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Bugs that look like earwigs

Silverfish, firebrats as well as earwigs. oh my! These 3 bugs are typically mistaken for each and every various other as a result of their extraordinary similarities, yet there are additionally many differences. Follow our quick overview listed below to quickly compare these common parasites: silverfish, firebrats, and also earwigs.

Silverfish, firebrats, as well as earwigs, share similar qualities, such as their choice for wetness, being mostly nighttime, as well as having reasonably fast activities. These three pests come from the insect class, yet silverfish and firebrats are in the order Thysanura, while earwigs remain in the order Dermaptera. The difference is earwigs have two appendages protruding from their abdominal area, while silverfish, as well as firebrats, have 3. This provides silverfish and firebrats their usual label “bristletails”.

These 3 insects can be severe annoyances, yet they are not dangerous or connected with the spread of any illness. Nevertheless, keep in mind these three parasites are exceptionally immune to malnourishment as well as can live without feeding for extended periods of time. Allow’s obtain technical. Here is a brief review of these three kinds of bugs:


The silverfish is a little insect with a long, slim, flattened body. They have three lengthy bristles coming off of their hind end. Silverfish procedure from 1/2 to 1 inch in size. They are a light shimmery grey to blue color, and also they cross surface areas in a fish-like means, which is exactly how they received their name. They have no wings yet can run really swiftly. They are nocturnal as well as call for very high humidity levels in order to make it through. Silverfish do not hibernate and also are active year-round.

Yes, silverfish can harm residential property by eating various things throughout your residence. They will certainly feed on glue, clothes, paper, wallpaper, and photos, together with dry goods, like flour, sugar, oats, and any other things that are high in starch or sugar.

No, although they are a bit scary looking, silverfish do not bite or lung diseases. They are taken into consideration to be nuisance insects but can contaminate your food sources as they feed upon them.

Silverfish are drawn to cozy, dark locations with high moisture. They are frequently discovered in cooking area cupboards, basement, attic rooms, in shower rooms, under sinks, and also in the utility rooms. They are drawn to paper as well as can be harmful to products stored in cardboard boxes.


Firebrats are grayish-brown as well as polychromatic with darker places on their back. Their body is tapered from front to back and also is somewhat carrot-shaped. Two of their most distinguishing characteristics are the presence of a lengthy set of antennae and also 3 long, slender, hair-like frameworks that expand from the last sector of their body — providing the common name, bristletails. Firebrats do not have wings, but move by running rapidly.


Earwigs are long, slim pests that have a distinctive pincher-like pair of appendages or “cerci” at the base of their abdomen. The appendages are where they obtain their nickname “pincher pest” from. Grownups range in size from 5-25mm in length, depending on the type. Typical earwig adults are about 5/8th of an inch in size. They are a brownish-red color as well as can be either winged or wingless. Their diet consists of both plants as well as various other insects. You may acknowledge the earwig from the common misconception that they are connected with. The myth states that they become part of human ears, tunnel into the mind, and then lay their eggs- fortunately, that is simply a misconception and totally false.

Earwigs can enter into houses on outdoor products like plans, papers, boxes, and furnishings that are brought inside your home. However, earwigs usually roam right into houses and also various other buildings unintentionally with fractures in structures, as well as voids around external windows and doors. They are brought in to light as well as will certainly sometimes group to deck and porch locations at nights. Earwigs normally infest houses and services when the weather ends up being also warm or completely dry for them. They will certainly relocate inside to discover dark, damp areas to conceal in. When infesting homes they can be found in cellars, bathrooms, kitchens, under stacks of newspapers or magazines, and also under potted plants. They might likewise relocate inside to search for food.

Getting rid of earwigs from your home can be an irritating job. Minimizing the wetness levels in your house can help, yet specialist pest control is the best remedy. Specialists can locate all the locations of your residence that the earwigs are hiding in and eliminate them. Parasite specialists will certainly then have the ability to aid you discover the areas of your house that are permitting them inside and also repair them.


