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Best Deadly Boss Mods for Add-on of World of Warcraft – Answer Diary

Deadly Boss is the most popular add-on for the World of Warcraft games and is loved by millions. Read about best Deadly Boss Mods for game.


World of Warcraft is the most popular massively multiplayer online game of all time. But in this article, we are here to discuss the most popular extension for this game known as Deadly Boss. Some players consider it a different game because of its popularity and available content like mods.

There are 2 most powerful featured as part of this new addon, Raid Warnings and Timer Bars. Most players appreciated these changes to the original game. But it’s not limited to only two powerful features, but there are some other minor changes. Mods for this addon have already become famous like the original game. Sometimes you can consider this game as separate too because of many reasons. Still, it’s an addon to the World of Warcraft game.

Now you can receive different kinds of warnings to know when to react to something. There are different ways to deliver these warnings, like pop-up messages or unique sounds. There are different kinds of warnings messages as per the situation of the game. For example, you can look at the below screenshot to know more about warnings receiving during the raid.

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Raid Warnings

Timer Bars provides many different options to players like it’s easy to know when you may face the next boss. It can show a lot of information about any following upcoming events too. Below is one image that can help you understand more about this kind of feature.

Timer Bars
Timer Bars

What are 18 Deadly Boss Mods?  

Unlike other games, it’s almost impossible to find a good collection of quality mods for this addon of World of Warcraft. But we collect many cool and essential mods for everyone who wants to play mods for this game. You can’t find these mods on top modding sites like Nexus.

Battle for Azeroth Mods

Battle for Azeroth is considered one of the best expansions for the World of Warcraft game. You can find many new areas, character classes, and many minor updates to the game. But They also created Deadly Boss Mod for this expansion, too similar to the original game. All the same features like warnings and time laps are available for you to explore for this expansion.

In this expansion, you can find many new islands and continents such as Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, and Pandaria for players to explore. The game system randomly chooses them, and you can play differently every time you start a name game. DBM works for almost all changes in this expansion, every island, part of the gaming world with similar settings.

Legion Raid Mods

Legion Raid is the best mod expansion for the WoW game; this significant update’s primary focus is locations. Huge locations with perfect details are explained for all players; you may never feel boring after using them. Some of those popular locations are Test Dungeon, The Nighthold, Antorus – the Burning Throne, Tomb of Sargeras, The Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Shal’dorei Terrace, and Terrace of Endless Spring. Look at the below image to understand more about these raids and locations.

Legion Raid Mods

But you are lucky enough to know that DBM can also work for this mod. Its most crucial mod or expansion on the raids’ base means DBM can work perfectly for it. Install DBM from the below link, and you can quickly receive warnings for these raids in this mod, making the game better and easy for you.

Warlords of Draenor Raid Mods

WARLORDS OF DRAENOR is an expansion pack for WoW with a collection of different raid locations specially created for players looking for the real challenge. There are always rewards to complete this raid successfully. Some of those popular raid locations in Warlords of Draenor are mentioned below for you. By visiting the below link, you can download the Deadly Boss mod for this expansion also.

Highmaul location is located in western Nagrand; you can find many different types of bosses there. Some remarkable achievements are also available if you can successfully kill any boss in that location, which can be easy with the help of DBM.

Blackrook Foundry

Another most important location in this expansion is Blackrook Foundry. There is the perfect image chosen for you to understand this raid’s location; look at above to know more. Unlike Highmaul, killing any boss here is very hard for you, but DBM can help you with its perfect features.

Mists of Pandaria Raid Mods

Another excellent expansion for WoW that includes too many different raid locations for you to explore. You can also find exceptional excellent items such as mounts, pets, toys, unique transmog gear, and more. DBM for this expansion is also best created; click on the below link to download it to get started anytime. Some popular location for this expansion pack that supports DBM is mentioned below with brief details and images.

Mogu’shan Vaults Location
Heart of Fear
Terrace of Endless Spring
Throne of Thunder
Siege of Orgrimmar

Mists of Pandaria Raid Mods
Mists of Pandaria Raid Mods
Mists of Pandaria Raid Mods
Mists of Pandaria Raid Mods

Cataclysm Raid Mods 

Its collection of different modules from another era and added as part of the WoW addon, which you can access with the help of DBM. Some of those modules are listed below. 

  • Baradin Hold
  • The Bastion of Twilight
  • Blackwing Descent
  • Dragon Soul
  • Firelands
  • Throne of the Four Winds

You must understand that this one is similar to other raid mods with different original game changes. Other mods part of our list are not similar to this one; they only focus on raid locations. To know more about this addon and how it’s connected with DBM, download it from the below link and start yourself.

WotLK Boss Mods

Wrath of the Lich King raids is a collection of different mini addons for WoW. Each one is different from the other, with new raid locations or based on other game changes. For example, Atlasloot Enhanced is the most popular addon as part of this pack. The below video can explain a lot more about it; you can also download DBM for this expansion addon.

Old Dungeon Mods

Old Dungeon Mods is one of the best mods for Deadly Boss with unique features. Read about some of those cool updates, features, and changes to the game below. 

  • Helpful combat warnings, timers, and info frames for five-person dungeons
  • This includes all dungeons ever converted to a Timewatcher dungeon in one package.
  • All alerts are configurable through the DBM GUI.

There are some other dungeons mods also available for DMB and World of Warcraft. But this one is a special and unique mod, including some basic information for you to explore.

BC and Vanilla Boss Mods for DBM

Burning Crusade and Vanilla include different collections of random mods that support DBM. For example, it includes all mods specially created for the World of Warcraft game and already available for DBM. You can visit the below link, download files and test them with your game to know more. There is no detailed information or guide available to explain more about this mod for you.

