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Civilization 6 Mods – Learn Civilization 6 Gameplay – Answer Diary

One of the most popular series in the gaming world is “Civilization”. Millions of players love it. Read about Civilization 6 Mods in 2021.


Historical civilization strategies build and expand your civilization by picking one from the original history. The game has 80+ civilizations to offer for building and maintaining the whole empire.

The player plays as an emperor, takes the responsibility of creating an empire, establish an economy, foster trade, expand civilization, and spread religion. The game flashes certain aspects of famous, healthy, and well-established civilizations of history. 

Along with this, the emperor focuses on the security, protection, and safety of the public by developing and maintaining the army troops; every civilization troops have their specific abilities.

Still, the effective strategy is utilizing these strengths creatively and productively. Civilization VI has only two expansions till today; mods accelerate the joy of living-in historical civilization.

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What are 20 Civilization 6 Mods?

Utilizing only two expansions might not be much fun, but installing mods in Civ 6 can enhance and double the joy of playing. There are plenty of mods to address specific concerns in the game. Among the list of several mods, we are presenting you top 20 Civilization 6 Mods;

Environment Skin

A major drawback of Civ 6 was its look at the environment. This mod enhances graphics by lowering saturation. The predecessor of Civ 6 has had more realistic graphics, which were a huge miss in Civ 6. To get a taste of denser forests and natural biomes, install the most demanded and awaited mod. Firaxis Dev pioneered this mod.

Environmental skin enhances the graphics and presents you realistic in-game environmental look, but this maximizes players’ connection and interest in the game. One of the best and most amazing mods on the list of Civilization 6 Mods.

Download this mod here:

R.E.D Mod Pack

Gedeon introduced a mod pack to level up the miniature preface. It eliminates the old cartoonish look of units and makes them look less imposing. This mod, coupled with environment skin, enhances army look, vanishing gamey face. This mod works with its add-ons, expansions, and DLCs while resizing units by expanding members’ capacity per unit. Rated five stars on steam workshop.

Now you do not need to worry about miniature, mythical beasts roaming here and there. You will have realistic touch with every interaction with the surroundings.

Download this mod here:

Better Coastal Cities and Water Tiles

One of the significant difficulties civilization close to the coast can face is slower growth and productivity. This five-starred mod will eliminate this irritability by providing more food and production.

P0kiehl pioneered this mod with inspiration from the water improvement mod of TheCrazyScotsman on CivFanatics and Napstablook’s Fish Farms mod. He provided gamers with a third alternative solely focusing on production and less altering the other gaming aspects.

Download this mod here:

Religion Expand

In civilization, religion also bonuses the emperor. Emperor strengthens empire by spreading and supporting the religion. This mod facilitates religious expansion, enhances the present aspects, and adds new powerful variations about customizable buildings, pantheons, and new beliefs.

Adds dynamicity and personalization to the spiritual aspect of civ 6. To enable this mod, you might need Gathering Storm expansion and some other mod. Crazy mod as part of Civilization 6 Mods ever created in the history of this series for any game.

Download this mod here:

Mappa Mundi

Civilization is fun to play with over 80 civilizations, but if you have explored it a lot, then you must be familiar with this one shortcoming; repetition of labeling on areas, mountains, deserts, rivers, and more.

Mappa Mundi resolves this issue by adding numerous labels of places, mountains, rivers, and deserts from the real world. Therefore you can now enjoy playing historical civilization with lots of realistic touches.

Download this mod here:

Detailed Worlds

To level up a realistic touch in the game and avoid a more gamey look, add a detailed world mod. By leveraging this mod, players will experience real-world maps, details, and availabilities. This mod comes with seven different map scripts encompassing continents, fractals, and islands.  

Provision of realistic world map layout and enlarging deserts, forests, and adjustment to marshes is guaranteed. Enable detailed world mod and expand thin band of the rain forest to thickly and realistically spread huge forest and small limited desert to vast natural desert with n more extra tiles. Excite your skills and get a taste of the naturalistic world.

Download this mod here:

Latin American Resources

Luigi and p0kiehl introduced six new resources: the representation of Latin America, including Capybaras, Potatoes, Coca, Llamas, Yerba Mate, and Quinoa. These resources aid in food, production, gold, culture, and faith. 

Latin American mod is compatible with all other resources, mods, DLCs, map scripts, and map mods. The major shortcoming of this mod is its inability to lock resources in various areas.

