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Buying the Best Chainsaw Mill for Your Needs

There are a number of different types of portable sawmills and two of the more common are bandsaws and circular saws. Bandsaw mills are popular amongst some because they are great for industrial and commercial use. They can handle more work, produce more logs and handle larger logs as well. It makes them the best chain sawmill if you are working in larger quantities. It does not generate as much waste as a portable circular saw and it can make smaller cuts because of its thin blades. But that does not mean circular saws do not have their place as they do. Here is a look at what to think about if a portable circular saw is what you need.

When you might want a circular saw

Circular saws are a more focused tool. While they are slower they are also great when you are looking to use more finesse. If you need to make different angles, make custom cuts then a circular saw is great. It is also great if you need something portable, just have the one set of hands and do not need to produce a lot of logs in a short time.

How portable is the portable chainsaw?

It might sound odd, surely the portable part of its name means it is indeed portable. But it varies from one chainsaw mill to another as to how easy it is to move. If it is on the larger end of things you might still need a vehicle to tow it which is why some people still bring the lumber to the mill. The smaller mills can be taken almost any location so you can head out on your property to saw lumber at the site, or to a client’s property if they want you to remove lumber for them. Moreover, if you are in search of high quality chainsaws then would be a great help in this regard.

How much manpower do you have to operate it?

You then need to think about the manpower you have. Is this just for you and your private use plus perhaps a little side business, or is there another person or even more wanting to work as lumber business? A smaller chainsaw mill is great for one or two people. The larger bandsaw mill will need more people. So if it is mostly just you definitely stick with a small portable circular saw.

What features and controls are you looking for?

If you are not experienced with using them you need something that is easy to use and not overly complicated. Then what features and controls do you want to have access to? Are you happy loading each log by hand or do you want it to have a hydraulic log lifter? That means you need to decide between a fully hydraulic mill and a manual one. You could also look for a manual mill that you need to load manually but that comes with extra features to help the process. Of course, you do pay for those so the best chain sawmill then might cost a little more.

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