Event Pack

A unique mod that bases on sound and music to replace essential files of the game. But you must install DBM first because it supports only deadly boss. Most layers already love this mod, incredibly those tired of listening to the same music and sounds repeatedly. It includes many sound packs, music specially created for the game and covers all kinds of situations from warnings to funny types.

Spell Timers 2

Small addon for DBM that shows spell timer when you raid on any location in this game. There are no significant changes to the game because of this mod; all it includes is an amazing-looking timer that shows the time for spells. Now players can know how much time is required for a spell to recharge and help them to use those spells again on time. It can save a lot of time and allow users to get all info about available spells at the time quickly.


Archaeology is a collection of different music packs loved by a lot of people already. Most of these sounds were part of a test phase by the creator, but they love it when it was shared with players. It’s available in the form of a plugin that you can easily access by visiting the below link.

Challenges (Visions/Torghast)

One of the best mods for DBM that adds support for challenging scenario content such as Proving Grounds, Broken Shore Mage Tower, and N’zoth Horrific Visions scenarios. Below is a list of all features provided by the creator in this mod for you.

  • Helpful combat warnings & timers for all of the Proving Grounds challenges added in Mists of Pandaria and beyond.
  • Helpful combat warnings & timers for Legion’s Broken Shore scenario quests offered by Mage Tower in patch 7.2
  • Helpful combat warnings & Timers for Battle for Azeroth N’Zoth Vision scenarios added in patch 8.3
  • Helpful combat warnings & Timers for Shadowlands Torghast scenario added in patch 9.0
  • All warnings are configurable through DBM GUI

Overwatch Countdown Pack

Unique sounds were added to the game with new characters as part of this mod for DBM. But you must know that it’s not just adding new sounds for characters; they provide a few for the original game too. All of these sounds and music are already tested and loved by almost everyone.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm countdown sounds are collected in this unique mod pack. You can download them by visiting the below link with all vital information related to them. Unlike the above sound mods, this one is not that big or important that you can consider as best in our list of DBM.

Voicepack VEM

Alerts are an essential part of the DBM and World of Warcraft game always. They already provided a default voice pack to listen to whenever there is an alert to show up. But with time, most players may feel dull of listening to the same sounds in the game. But this mod voice pack can help you a lot with the complete new sounds provided.

Voicepack VEM

Victory Sound

After every victory or defeat, there is sound that everyone must listen to. For example, if you defeat a boss, it will play unique happy sounds. With the help of this add-on mod for DBM, now you can listen to some really cool voices after you win or lose.


Legion is one of the Most popular expansions for World of Warcraft, with considerable changes to the original game. Many new artifact weapons are added to the list for this game and improve current weapons by adding new levels. You must read all information and extensive guide about this expansion on Wikipedia. To download DBM for this expansion, click on the below link.


The particular version of the DMB mod supports an extensive collection of different dungeons. You can explore some of that popular locations with different types of difficulty below. There is no explanation available for them; you can download and test them yourself.

Blackfathom Deeps




Ragefire Chasm

Razorfen Downs

Razorfen Kraul

Scarlet Monastery

Shadowfang Keep

Stormwind Stockade


Sunken Temple


Wailing Caverns


NYI Dungeons:

Blackrock Depths

Blackrock Spire (Lower)

Blackrock Spire (Upper)

Dire Maul


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How to Install Deadly Boss Mods?

Watch the below video to know more about Deadly Boss Mods and how you can install them. But this video is not limited to only modding information; consider it one of the best video guides of all time for this game. Lots of changes, updates, and the best way to play this mod are part of this video for you.

How to Get to Cataclysm Raids?  

There is a lot of location for Cataclysm Raids where you can easily access it. These locations are the perfect choice for players to raid anytime they want for a lot of benefits.

Tol Barad
Raid Twilight Highlands
Raid Burning Steppes
Raid Uldum
Blackrock Mountain
Twilight Highlands
Abyssal Depths

Cataclysm Raids
Cataclysm Raids
Deadly Boss Mods
Deadly Boss Mods
Deadly Boss Mods

How to Fix Deadly Boss Mods not Working?

Fixing DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) is very easy if you follow the easy steps mentioned below. All of these ways are tested already and explained straightforwardly for every player. 

Correct Your Version: 

Visit a site from where you download the Deadly Boss Mods addon for World of Warcraft. There are different versions created for many devices, and it can become a problem for you if you choose the wrong one. All you have to do is very simple, go back to the same place, find a new one, and install the correct version of the addon for your device.

Check Add-Ons List

You can find the complete list of all mods, patches, and addons from the menu part of your game. Sometimes these addons can stop working themselves without any specific reason. From there, you can easily find complete details of active or inactive addons. It can happen mostly after you install any major update for this game, like patches.

Change DBM Folder

There is always a specific location for these mods to install or patch. If you install these mods or addon in the wrong direction, it can stop working and create a problem for you. Most of the time, they usually are part of a central location in this game. 

How to Download Deadly Boss Mods Shadowlands?

There are a lot of websites that provide direct download to addon for this game. You can visit one of them below to get started anytime.

How to Update Already Installed Deadly Boss Mods?

Updating an already installed mod is very easy; you can replace old files with new ones. For example, if you have a mod already installed, but you want to update it to the latest version, delete old files or paste new files into the same folder. This usually works with almost all kinds of game mods for any platform.


The most important information about the two features of this addon is explained above already. But you must that they also provide users with unique options to modify these two features from settings. For example, you can easily change timer settings, turn On or Off timer for some specific bosses or places.

Deadly Boss

Look at the above image to understand how these settings work for players. Many options also make Deadly Boss the most accessible game for players to update as per their requirements.

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