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Difference between Cisco CCENT and CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+ and Cisco CCENT are two of the most popular entry-level certifications for those who want to enter the networking industry.

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What is the CompTIA?

There is a non-profit trade organization called CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), which was founded in 1982. The IT certifications offered by the organization are vendor-neutral. The Association of Better Computer Dealers was initially named as the Association of Better Computer Dealers, but the name was later altered to better represent the company’s evolving role in the computer business.

These issues were ultimately added to the organization’s repertoire as the company grew. In 2010, CompTIA Network+ Certification started the “Creating IT Futures” initiative, which provides IT training to low-income persons and veterans returning from military service.

CompTIA presently offers the following certifications:

  • A+ certification
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • CASP
  • Server+
  • CTT+
  • CDIA+
  • Linux+
  • Project+
  • CTP+
  • PDI+
  • Storage+
  • Cloud Essentials

What is CISCO?

CISCO is an American corporation based in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures, and sells network equipment, including routers and switches. In 1984, it was known as CISCO Systems, and today it is the world’s largest networking corporation. After going public in 1990, CISCO became the world’s most valuable firm, with a market capitalization of more than $500 billion by the year 2000.

CISCOS focuses on small businesses, homes, enterprises, and service providers as its primary customer base. the following CISCO goods and services:

Itemized inventory of the data center

  • Routers.
  • Surveillance gear
  • Switches that use catalysts
  • Internet access from afar
  • WLAN (wireless local area network) goods
  • Phone systems
  • Internet Protocol (IP) phones
  • WAAS is an acronym for the World Anti-Al (Wide Area Application Service)
  • IRIS (Cisco Internet Routing in Space)
  • Nexus and IOS-RX operating systems are examples of this category.
  • Connectivity from afar
  • As well as many other things, such as telephony

Understanding the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCENT) certification

CISCO CCENT is the first of two tests that must be passed before a student may receive their CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate). ICND1 is the exam for the CISCO CCENT certification (Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1).

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Acquiring CompTIA Network+ Certification

Sprintzeal when it comes to networking, CompTIA has a more expansive vision than CISCO does, but they take a lighter approach to each topic. The CompTIA Network+ certification course covers the following:

Discussion of addressing methods (subnetting, CIDR and supernetting, NAT and PAT), a review of wireless communication standards, authentication, and encryption, as well as protocols and services for TCP/IP and UDP, including the default TCP and UDP port numbers.

Types of standard cables and their properties, such as transmission rates and distances, duplexing and noise immunity as well as frequencies, are part of the common knowledge in the field of network media and topologies (star, mesh, bus, ring). Wire standards, LAN and WAN technology kinds and attributes, as well as wiring distribution systems and components, are all included in this section.

There are several types of network devices, including hubs, modems, media converters, switches, and wireless access points to name a few. Networking devices with specialized functions. Virtual LANs, port mirroring, and other switch features are given more attention.

Understanding the OSI model and how to use documentation to evaluate a network are two of the most important aspects of network administration. It is important to keep an eye on network performance and connectivity, as well as ways to optimize the network.

There are several different tools that can help identify and fix network problems. Network scanners and command-line IP utilities discover numerous diagnostic hardware, such as cable testers, protocol analyzers, and TDRs, electrical tools like VOMs, temperature monitors, and various other instruments.

Features and functions of security devices, including firewalls, network access security, and user authentication, are covered in this section. Problems with device security, include logical and physical access, secure vs. insecure network access methods, and typical safety threats and security justifications.

Comparing CompTIA’s Network+ certification to Cisco’s CCENT certification

Choosing between CISCO CCENT and CompTIA N+ depends on how much you want to learn about networking. When it comes to networking, CompTIA N+ includes a wide range of topics, whereas CISCO is more focused on specifics and has a narrower range of topics. You must know How to check aws certification score because its always important.

With either the CISCO Certified Entry-Level Network Associate (CCENT) or CompTIA Certified Technology Associate (CCTA) certification, your path to a career in networking or the addition of a highly sought-after credential will be well on its way.

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