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Best vacuum cleaner under £100

While prominent companies like Dyson have created a reputation for themselves by producing powerful, feature-packed versions that cost upwards of £200, don’t be fooled into thinking that more expensive vacuums are always better. There are cleaners under £100 that can compete with more expensive models in terms of suction, performance, attachments, and convenience.

Of course, there will always be trade-offs if you buy a £100 vacuum cleaner, so be specific about your needs. Are you searching for a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction? If that’s the case, you might have to settle for a model with fewer attachments or a lower dust capacity. Is it critical for your vacuum to have a good filtering system? If this is the case, the model’s motor may be weaker.

You should also not assume that vacuum cleaners under £100 are all made by obscure brands. Some of the best vacuum manufacturers, including Numatic (of Henry fame), Vax, Bosch, and others, make vacuums in this price range.

The best vacuum cleaners under £100 are listed below (or close to it). We tried to include models from various categories, such as cordless, uprights, handhelds, and cylinders. In addition, we’ve produced a quick guide on what to look for when buying a machine in this price range.

What to Look for in a Low-Cost Vacuum Cleaner

As previously said, a vacuum priced under £100 will never have everything. While there are some outstanding models available, don’t expect them to match the overall performance of a more expensive appliance. Instead, seek out a model that succeeds in the most important areas to you.

Powerful suction

Suction is typically a problem with low-quality vacuums. Fortunately, advances in motor technology have resulted in machines with a strong suction force that cost less than £100. Regulations in the EU that limit power usage, have prompted manufacturers to come up with new ways to increase cleaning performance, which has aided the budget end of the market.

Capacity for dust

Vacuums with a small dust container, especially those with strong suction, must be emptied frequently. Look for a model with a high capacity if you want to reduce how often you have to open your appliance.

System of filtration

HEPA filters eliminate over 99 percent of dust particles and microorganisms from exhaust air if you suffer from allergies. However, purchasing a model with a HEPA filter (or purchasing a filter separately) can increase the price. If your vacuum doesn’t have a washable filter, you’ll have to buy replacements.

Bags or No Bags

Bagless models have been increasingly popular in recent years, but they aren’t always the greatest choice – especially if you have allergies. On the other hand, purchasing bags can increase the vacuum’s lifetime cost.

Best Cylinder Vacuum under £100

1: Numatic Henry Compact HVR160

The Henry Compact HVR160 from Numatic is a smaller version of the famous Henry. It’s a workhorse vacuum with a 6-liter dust capacity, adjustable floorhead, and a range of accessories — and it comes at a great price.

Before we proceed any further, keep in mind that the Henry Compact’s price ranges from £90 to £115, so it’s not always under £100. However, the performance is good enough that we recommend spending a little extra money on it because it’s a great vacuum. ​

But how does the Henry Compact stack up against the conventional Henry and competing vacuums?

The HVR160, like the rest of the Henry Hoover line, is a bagged vacuum cleaner with a high capacity and a straightforward design. It’s dubbed the “frugal” family member because it’s less expensive while providing comparable cleaning results. A 10-meter power cord and stainless steel extension tubes are included with the Henry Compact.

The Henry Compact is, as you might assume, smaller than the conventional Henry. The dust capacity has been trimmed from nine to six liters, which is still sufficient for most individuals. Aside from that, it features the same dependable and long-lasting design that we’ve all come to appreciate.

Most notably, it has powerful suction and good cleaning capabilities. It’s our top recommendation if you need a vacuum for heavy cleaning but is on a budget. It’s also a versatile vacuum because of the attachments.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The circular form of the Henry Compact makes it difficult to use on stairs, but this is a problem with other Numatic vacuums. When it comes to scooping up heavier debris, it’s also not the best we’ve seen. Numatic, on the other hand, hasn’t added automatic cable rewind.

Even so, the Henry Compact HVR160 is the best option if you’re searching for a reliable, powerful cylinder cleaner for under £100. It’s a powerful and simple-to-use bagged vacuum that offers great value for money – but don’t anticipate the complex capabilities found on more expensive cylinder vacuums.


  • Superb suction power
  • Large capacity
  • Great value for money


Price Range: ££

Power: 620W

Weight: 7.5kg

Dust Capacity: 6 liters

2. Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Max Pet

The Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Reach is our best recommendation for under £100 if you’re searching for an upright vacuum (replacing the Zanussi ZAN2000A, which is no longer in production).

It’s not usually available for under £100, just like the Henry Compact above, because prices fluctuate. It’s generally about this price, and even if you pay a little more, it’s still a fantastic vacuum for the money.

While it lacks advanced features and has a limited 1.5L capacity, it compensates for these shortcomings with good suction power for such a low-cost device. The Multi-Cyclonic technology, efficient motor, and capable floor head all contribute to this.

A 13-meter cable, stretch hose, many accessories, and an adjustable handle for increased comfort are among the other features. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 4.9kg and fitting into our lightweight vacuum category.

The Vax is a superb carpet and hard floor cleaner in terms of performance. Its power through the hose is a mild letdown, but that’s to be expected from a cheap vacuum. It’s also ineffective on laminate or tiled floors, but it works wonders on the hardwood.

