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Top Code Vein Mods – Code Vein Regeneration Locations – Answer Diary

Code Vein already become most popular game in gaming world. Read about some Code Vein Mods that everyone love and played by millions.


Code Vein is a role-playing action game that was developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game was initially released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. 

The game is played in a third-person, and the Dark Souls series inspired the gameplay. The game’s main theme is that players rise, team up, and go on a journey of unlocking the past and escaping the present nightmare in a deadly situation and environment. 

Recommended system requirements for the game are: 64-bit processor, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10 (64-bit), Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, 8 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960 or Radeon R9 380X graphics, Network should be Broadband Internet connection and 35 GB storage.

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What are 20 Best Code Vein Mods?

The decision to rank any mode is based on why a player utilized it and which outcome is received in return. Therefore, whichever mode enhances your game performance is best for you; it might not be best for some other player who does not want that. Following is a presented list of mods to help readers chose any. All Code Vein Mods in below list are chosen on the base of popularity and how much players love them.

Custom Loading Screens

This mod includes the latest process of installing digital games and don’t have to wait for constantly retrieving data from external discs; and also player don’t have to worry about the boring screens from the vanilla version, and they can enjoy amazing screenshots in-game. Just because of this mod, developers just left the art of crafting attractive loading screens and let the game sets everything up for its players. Added first in our list of Code Vein Mods because of its popularity.

This mode is downloadable with the following link.

4K Texture Mod

This mod replaces some fundamental textures from the base game with 4K. These can be used with any Unreal Engine 4 software. It is perfect for the person that forth at the mouth at the sight of a low-quality network and can’t help.

Downloadable this mode here

Playable Cute Sweater

It includes a fashionable and customizable knit sweater that changes the character into a top-shelf waifu creature. The following process installs this mod: Extract the pack file into the steam apps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\~mods folder, and the folder is not present, you can create it by yourself also.

Enjoy this mode via this link.

FXAA Enabler

This mod is a tweaked configuration mod that can allow the game to use FXAA. This is a sort of efficient kind of anti-aliasing that uses fewer resources than previous methods.

Find this mode here


This mod is for your character’s wardrobe in the form of Pajama. The player can do anything, even running into battle with this outfit that will surely confuse your enemies.

Quench your thirst for this mode here

 A Dab Moodu

This mod replaces the “Excited Greeting” and adds a glorious dab that can give dominance. It also has the option to add effects of explosions, pillars of fire, and others to your dab. 

Here is the downloadable link

 Playable Karen’s Outfit (Curvy)

By this mod now, the player can dress his character as a bombastic version of Karen and the Heart’s Successor, along with the breast physics and colours of his customization.

Enjoy this mode at

 Invisible Blood Veils

This is for both Ogre Type and Hound Type veils and applicable to both genders also. You can enjoy this mode as per gender, and both are separately downloadable, and separate links are presented below. 

The link for Ogre type:

And the Link for Hound Type:

Playable Coco’s Outfit

By this mod, the player can now play with the merchant Coco’s unrealistic outfit. It has removable pieces and added customization, and this one is available as a more realistic one’s experience.

Available here

UE4 ReShade – True HDR

This modifies the configuration of the game engine’s graphics to mimic the authentic HDR tech look. We can say that this makes better contrast in-game. 

This mode is downloadable at

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Playable Hebijo Shinobi Costume

This mod is customizable, very good with Blood Veils as well. This mode replaces costume 1 of Hebijo.

Enjoy this mode via the link below.

 Playable Eva Costume

This is curvier version can appeal to the players. This is available with and without the skirt. A player may leave the outfit “as is,” which is also fully customizable if we talk about colour and are endless. With this mod, you can design the character just like her.

Download this model and enjoy through this link below

Playable School Uniform

This mod offers character customization in school uniforms in their colours also very appealing for anime lovers.

This link is downloadable at

Fluffy Tails Accessory

Tails are necessary for players, and they don’t have to rely on dull vanilla Leopard Tail. This mod replaces it with a big fluffy fox tail with different and beautiful colours and also fluffiness.

This link is available at

 Fox Ears (Droopy and Pointy)

This mod replaces the vanilla cat ears and ear mufflers with big lush fox ears and offers pointy and droopy ears according to the player’s desire to make his character wilder.

Download this link via this link

 Playable 2B

This mod replaces the default female character by YoRHa’s battle android; also, the player can choose between wearing the skirt, removing it while downloading it, and removing the eye patch. Most popular mod in our list of Code Vein Mods.

This mode is available here.

Colourable 2B Outfit

This mode permits you to dress your character up as 2B if you don’t like the default character. You can also change the colour of the dress, but this mod doesn’t include a skirt.

Enjoy this link through this link.

 E3FX for Code Vein

This mod generally overhauls the lighting and makes colours look more affluent, and sharpens the textures; the Bloom effect is improved and appeared more naturally. This mod is easy to install and has already fixed any issues as well.

Below is the downloadable link

 Invisible Mask for Male and Female

This mod makes all masks invisible so you can see your character’s face to enjoy the anime. The mod is excellent as, by default, every player’s face is hideous in the game, so this mod allows you to see the face of your character. 

Click on the below link to download this mode.

 Improved Visuals and Performance

This mod Overall makes the performance outstanding. It improves the textures’ sharpness, and there is no need for 3rd party tools, making background details significantly less blurry. It also has improved volumetric fog and particle effects.

