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Casual Outwear: The Basic Layering System

Casual outerwear is the new subgenre of streetwear fashion. People have been gradually embracing the big and bulky aesthetic that most outdoor gears can provide. Today, casual outerwear is not only worn on mountain trails and campsites. Hardshells and Insulated jackets have also been incorporated into high-end and luxury fashion with models showcasing thick down jackets in the runways. 

The concept of casual outerwear, however, demonstrates a more practical approach to clothing and apparel. The main purpose of outdoor clothing has always been to protect against harsh conditions, external elements, and extreme weather conditions brought by nature. In this article, we’re going to talk about the basic concepts behind outdoor apparel. We’re also going to tackle the basics of different types of outerwear and apparel. 

The Layering System

When dealing with extreme weather conditions, the right type of layering system is always necessary to protect you from external elements. Modern textiles can provide you with the right type of breathability without sacrificing performance and insulating functions. Let’s discuss the different layers you need for outdoor excursions.

Summer Layers:

  1. Base Layers or Undergarments- These are your initial layers of protection especially during rainy summer days. Wearing base layers that can easily dry and protect you from moisture is always the best choice.
  2. Second Layer- The second layer must be able to protect you from the cold and provide comfort. A nice fleece jacket or hoodie over your base layer should allow breathability and maintain your body temperature.
  3. Insulating Layer- Though summer days are typically warm, convectional rainfall might cause temperatures to drop drastically. Preparing an insulating layer such as a down or insulated jacket is always necessary for any type of outdoor environment. 
  4. Outer Layer- Outer layers have been a staple for casual outerwear since they are mostly lightweight and easy to pack. Outer layers like hard shells or any kind of waterproof jacket can keep you dry especially in heavy downpours. 

Winter Layers:

  1. Base Layers or Undergarments- Unlike warm summer days, cold winters would require you to wear base layers that are made of wool. It’s also highly important that your base layers come in contact with your skin so they can properly provide the insulation your body needs to maintain its temperature. 
  2. Second Layer- Wool has always been the best type of insulating material for the second layer of clothing. Thankfully, many casual outerwear companies provide hoodies and sweaters that have an inner lining typically made out of wool or fleece. 
  3. Insulating Layer- The insulating layer is a necessary part of the layering system in the winter season. Choosing a high-quality down or insulated jacket is essential especially in maintaining your body heat in extreme temperatures. It must also fit properly as it has to go over the second layer and under the outer layer. 
  4. Outer Layer- Choosing an outer layer that can provide you with an ample amount of protection is necessary especially during snowstorms. It’s highly important to purchase a hard shell that can keep your layers dry. Many casual outerwear companies can provide different types of materials that can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising weight and mobility. 

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Casual Outwear: The Basic Layering System
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