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Does RAM Play an Important Role in Smartphones?

You may already be well-versed with the doctrine that a smartphone with more RAM inevitably outperforms one with a lesser RAM capacity. However, it is quite important for us to try and debunk the core logic hidden in this popular saying.

We can begin by briefly outlining the significance of RAM or Random Access Memory for a smartphone model and how it can contribute towards the enhanced processing power of a device. RAM is a crucial hardware component that acts as an advanced storage space for your smartphone but is much faster than the normal internal storage of the device. A smartphone’s processor generally accesses data from the RAM rather than the internal storage of the device, owing to its speed.

If you like running multiple apps on your smartphone, then you ought to know that this is made possible because of the RAM capacity of the device. RAM lets you access multiple apps simultaneously without having to switch them off completely when you alternate between them. Basically, RAM allows you to pick up where you left off when switching between apps. This helps make the experience of using a smartphone fast and lag-free. Moreover, in an Android smartphone, games and apps are kept in a ready-to-use state by the RAM.

However, it is equally seminal to note that to avail of such a smooth multitasking experience, you need to have a smartphone model that features adequate RAM. In case RAM is limited, you are likely to encounter delays when trying to access multiple apps on your device. Generally, a RAM capacity of 4GB is considered quite standard for fulfilling the basic smartphone user’s needs. Nonetheless, if you are an avid gamer, then you may end up needing up to 12GB RAM.

If you are wondering which models offer the best RAM within an affordable price point, worry not, for we have categorized the best smartphone models according to their corresponding RAM capacities.

  1. 3GB RAM

Although a smartphone model with 3GB RAM may seem inconsequential at first, it may not be such a bad idea for people who like to sparingly use their mobile devices. The OPPO A15 (32 GB) is one of the top models currently dominating the list of the best phones under 15000 in India. If you are worried about the performance of the smartphone given its limited RAM capacity, you don’t have to worry, because the device operates on a powerful MediaTek Helio octa-core processor. Furthermore, it comes loaded with several other tempting specifications and features like a 32GB storage space that can be extended up to 256GB, a triple rear camera setup with a respectable pixel resolution and long-lasting battery life. All in all, this is the best device for you if you are someone who does not engage in a lot of multitasking.

  1. 4GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy A21s (64 GB) is one of the best smartphones under 30,000 INR with 4GB RAM currently dominating the Indian market. With its quad-camera setup, this budget smartphone not only shines in the RAM category but also manages to steal the show in terms of boosting the user’s photography skills. The 5000mAh battery capacity of the device allows users to capture and store picture-perfect moments without having to worry about charging their phones. The standard 4GB RAM capacity makes this model suitable for casual social media browsing, streaming videos and music and other lighter tasks. However, this device may not be well suited for most gamers, since the limited RAM capacity does nothing to make their gaming experience lag-free and smooth. Samsung has paid attention to this detail and launched a 6GB version of the same model for users who multitask more ardently. Get this best phone under 15,000 in India with further discounts and offers at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase the device on No Cost EMI.

  1. 6 GB RAM

If you crave an uninterrupted browsing experience, then the vivo Y20G (128 GB) model is the ideal option for you. With a RAM capacity of 6GB, you get to do it all, simultaneously and seamlessly. Open multiple tabs, browse through all your social media channels and stream as many videos as you like with this 6GB RAM smartphone. The MediaTek Helio G80 processor of the device computes data instantaneously from the spacious RAM, making multitasking as smooth as ever. This model comes jam-packed with several other formidable features like a triple rear camera setup, 5000mAh battery, 128GB of internal storage space and a crystal clear display. This stylish and trendy model is no doubt one of the ace contenders for the ‘best smartphones under 30,000’ title.

  1. 8GB RAM

The Mi 10i (128 GB) model has revolutionized the market with its 8GB RAM capacity. This enhanced RAM capacity undoubtedly allows the model to deliver unmatched performance to its users. As one of the most premium models from the house of Mi, this smartphone features only the best of the best. Along with this coveted RAM capacity, the model also packs a formidable 108MP rear and 16MP front camera setup. Now you can simultaneously capture, edit and share all your picture-perfect moments with the world, owing to the powerful 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor of this model. If you were looking for the best smartphone under 30,000 INR enabled with 5G connectivity, then this model is just what you need.

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