Friday, May 20, 2022

Common Questions Asked in Job interviews

Before getting the job, you need to get past the interview. Asking questions is a great way to show your interest in the company and increase your hiring chances. When it comes to interviewing for a job, some common questions are always asked. To help you prepare for your interview and develop some intelligent responses, here are some of the most common interview questions and their answers.

What are your strengths?

Some interviewers may start by asking one of the common questions asked during interviews “what do you think are your strengths.” This is an excellent opportunity to talk about skills that apply to the position you’re interviewing for. For example, if you’re interviewing for a management position and have experience managing people, this would be the perfect time to mention that. Make sure that the strengths you say are relevant to the post. They could cause an awkward pause in the interview if they’re not.

What are your weaknesses?

Among the common questions asked during interviews is, “What are your weaknesses?” This is a trap question. It would help if you did not answer this question by telling the interviewer about your weaknesses. Instead, it would help if you had a few good strengths that you could use to demonstrate how you will fill the position. For example, if you were applying for a sales position and said that your weakness was that you were too friendly, this might not go over well with the hiring manager. Instead, it would be better to mention your strengths, like persuasiveness or negotiating skills. When answering this question at a job interview, it’s essential to avoid giving negative answers because they can be seen as an indication of the future performance of the position.

Why should we hire you?

Interviewers consistently want to know why they should hire you. The best way to respond is by highlighting your strengths, which will help the interviewer see what value you can bring to the company. If you’re interviewing for a customer service position and have a lot of experience in that field, share some success stories. For example, talk about how quickly you could solve an issue or how many people you were able to help in a day. If the interviewer is looking for an account manager, highlight your experience with different accounts and how well you work with other departments. Make sure your responses are tailored for the job you are interviewing for. You might want to say something like, “I am committed to providing excellent customer service, and I’m confident that I would be a valuable asset.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is among the common questions asked during interviews, and it’s essential to come up with an answer that paints you in a good light. If you answer like, “I want to be CEO” or “I want to take this company globally,” this will show the interviewer that you are driven, have big goals, and are willing to work hard.

Why would you be a good fit for this position?

This is an excellent question for you to ask the interviewer to show them that you’re interested in their company. It would help if you showed them that you’re qualified for the position and that there’s no one better for it. To answer this question, you want to make sure that you mention your qualifications and your unique skill set. For example, if you’re interviewing for a marketing position, you would like to state that your previous marketing experience makes you uniquely qualified.

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What is your ideal work environment?

The best way to answer this question is to say that you are looking for a company that will match your work style. It is essential to be honest, and straightforward when answering questions like this because it also says a lot about your personality. For example, if you are an introvert, you may prefer a quieter environment with less movement or collaboration. If you are more of an extrovert, you may enjoy working in an environment with more people and activities. Either way, make sure to express your interest in finding the right fit for your personality and work style.


These are just some of the most common interview questions and their answers. Many questions will be asked that aren’t on this list, but if you have a good understanding of these basic questions, it should help you feel more prepared.