Content Guidelines

On this page every reader can find very simple rules to follow before submitting any content, also applied to all authors available on platforms. You must know that we have full right to reject and delete content all kinds of content that are not published or submitted as per the below rules.

Content Allowed:

General: We allow almost all kinds of content in general categories like Business, Digital Marketing, Finance, Home Improvement, Pets, Technology, Games, Travel, Education, and Much more similar.

Crypto: All content related to Crypto is allowed.

CBD: Content about CBD, Vaping that doesn’t connect with direct alcohol and drugs is allowed.

Content Not Allowed:

Casino, Betting & Gambling: Any content related to these categories is not allowed. No one should post this kind of content as an author on site. Admin has authority to review this kind of content, decide to approve or reject it. It’s important to avoid adding links from these niches in general articles because they will also get removed if published without Admin permission.

Adult Content: All kinds of articles related to adult niches are not allowed, that can include dating and similar content too. Promotion of sex-related products is also not allowed. Adding links from these niches to other general posts is also not allowed, that is important for authors to avoid doing it.

Religion: We don’t allow the promotion of any religion, which can create problems of disagreement among followers of different religions.

Nudity: We don’t allow nudity at any level that can include images of general posts too. Discussion of the sensitive body part is also not acceptable on our platform.