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Bugs That Look Like Roaches

A pest invasion is severe trouble that you need to deal with swiftly to limit the amount of time they need to lay eggs and replicate. However, before creating a plan of attack, you have to identify the kind of bug you’re taking care of since there have actually been a number of cases of mistaken parasite identification.

Confusing cockroaches for various other pests and also establishing bug bombs that are cockroach-specific will certainly not assist the circumstance. The chemicals in these cockroach-specific bombs are usually not applicable to other bugs. Bug bombs are likewise not a specifically trusted means of getting rid of most pest problems.

Typical insects that resemble cockroaches, as well as, therefore, are typically mistaken for roaches, are crickets and also water insects along with beetles such as the ground beetle, wood-boring beetle, Palto Verde beetle, and also Asian Long-Horned beetle.

So, listed below we split these cockroach lookalikes into two classifications: crawlers as well as fliers. And after that described each of these insects in more detail along with discussing simply exactly how to inform if what you are checking out truly is a roach or if it just is among these roach-looking insects.

Creeping Roach Lookalikes


People are often extremely aware of the tweeting sound that crickets make. However aesthetically, they are frequently mistaken for roaches.

With their brown to black exterior, they are similar in shade to roaches, however, are smaller sized and faster. However, it is exactly this speed and coloring that makes us assume that crickets are roaches. They are so fast that you do not truly have time to analyze them very closely prior to they making their getaway!

The good news is, there are many means to inform crickets and also roaches apart. The most distinctive feature is the long hind legs that crickets have as well as make use of for jumping.

Crickets are not damaging however can be a problem because of the noise they make. You can eliminate crickets by using insect repellent that are readily available in the majority of stores or by establishing catches.

Ground Beetles


Ground beetles are likewise usually mistaken for cockroaches because of their similarities. They have the exact same crimson or brownish outside and a vast, winged structure. Because of this, differentiating ground beetles from roaches can be a difficulty. It is a great suggestion to trap one as well as analyze it closely to figure out if it is a roach or a beetle you are dealing with.

Bear in mind that there are over 2,000 species of ground beetles understood to the guy, each differing in shade and size. There are additionally more than 4,500 varieties of roaches that vary in size, shade, and various other features. So, if you actually intend to tell the two apart, you will certainly need to do some major research or seek advice from a professional. Typically, nevertheless, if the bug concerned has tough front wings, it’s a ground beetle. Not all cockroaches have wings. If they do, they are softer and also leathery.

The good news is, ground beetles are not hazardous pests. They do not ruin products or fabrics as well as do not spread out illness as roaches can do. But, given that the beetles require to come in straight contact with the majority of business insect sprays for the item to work, establishing an outside barrier (or starting a toad swarm) is your best bet at keeping them away.


Water Pests

Water bugs, particularly gigantic water bugs, are another creeping bug that can fool you into thinking they are roaches. While the outside of these bugs resembles a cockroach, each of these parasites includes its very own distinct attributes.

They are normally found near standing water while roaches infest locations that are damp but not wet. When compared to roaches, water bugs are typically bigger as well as extra hostile. Their bites are fairly uncomfortable.

They can be rather conveniently identified from cockroaches by the big pincers at the front of their bodies.

The best way to prevent water insect infestations is to keep your house as well as its surrounding location tidy as well as devoid of standing water.

Eastern Long-Horned Beetles

The sizes and shape of the Asian long-horned beetle can in some cases make them look like roaches. Yet, they do have some distinguishing characteristics that separate them from roaches.

For instance, Asian long-horned beetles are generally jet black as opposed to brown with prominent white places.

To get rid of Asian long-horned beetles, report them to the local forestry solution. They are intrusive types that trigger damage to trees.

Flying Cockroach Lookalikes

The only thing a lot scarier than detecting a roach is if they all of a sudden fly! Luckily, most roach types do not fly. Yet, during the humid summertime, you may spot some flying parasites that look a lot like roaches.

So, here are some flying pests that appear like roaches but are totally various varieties of parasites.

Palo Verde Beetles

These are most generally located in the American Southwest. These beetles appear like roaches due to their size and also shade, but palo verde beetles are completely various types completely.

They are darker in color, have more challenging coverings and also longer bodies, and also, obviously, can fly! Palo verde beetles lay eggs under palo verde trees (therefore their name), increased bushes or olive trees. As soon as hatched, the baby beetles then survive on the tree’s roots up until they develop.

Wood-boring Beetles

Wood-boring beetles can additionally appear like cockroaches at first glimpse. They have comparable antennae and a comparable shape with 6 legs and reddish-brown clear wings covering the majority of their body.

The good news is, there are also points that identify them from roaches.

For one, they don’t do the exact same type of damages. Wood-boring beetles bore into the timber so if you find a cockroach-looking bug crawling out of a new opening in your wall, it’s most likely a wood-boring beetle. Several types of wood-boring beetles are additionally smaller than cockroaches. Extra specifically, the Cicada borer has distinct yellow, black, as well as red markings that roaches do not have. Actually, Cicada borers look even more like a wasp than a cockroach. Emerald ash borers are metallic eco-friendly in color and really tiny.

Cockroach Characteristics

As discussed before, there are many different types of roaches. While they do all differ in some concerns, they additionally have some comparable functions that make them quickly recognizable. This allows you to differentiate them from various other insects as well as bugs, after close assessment.

Usually, roaches vary from 0.5– 2 inches (1.3– 5.1 cm) in size. Their antennae are extremely various from those of any other bug. The outer shell of cockroaches varies in shade from tan through reddish-brown to black. This can transform when they molt or lose their exoskeletons for growth. When that happens, they can appear white. All cockroaches have an oval-shaped body and appear flattened if you check out them from the top.

Despite having wings, some roaches do not fly. However, they relocate fairly promptly, often at speeds of 3.4 mph (5.5 km/h).

One of the most usual roaches are brown-banded, German, American, and also oriental roaches. If you do see a cockroach invasion, you ought to resolve it immediately, regardless of which of the roach varieties you encounter. You can do so either by using store-bought products or by calling a specialist exterminator.

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