Download this link here:

Better Trade Screen

Fantastic UI mod that enhances Trading Screen with administering trading routes. Offered filters are added City State, International, and City-State with Trade Quest filters. This mod shows destination city yields and origin city on the same screen while managing over 1000 trading routes.

Tracking currently deployed trading routes is done along with setting a way to repeat based on the top road. Aligned and highlight yield values, respectively, also projects some automation operations and accurately shows available trading routes.

Download this mod here:

Immersive Dialogue

How about experiencing what the respective emperor might have been talking about if he/she were here? Spice up the dialogues with immersive dialogues mod. 

As civ six has disappointed many of the users with dialogues because most of the dialogues are simple copied for every emperor and lacking charm and interest in dialogues, this mod has enhanced the chatting dialogues experience. You can also add subtitles to enjoy the actual conversations.

Download this mod here:

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Radial Measuring Tool

Conserve your time for implementing effective strategies to expand and enhance your civilization across the globe. Now you don’t need to waste time over selecting the right area for the city establishment by counting tiles and hopping from one tile to another, and destroying hundreds of hours. Great initiative by Zur13.

By leveraging Radius measuring tools, you can enjoy the notable marked locations inside the radius. Forget about the irritability of figuring out the close cities and counting tiles and never waste your land on unnecessary district again. It doesn’t have “ignore map visibility options,” nor does it shows hidden resources that are unavailable because of an absence of required technology.

Download this mod here:

Sukritact’s Global Relations Panel

A fantastic and helpful initiative by Sukritact is Global Relations Panel. This panel resolves the hectic of building multiple strategies for a variety of diplomatic situations. Download this mod, install it and witness the magic. It eliminates the difficulty of 

Global Relations Panel helps the emperor know about the diplomacy of every other leader, what they think about other emperors, what kind of relations their empire has with others, what kind of allies they are, and many more. By this, you can shape your diplomacy, utilize individual empires for your benefit, and alter specific deals with ease.

Download this mod here:

Urban Complexity 

JNR introduced this mod; this helps players going for urban civilization, which is less rewarding, making it more rewarding. It is an exciting balance between enjoyable gameplay and real authenticity. This mod is a series of mods. Every new installment in the mod enhances the player’s experience by adding new features such as roads or winds.

To develop a city and buildings, you need to complete the environment and surroundings, terrains, and closed towns and districts; urban complexity effectively does this job. Another classic Mod in an amazing collection of Civilization 6 Mods.

Download this mod here:

Real Great People

Civilization 6 allows users to live some historical emperorship. If you get some real people from history, wouldn’t it spice things up? Yeah, this would be great to interact with real personalities during your emperorship.

Real Great People mod does not portray prophets and Himerios, nor does it add any new game-play personality. It merely projects pictures of great people, including great merchants, artists, writers, and generals. Pictures of people who do not appear in the great people window are not available as well.

Download this mod here:

Civilizations and Leaders

Level up from watching portraits of the great leaders and sticking to official civilizations in the game. This mod adds new personalities to the game for real excitement; these personalities are from the past, but present-day characters also spice the gameplay. It adds up to 73 leaders from variant countries—an appreciable addition by JFD to Civ 6 mods.

Download this mod here:

Real Era Tracker

Assists player in yielding un-earned moments. Shows player which bonus is yet to earn like civilization, world, or repeatable historical moments. If you are behind in earning gold, this mod will facilitate you in revealing how you can earn these points for a certain level.

This mod doesn’t have a heating element as it does not provide information about other players, nor does it offer free extra points but only hints about un-earned points to level up.

Download this link here:

Perfect world 6

Perfect world 6 generates a new alternate map with climate compatibility. This builds an extraction path for rivers and rainfall. New places to explore make playing more fun with regional variations.

It makes the climate experience better, but this mod also challenges you with a unique combination of climate and geology. You need to plan and execute effective strategies to be a successful emperor.

Download this mod here:

Rosetta – Dynamic City Names

Rosetta is the finest solution to eliminate conquered city name repetition. The best thing about Rosetta is its compatibility with all mods and DLCs. It gives the emperor a feeling with dynamic cities. Above 200,000 names are available for about 9K different cities. Off-course, not every name is present in every language but still huge variations.

Enjoy growing a real empire with real dynamic feelings. Cities are named upon their ruler. This gives feelings of emperor growth and ownership. The author keeps updating names as per requirement.

