Wednesday, October 5, 2022

DIY Tips to Declutter Your House

Have you ever wondered why you’re constantly procrastinating when it comes to decluttering and tidying up? It’s simple: clutter makes us lazy and unproductive by zapping our energies with visual pollution and disarray. A heavily cluttered and chaotic environment gives rise to mental chaos, diminishing our energy levels and life quality. Read more about local movers near me

Are you tired of your messy desk, cluttered kitchen, disorganized living room, and tripping over stray toys scattered around the house? It would help if you reinvented your lifestyle, and decluttering your home is the first step to initiate this life-changing process. Eliminating all the clutter and chaos will help you create a home for your belongings and implement an efficient organizational system.

When we give homes to all our belongings, nothing will venture out of its place and create clutter for you to clean up. That’s the most straightforward approach to maintaining a decluttered and tidy home. Keep reading to explore some easy DIY tips to transform your abode into a well-organized home.

Stop Using Living Spaces as Storage Spaces

Have you turned the garage, attic, and basement into your storage rooms for unwanted items, broken appliances, and discarded furniture? You’re not alone because most homeowners waste precious square footage on storing items they don’t need or use. We all carry the burden of inherited belongings, family heirlooms, old appliances, and furniture we no longer need.

Why not unload this burden at a nearby storage facility that allows easy access, retrieval, and robust security? Google can help you round up the best storage facilities in your area and choose the right fit for your needs. Suppose you’re looking for a climate-controlled storage unit in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. In that case, use the keywords “storage Corpus Christi” for a location-based search to find storage companies in your area.

After evaluating the digital presence and client reviews, you can streamline your options and schedule in-person visits. Keywords and location matter significantly as they ensure Google’s crawlers provide results that align with your search intentions. Be sure to examine the security protocols, compare rates, and check the amenities before finalizing your storage unit. Given the notorious Texan heat and humidity spells, renting a temperature-controlled unit to protect your belongings against the elements is wise.

Most homeowners believe that dumping their unwanted belongings in their garage is more affordable than renting a storage unit. Ask yourself, how is the garage adding value to your lifestyle by holding furniture and appliances you don’t need? It isn’t; it’s denying you access to the square footage you paid off after tackling the overwhelming burdens of homeownership.

Imagine repurposing the garage as a fitness studio, tool shed, or indoor-outdoor playroom for your kids. Such repurposing will elevate your life quality, turning the garage into a functional living space that supports your life quality.

Undertake a DIY Shelving Project

Do you feel the need for an elaborate pantry to free up the kitchen counters and eliminate the chaos? Or perhaps, you’re struggling to make room for your books, and you can’t add a bookshelf to your living spaces? Either way, we recommend you undertake a DIY shelving project to avoid using floor space and make the most of your walls.

Wall-mounted storage solutions are the best strategy to maximize storage space without cramping the floor space or stuffing rooms with furniture. Suppose you have a cramped kitchen that can’t hold shelves and fixtures. In that case, a wall-mounted pantry is just what you need to organize your ingredients, kitchenware, and essentials.

You can create wall-mounted shelves, floating racks, and DIY cabinets anywhere in your house to add more storage space. We advise adding a shelving unit to every room to organize the clutter by giving your belongings a designated home. A quick trip to Target or Home Depot will help you streamline all the tools and raw materials needed for this project.

This project won’t take much time or effort if you’re comfortable with a toolkit and some elbow grease. To create a shelving unit that aligns beautifully with your interior aesthetics, you can explore numerous ideas and inspirations. Most homeowners enjoy rustic wooden shelves’ eclectic, countryside appeal, while others prefer clean, symmetrical lines.

Buy Efficient & Affordable Storage Solutions

Do you have multi-tier baskets and rotatable shelves to hold multiple items without taking too much space? Do you have rattan baskets and foldable storage bags to keep dirty laundry, seasonal clothes, and bedding?

Storage solutions are definite must-haves to store multiple items without covering the floors with numerous furniture pieces. For instance, a multi-tier basket will organize your kitchen by absorbing the clutter on the counters and kitchen island. It will store all food ingredients, kitchenware items, utensils, and other items that crowd up your space. Adding a multi-tier basket or a rotatable shelf to your makeup station will work wonders at organizing your vanity.

Rattan baskets are a great storage tool to organize the entryway and eliminate the clutter undermining the aesthetic appeal of the entrance. These storage solutions don’t cost much, but they offer a wealth of utility for decluttering and organizing your home.

Sell your Clutter at a Yard Sale

Have you ever considered raising money by selling off clothing, appliances, furniture, and rugs you no longer use? It’s a fabulous idea, especially if you plan a home renovation, hair transformation, or wardrobe upgrade. If you plan it strategically, you can host a successful yard sale and raise a substantial amount of cash. Are you wondering, why shouldn’t I take the online route and sell my stuff on eBay or Instagram?

Online selling is a viable strategy as long as you have the time and energy to manage social media marketing and logistics. Hosting a yard sale is simpler, as you simply have to distribute flyers, stack your clutter outside, and make some lemonade. Once the crowds start pouring and buying your clutter, your job is done, and you can sit back and count the dollars.

Start by buying several cardboard boxes for unwanted clothing, furniture pieces, fixtures, decoratives, books, etc. Then, you can set up some tables and organize the items outdoor to create an exhibition-like setting. Spread the word across your neighborhood by distributing flyers or posting on the local social media community.  

Final Thoughts

Every homeowner has a unique system of organizing and storing items, and there is no one-fits-all solution. You have to work with the square footage and space available to you to make the most of your living spaces. Decluttering may seem overwhelming, but it gets easier and rewarding once you get started.