokemon

Granbul mostly looks like a machine dog because of its body style and appearance. You may never want to mess up with this kind of dog at all. Best in battles against others when it comes to fighting against any other type of Pokemon.

Very favorite of trainers who like how much it healthy and good at battle. Unfortunately, it’s a coward Pokemon sometimes if the situation gets worse. That’s trust sometimes; try it with the worse situation and get disappointed.



Perfect average type Dog, which is very popular among different players of Pokemon. It looks ugly, dangerous, and dog-like giant monster in any Pokemon game. But very useful to protect its trainer when things get very ugly sometimes.



You must know about the different features and abilities of Houndour that make it weird at some point. The black color makes it look scary in a little dark; the angry face can tell how much it’s ready to fight with almost everyone. If you need a right guard, this is one of the best choices for you to make in the whole Pokemon series.



Now we are finally talking about real-life dogs, which you can see similar to any dog around you. Houndour is very dangerous, deadly, with an evolution making it more worse for enemies. Nobody can dare to fight with this level of the creature in one on one fight easily.



Did you ever hear of the term King of dogs in your whole life? This is what you are looking at right now; Entei fulfills all requirements to be one of the kings. Speed and attacking ability will destroy any enemy on the battlefield in no time.

Hard to train because not easy to control by everyone at all. You may never see any dog-like monster in your life or anywhere in all Pokemon games ever created. Consider it legendary Pokemon of all time for the Pokemon world.

What is Introduction to Wolf Pokemon?

Lycanroc is a very popular Rock-type Pokemon, which is also famous as Wolf Pokemon. There are three different forms available for this special Pokemon. One is midday, and the other 2 are midnight, including Sun & Moon.

Abilities, powers, and also style changes with each form when you play it. It was introduced in generation 7 and has already become popular because of its shapes, abilities, and superpowers.

How do You explain Lillipup Evolution?

Lillipup is very small, easy to raise Pokemon loved by trainers. But it’s not about abilities, powers, and other info about Lillipup. But their evolution is different from all others and turns small innocent Pokemon into fantastic creatures.

Herdier and Stoutland are two different forms after the revolution of Lillipup. You can find it unique and relaxed when playing a game with this Pokemon. Of course, it will cost something whenever you try to process from one form to the next level. But trust me, you will feel scared after looking at evolution forms of this simple & easy Pokemon. 

What is Introduction to Poodle Pokemon?

The poodle is a standard type of Pokemon that turns into stylish form with growing. There are a lot of different styles available for this Pokemon, which everyone can access with time. It’s very loyal to the trainer, but you can’t evolve it into something better. Unlike other Pokemon in different games available in this series, you can change the poodle styles because of no evolution process.

What is Introduction to Puppy Pokemon?

Lillipup is also known as Puppy Pokemon in the series. A lot of details about this Pokemon have been explained above. Much information on the Evolution of this special Pokemon is also provided for you in another question.

Is Eevee a Dog?

Eevee is a peculiar kind of Pokemon in series, sharing traits with the dog, foxes, cats, and similar animals. Strange shape, ability to transform into many other fantastic Pokemon make it one of the craziest Pokemon of all time.

Some players consider it Dog-like Pokemon, but it shares most part from Fox, making it different from dogs. In simple words, it includes features from too many different types of Pokemons and makes it confusing Pokemon in the whole series.

What is Introduction to Racoon Pokemon?

Zigzagoon is Racoon like Pokemon with a fantastic-looking zigzag-type pattern on the body. It includes cream and brown fur, making it look better, more stylish compared to other Pokemon of the same type.

What is Introduction to Bulldog Pokemon?

Snubbull is a suitable type of Pokemon from generation 2 to evolve into something different after 23 levels. It has powerful Jaws with a lot of features making it perfect compare to other similar Pokemons. It mostly looks like anime. That’s why you can consider it the most favorite by anime lovers.

How do You explain Herdier Evolution in Few Words?

It evolves into Stoutland, and you can read more details about it above in Lillipup Evolution. Consider it as one of the weak Pokemon when it comes to fighting. You cant trust this type of Pokemon to fight, and most trainers may not like it for many reasons. 

What is Introduction to Canine Pokemon?

Canine Pokemon is another name for Dog Pokemon. You can consider almost all dog-like Pokemon as Canine too. This article on fandom Post is also written on the same topic. 

What is Introduction to Hyena Pokemon?

Mightyena is dark type Pokemon based on the hyena. It mostly lives in the dark and looks ugly sometimes for most players. You can easily find out when it’s going to attack because of its weird signals before the attack. But if the trainer is experienced, they can use it for any purpose because they never betray & stay loyal after training is completed.

What is Introduction to Terrier Pokemon?

Terrier is a type of dog not just available in the Pokemon world but real too. You can find some Pokemon, which you can consider as the best Terrier Type Pokemon. Bull terrier is most difficult to catch Pokemon in the whole series. 

How do You explain Snubbull Evolution?

Snubbull is pink bulldog type Pokemon with, most powerful jaws and looks dangerous too. Process of evolution is also available, which turns it into Granbull Pokemon. Snubbull must reach level 23 to start this process. But after reaching the next level, it also becomes more scary and dangerous compare to the normal style.

What is Introduction to Pug Pokemon?

Pug Pokemon is also another Dog type of Pokemon available in the series. But you cant find it very common and too many people do not love it. Information about it is also rare to find because it’s incomplete.

How do You explain Stoutland Evolution?

Stoutland Evolution is not possible because Stoutland comes from other Pokemon and its final form of evolution. You must read about “Lillipup Evolution,” which explains this process.


Pokemon Universe is not much different from our world. But they have too many different kinds of animals that you can find more funny or exciting than real life. They have powers, always ready to fight, and understand some of them in this article.

Only popular, useful Dog Pokemon are chosen for you. Consider it one of the best lists created on the same topic, which you may never see before. Unlike other articles, we already explained some other related questions in this post too. You must share this article anywhere possible with friends and family, those who love Pokemon.

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