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Does Your College Apartment Smell? Here is What You Need to Know

Living in a college apartment can be stressful, especially when you have to share the space with other people. And if the area is clumped up and you use it quite often, then at some point, your apartment will have a bad smell. It could be as a result of anything such as unattended laundry or dishes, unkempt shoes, remnants, or insufficient aeration. You can always get south san Francisco apartments easily online by visiting trusted real estate services.

After realizing that your apartment is stuffy, the initial reaction would be to crack open a window and tidy up the surroundings. You might even make an effort to clean the toilet bowl. But even after attending to the dirty clothes and piling dishes you’re always ignoring; the smell may not be entirely gone.

Ridding a college apartment of an annoying stench requires more than just tidying up the space. To get ahead of the issue, you will have to:

  • Tidy up the apartment and discard garbage and leftovers regularly
  • Aerate the apartment
  • Get some plants
  • Use scented candles
  • Use essential oils
  • Spray air fresheners regularly

Incorporating some of these hacks into your daily routine will help eliminate the unwanted stench from a living space. However, it is worth noting that some methods last longer than others; therefore, it is best to combine at least two tips to have long-lasting results.

Clean Up Regularly

By now, you already know that your apartment smells awful after neglecting your laundry, dishes, or shoes. Therefore, cleaning up often will help deal with the smell issue. For example, you can ensure that you wash the dishes as soon as you are done eating. Besides, wash your dirty clothes and discard trash every week. In doing so, you’ll realize that the apartment stays fresh for a long.

Aerate the Apartment

Poor aeration is another reason why your apartment could be smelling. If you have tiny windows or don’t open up quite often, your living space may start giving off a stench. The reason behind this is poor-to-no air movement that causes stuffiness. If you live in modern college apartments with big windows, such as HQ apartments, you’ll have an easier time aerating your room. If not, you can get a fan to help you deal with the issue.

Use Scented Candles

Although the effects of candles are short-lived, they do a pretty good job of ridding your apartment of the bad smell. Candles are an inexpensive way of adding a scent to your room. It is a great way of switching things since you can find candles of different sizes, shapes, and fragrances. They add an appeal to your living space with much effort. However, you should ensure that you abide by the set rules regarding the use of open flames in your college apartment. Therefore, you should go for other options if you cannot have candles in the rooms.

Use Air Fresheners

Using air fresheners is another way of changing the narrative in your apartment. A small spray will help get rid of the stench while adding a fresh aroma to the air. In addition, it will help take care of any remaining odors after cleaning up your room.

However, there are a lot of concerns over the use of aerosol air fresheners, such as the presence of toxins and other volatile organic compounds. These substances endanger your health. It is quite hard to determine which sprays are chemical-free. Besides, air fresheners affect breathing in some people especially those who have asthma or other respiratory diseases. Due to all these risks associated, some people prefer to use different ways to freshen up their apartments.

Using Essential Oils

If you are wondering what else you could use that’s safe for your health, then you’ve got your answer; Essential Oils. And the good thing is that they eliminate odors effectively. They are made by extracting or cold pressing plants to get the scent. They represent the plant’s essence, thus the essential oils.

The good thing about essential oils is that they do more than freshen up your room. Studies show that they have excellent psychological benefits such as reducing migraines, stress and improving concentration. So, they are a healthy and wise option for you.

A crumped-up area is likely to give off some stench. Therefore, you should make an effort to tidy up and aerate the space more often. You can also use other methods such as air fresheners, essential oils, or scented candles to freshen up your environment.

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