Below is the link to download the mode

What is Code Vein Update?

There are two vein updates: Patches and Patch Notes. Bandai Namco released an Update 1.52 on April 23. This update is downloadable from every platform. “CODE VEIN: Lord of Thunder” is addedfixed the wrench blood “Radiant Barrel” to see the damage by watching the bayonet’s weapon performance. Fixed the issue that occurs on the host’s photo mode screen while he tries to defeat the boss, and it ends the multiplay when the photo mode is active. 

Camera operation buttons and [R2] [L2] [R3] buttons are now not enabled. You are unable to switch between “Still mode” and “Real-time mode” after signing in to the Silver profile and going to the menu selection screen of “Online” and “Offline” on the title screen.

How to Access Code Vein Trainer?

It is available on steam and windows store as well. It can easily be accessed on

It offers 11 codes that will surely help the layer during the game.

 What are Popular Code Vein Side Quests?

In the game, the revenants start appearing once the player finishes with Miasma. These revenants need your help with many numbers of quests of theirs that they are not able to complete. Each character has comprised a set of side quests that the player has to complete for them if he wants 100% completion of Code Vein.

Characters offer side quests that are easy to accomplish. Some of these are Daryl Side Quests, Self-Important Revenant Side Quest, Shang Side Quest, Matthew Side Quest, Gustav Side Quest, Sophie Side Quest, and Richard Side Quest.  

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What is Code Vein Regeneration?

This is used to recover the HP of the player. This is a combat mechanic used in battle as well.  

What is Code Vein Special Edition?

The Deluxe Edition is the Code Vein Special Edition that includes the following:

  1. Full Game 
  2. Season Pass
  3. Season Pass Bonus: Alternate Mia Set
  4. Insatiable Bloodthirst in the grab of a heading death.

What is Code Vein Murasame Blood Code?  

Blood Code is a flexible Class system in Code Vein to provide freedom to players by allowing them to level up different Blood Codes simultaneously. They affect the player character’s actions, Gifts are available, and Stats gives optional approaches for problematic areas or bosses and the opportunity to master multiple builds. 

How to Fix Code Vein not Launching Error?

  1. Code Vein not Launching Error can be fixed by making an exception for the game’s exe in anti-virus or disabling the anti-virus software. 
  2. Further, you can uninstall the updated graphics designer to fix the error.
  3. Install the previous version of the driver and restart your PC.
  4. Check the below link if the issue further continues. 

Where are Code Vein Regeneration Locations?

At the start, you can use Regeneration only three times between resting at Mistles, and it simply can’t restore much health. But as the player plays through Code Vein, he can unlock more uses. There are the following Code Vein Regeneration Locations: 

Ruined City Underground

This has appeared at the beginning of the game; it can be found in the tutorial area if the player misses it. 

Ruined City Center

The Player has to take start from the Parking Garage mistle and unlock it after a cutscene. Then the player has to go down the ladder, and several enemies will encounter him. The player has to find an intersection that is being patrolled by a crew of enemies. 

Howling Pit

This is the obligatory swamp level and not very difficult to find. You just have to travel to the Hills of Deception mistle, be there in the same area as the Blood Bead tree. 

Ashen Cavern

The Player has to travel to the Towering Crags mistle and don’t let the enemies alerting. You have to defeat and progress until you discovered the Extension Factor near an edge.

Crown of Sand

No mistle can lead to an Extension Factor, so the player has to take start from the area entrance, and he has to get prepared to fight the enemies present within the sand.

Provisional Government Outskirts

This is started from the area’s entrance to an area with several intersections and some cargo containers. After passing from that area, you will surely get a ladder and a knight, excellent. This knight is giving the next Extension Factor but doesn’t forget precautions and be attentive to other enemies out there. 

Dried-Up Trenches

This can be missed, so after entering the entrance area, the player will discover an opening pipe going through the floor. By following the path, you will be at a wall made of boxes. 

Cathedral of Blood 1

This Activation Factor is very easy to discover and approached. Just after starting from the Cathedral entrance, take the stairs to take a left turn, and then further some steps right. In a room, there is a considerable foe to be defeated.

Cathedral of Blood 2

This one is the huge level of a hunt for a second Activation Factor for that player to start from the Outlook Tower mistle. And they are just moving forward, reaching the tower and giving you two ways for further progress.

Ridge of Frozen Souls

This area is very near to the entrance, so it is tough to miss. The player has to carefully drop down and go through this path, fighting and defeating the brutal enemies here. 

City of Fallen Flame

This is one of the confusing areas and very dangerous, but unless the player loses Fireproof Tonic, that is the main thing necessary for the patience not to lose. You have to defeat the blue-flaming Lost and find a ladder for the next level of the area. 


When companions revive players lose their health and damage demanding boss, it means that “Code Vein” is difficult as it is tough to hit a boss. Code Vein has an exciting story as the players are examined through the backstories of all the odd characters in the game previously introduced. The game presents a detailed character creator and customization, excellent weapon design, which gives Combat feel great joy. 

But at the same time, some players take the story uninspiring and boring; apart from the availability of a wide range of character customization, some players don’t like any character at all. Overall, Code Vein is a good game, and it can blow your mind. For those who love anime, this game is worth picking them. The character creator is the game’s speciality and the quality to make the game unique to experience. Hope you love reading “Code Vein Mods”

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