If you would certainly such as aid taking care of silverfish, firebrats, or earwigs, speak to the bug control specialists at Any kind of Insect, Inc. today. We have actually been servicing the metro-Atlanta location for practically 3 decades, concentrating on parasite control and we would certainly be more than happy to aid! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

That Earwig in Your House

There are 10 native species of earwigs in the United States, and also they’re benign or perhaps valuable animals. They consume greenery as well as various other bugs. However, it’s a non-native earwig, the European earwig ( Forficula auricularia), that most of us in The United States and Canada will certainly experience.

The European earwig is the one you usually find scurrying around your basement or in your yard. This species was first documented in Seattle in 1907, and also ever since has flourished and also spread out throughout the continent.

It is thought about a home as well as yard insect, although as invasive types go, the effects are rather mild offered the abundance of the types. I know in our backyard garden several leaves are pockmarked from their feeding, and also they can really hammer the raspberries. But they do not have a major financial or eco-friendly effect.

As a matter of fact, a Washington State College research study located that European earwigs can even be beneficial. Researchers found that they exploit aphids, substantially reducing damage in commercial apple orchards.

Superb Moms

Yes, those pincers are kind of creepy (extra on them in a bit). And I admit, it’s tough to discover earwigs captivating. However, consider this: they’re very protective and meticulous mothers.

It’s true– and very rare amongst bugs (particularly non-social bugs). Mommy earwigs carefully guard their eggs, tending them for weeks. They relocate their eggs to a safe spot. Researchers have actually attempted to put small wax spheres in their middle. The earwig will at first look after them, yet the fragrance is wrong, so they are relocated from the nest.

Earwigs likewise brush the eggs, eliminating possibly unsafe fungus. A paper published in the journal Behavioral Ecology located that this brushing not only eliminates the fungus, yet also uses a chemical to the egg’s surface that has anti-fungal properties.

This maternal treatment expands when the eggs are hatched. In some varieties, the mom continues to look after the earwig nymphs as well as supplies them with food, substantially enhancing their possibilities of survival in the “outside world.” The majority of types stick to their mothers till they have molted two times. Every investigated types of earwig has shown maternal care, according to the Journal of Bug Scientific Research, although the methods and also level of treatment vary. As well as one varieties takes it to an extreme …

Eating Mama

Ladies of the hump earwig protect their young until they are old sufficient to take care of themselves. Anthropomorphically, we might visualize some feeling of gratitude, maybe an insect variation of a hug or Mommy’s Day card. Nope. Young bulge earwigs get ready to leave the nest by transforming mama right into supper. This technique of eating one’s mommy, practiced by other insects also, is called matriphagy.

From an insect’s viewpoint, this strategy makes sense. The mommy is a ready resource of calories, as well as also better the young earwigs do not need to leave the security of the nest to eat. A paper published in the Journal of Ethnology showed that thin provisioning, as the researchers put it, causes boosted survival once the earwigs depart. Mom pays the utmost cost, yet the next generation is fat and healthy when they encounter the extreme world outside the nest..

Earwig Love.

Earwig courtship is reported to be an instead involved affair, as well as consists of use of the pincers. According to the Coping with Pests blog, men use their pincers (called cerci) to compete over women.

As the writer notes:.

” The male courts a female by tapping and rubbing a female on the abdominal area with his forceps and also providing them to the woman. Women nibble the forceps, presumably receiving some chemosensory input to help them choose.”.

Male earwigs have actually supersized genitalia, called virga. In some types, the rod-like virga is as long as the man’s body length, and also two times as long as the woman’s. A study by Yoshitaka Kamimura of the Tokyo Metropolitan University recommended that this extended virga may do greater than inseminate. When the male extracts the virga, which in one type contains a “brim-like idea”, it might clear out sperm from other men that have formerly mated with the woman.

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