Download this mod here:

Better Civilization Icons

Are you tired of watching the same icons again and again? Feel like these icons do not represent the respective city or state accurately? Well, you can utilize the right mode to resolve this issue once and for all. Some icons are DLCs.

Janboruta creatively changed civilization icons such as Australia, Poland, Spain, Arabia, Germany, and many more and city icons, including but not limited to Akkad, Kabul, Lahore, Lisbon, and many more.

These icons are aesthetically as well as historically the best representation of the civilizations and city-states.

Download this mod here:

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Nerfed Barbarians

Are you tired of Barbarians? Do Barbarians irritate you? Do you want to get rid of them? Well, then install NerfedBarbarian mod to distant Barbarians.

This mode does magical things such as reduced Barbariancamp number to only two per civilization and five miles away from cities. Their attacking duration and strength have also been reduced, such as horse barbarian can only attack if it’s three miles away. All these ranges are exceptional for Vanilla.

After Installing NerfedBarbarian, forget about the fight with Barbs all the time and focus on expanding your civilization and other essential aspects.

Download this mod here:


Redistricting adds 25 new districts, out of which 12 are unique ones. This mod works with Aztec DLCs and is compatible with other mods (mods already containing exceptional).

Along with districts, over 60 buildings are available with personal customization. Few sample cities from Redistricting are; Egyptian Nome, English Stannary, French Marche, Australian Waterfront, etc.  

Download this mod here:

You can install all of the above mods at the steam workshop. You need to follow these three necessary steps,

  1. Subscribe to steam mods.
  2. Download the desired mod (in sub-folder).
  3. Install it from the folder and enjoy.

What is CIV 6 Expansion?  

Expansions are added to address users’ issues and concerns; these resolve the previous glitches and add something more interesting. Civ 6 has two significant expansions until now, namely;

  • Rise and Fall: this was the first Civilization VI expansion. It adds new leaders, strategies, diplomacy, buildings, challenges, governance, and eight new civilizations with a bundle of other worthy aspects.
  • Gathering Storm: The second expansion of Civilization 6 introduces unique, exciting challenges by combining geology and climate. This expansion enhances resources, diplomacy, and technology, and the new addition of civilizations and trends.

Besides these, there are also DLCs available. PlayStation 4 offers Civ 6 Expansion Plan in exchange for $19.99.

Best Video Tutorial to Learn Civilization 6 Gameplay?

Although civilization VI also plays introductory game-play video to familiarize the player with game-play. You can access this video in the main menu as well. There are several youtube tutorials available for Civilization 6 game-play.

One of these is quill18 who explains every single aspect for beginners from scratch to hatch. Here is the link to the whole playlist for a better experience and easy understanding. 

Fewer tips to play Civilization VI are mentioned in the following bullets

  • Make citizens happy
  • Trade as much as you can
  • Strengthen your religion and economy
  • Build as much as you can (but not useless)
  • Shape troops of an army 
  • Finish what you start

How to Remove CIV 6 District?  

There is no way to remove your district once built. Hence wise advice is to select the opportunistic area to establish your civilization. Some mods assist you in choosing the right place.

But hold on! There is another angelic mod to save you from ruining the whole game. This excellent mod is Removable districts by TC’s Work. This super helping life savior (actually district savor) is the perfect choice to install and change or rebuilt your district and claim your tiles.

How to Improve CIV 6 Game Speed?  

There are five-game speeds in Civilization 6

  • Online (100% faster with 250 turns)
  • Quick (33% faster with 330 turns)
  • Standard (the average speed with 500 turns)
  • Epic (50% slower with 750 turns)
  • Marathon (200% slower with 1500 turns)

You can alter these speeds in-game setup menu under “game speed.” Other than these, you can also try following suggestions

  • Turn off the intro video
  • Toggle on quick movement and quick combat
  • Disable advisor
  • Lower game resolution (if acceptable to you)
  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts

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Civilization, since it was released in 2016, has only two expansions and fewer DLCs. The gamers had several issues with gameplay, graphics, and specific mechanics, and until now, there are plenty of mods available. Mods enhance and level up the joy and excitement of the gameplay.

Every mod enhances a particular aspect of the game, and users are free to utilize any of these mods. Some mods work better with DLCs, and others stop working with specific mods. The best mod is the one that is compatible with most of the other mods.

Choosing a mod depends solely upon the irritable aspect of the game. Everyone has different concerns so are the available mods. Hope these mods will address most of your issues and concerns. Hope you love reading “Civilization 6 Mods”

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