Vax has included a turbo pet tool with this model, which is a plus. This may be used to remove hair from couches, stairwells, and automobiles.

Overall, the Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Max is a great upright vacuum cleaner for about £100. You won’t be disappointed if you’re searching for excellent suction power and all-around performance — even though it lacks advanced functions. It’s also rather light and easy to move around.


  • Suction power is exceptional
  • Tool for turbo-charging your pet
  • Lightweight and with a large cleaning radius


Price Range: ££

Power: 820W

Weight: 4.9kg

Dust Capacity: 1.5 liters

3. Black + Decker Lithium Compact Pivot

One of the most popular selections for a handheld vacuum under £100 is the Black+Decker Lithium Compact Pivot. It’s a handsome model with a lot of unique characteristics, not the least of which is the pivot design, and it’s offered for a very low price.

The two main advantages are the lithium technology for increased suction and the pivot design for cleaning on top of cupboards or other challenging spots. Other features include ECO charging technology, which allows the vacuum to charge four times faster than other handheld vacuums, as well as a high-performance motor.

The Black+Decker Lithium Compact Pivot is lightweight and simple to use, aside from its pivot design. It lacks the versatility of handheld vacuums like the Dyson V6 Trigger Pro, but it is significantly less expensive. 

While no handheld can compete with the suction power of a cylinder or upright vacuum, the Black+Decker provides plenty of “oomph” for spot cleaning. Its pivot design makes it easy to get into tight spaces, and the quick charge time makes it handy to use.


  • For a portable vacuum, it has a lot of suction force
  • Runtime 10 minutes
  • Fashionable design


Price Range: £

Power: 980W

Weight: 1.9kg

Dust Capacity: 0.44 liters

4. Vax Air Stretch Pet Cylinder

The Vax Air Stretch Pet is a popular choice among pet owners searching for a low-cost vacuum. It’s a cylinder model that’s meant to collect more pet hair and dander than other cheap versions, making it an excellent choice if your dog or cat won’t stop shedding.

The pet turbo tool is the most crucial feature. This gives you more force when removing hair from upholstery, other fabrics, and stairwells. A HEPA filter is included in the vacuum to collect tiny particles and pet dander.

The Air Stretch Pet also has a 6-meter power cord, a hose that extends over 4 meters, and a 1.5-liter dust capacity. It’s also built to work on both hard and soft floors, and the automatic cable rewind is a handy feature.

However, there are a few disadvantages. While it produces impressive suction for a budget vacuum – especially considering how “plasticky” it feels – it can’t compete with the power of more expensive versions. Although the combination of a 6-meter chord and a flexible hose provides a respectable cleaning radius, we wish it had a longer cable.

If you’re searching for a budget vacuum that can manage pet hair, the Vax Air Stretch Pet is a terrific option — as long as you have realistic expectations. While it isn’t the best pet vacuum on the market, which is understandable given the price, it can compete with much more expensive devices.


  • To remove pet hair from upholstery, use a turbo tool
  • Effective in terms of energy usage
  • A HEPA filter traps allergens


Price Range: £

Power: 850W

Weight: 5.5kg

Dust Capacity: 1.5 liters

5. Bush V18P01BP25DC Cordless Vacuum

The Bush V18P01BP25DC is a cost-effective cordless vacuum with a lot of versatility. It’s a 2-in-1 model, which means it can clean most house areas in both handheld and stick modes. It also has capabilities like a turbo mode and a motorized floor tool often found in higher-priced vacuums.

While the Bush isn’t designed for heavy-duty cleaning, it’s ideal for little spills and clean-ups. It also boasts a 45-minute duration on a single charge, is lightweight, and comes with a variety of accessories.

Is it, nevertheless, worth purchasing when compared to other cordless vacuums? ​

Bush’s most notable characteristic is its low price tag, not its cleaning ability. While it’s a good vacuum for quick clean-ups, don’t expect it to get rid of dirt and dust embedded in carpet fibers. It also has poor filtering, insufficient suction (except in boost mode), and has difficulty with bigger debris.

It is, however, easy to store and does not “feel” like a budget hole. It’s also a fraction of the cost of the most expensive cordless vacuums.

The Bush could be a decent alternative if you’re searching for an inexpensive cordless vacuum cleaner for under £100 that’s good for short clean-ups. While the filtering is poor and the suction is feeble, this is to be anticipated from a budget cordless vacuum.


  • Modes stick and handheld
  • The film lasts 45 minutes
  • A motorized floor tool and a power boost setting for increased suction


Price Range: £

Weight: 2.3kg

Dust Capacity: 0.65 liters


While the most costly vacuum cleaners can cost over £300 – or even more for the most expensive versions – the best vacuum cleaners under £100 can function just as well as much more expensive models. However, you need to be cautious about which model you buy, as there are several sub-par vacuums in this price range.

Because of its huge capacity, strong suction, and dependability, the Henry Compact is arguably the finest option for all-around performance. However, the other types on this list are all fantastic choices depending on whether you want a portable, cordless, or upright device.

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