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Best printer for carbonless paper | Top reviews

A printer is a very important thing to have. You need it if you are in an office, doing work. It is also really helpful for printing things. A type of paper called carbonless paper is used more now, too. It is good because the special coating on both sides can’t be broken with a laser printer.

Today, we will discuss with you the 3 best printers for carbonless paper. We researched to find which are the best. Carbonless paper can work with all printers, but it is still essential to know about a few good ones for printing carbonless forms.

What is carbonless paper?

Carbonless paper is a type of paper that does not make carbon when you copy something. But it was clunky and tricky to use, so they made new paper for this instead.

The carbonless paper has clay and dye that causes a line to come up when you push on the paper. The clay is on the top of the paper, and the dye is in capsules. When you push on it, it breaks and mixes with the clay.

Benefits of Carbonless Laser Forms

  • Laser carbonless paper is different than other kinds. There are many benefits of using this kind of paper. First, it is more use-worthy than traditional carbonless paper.
  • The next difference is that there are few copies made with carbonless laser paper. The last difference is that it does not use ink, so the papers seem cleaner and more professional.
  • Carbonless paper gets solvent quickly and can cause damage to the printer. Laser papers let you do work quickly without errors in transcription. You don’t need to throw away laser paper after a few months like you need to with traditional carbonless paper.
  • It is a good idea to use carbonless laser forms because they will not let anyone change the paper. The paper will be clean and neat. You can make the paper customized by doing it on your computer and sending it back to get reprinted.

 Best Printer for Carbonless Paper 

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Wireless Printer

There are a lot of printers, but you don’t know about the one that is a well-known brand. Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is a premium printer with easy to refill ink tanks. It has a high capacity, and it’s easy to print on paper too.

This printer has a lot of features. It can refill its own ink, so you don’t have to worry about buying new ones. The printer refills last for a long time, too. You will not have to worry about wasting ink or money on this printer!

This 3rd generation printer is smaller than the old one. The wifi stability is better too. When you print, you get something that looks perfect because of the brilliant colors and sharp text. Carbonless paper printing will be flawless too.

The printer does not make much noise when it prints. It can also print without lines. 

Highlighted features:

  • This printer has high-quality printing. 
  • It is easy to use. 
  • It has 250 papers and also 30 pictures.
  • You can have a wireless or wired connection with it too.


The cover for the paper feeder is missing. That means that the papers will get dirty with dust. The printer doesn’t support A5 documents.

  1. Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer

The Canon Pixma TR150 wireless printer is a color printer. People use it because they don’t have to be near a computer. It can print from anywhere because you don’t need a wire. The printer is 2.6 inches long, 7.3 inches wide, and 12.7 inches tall, and weighs 5 pounds with the battery in it (which you need to buy). This device is very good for printing pictures if this is what you want it for.

The printer is good at printing. It can print colorful pictures, charts, graphs, and more. You can also print calendars or cards too! The printer will take about 50 seconds to print one page in color.

The Canon Pixma has two ink cartridges. One is a dye-based ink cartridge, and it has 3 colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow. The other is pigment-based and prints colorful photos up to 8.5″ x 11″ in size. The printer also has a 1.44-inch OLED display that makes printing convenient anytime, anywhere, and can work with any wireless option like USB or wifi. Additionally, it can work with mobile apps on android, smartphones, or iOS, as well as Apple AirPrint or canon’s different apps too!

Highlighted features:

  • This printer is the right size and weight for a desk. 
  • It can print colorful photos, make carbonless paper, and make excel spreadsheets. 
  • The printing resolution is up to 8 1/2 x 11 inches. This printer works with all devices and apps, even wireless ones!


The printer must be near to the wifi connection. It does not allow for double-sided printing.

  1. HP LaserJet Pro M404n Laser Printer

HP printers are taking over the market. HP printer pro M404n is a good printer. It has security features to protect you from threats and pin or pull printing.

This printer keeps your data safe and secure. It can print 40 pages in one minute. The printer has an input tray that stores 250 sheets of paper or more. There is a cover so that your paper does not get dirty by dust when it is in the tray. 

The Ethernet connection works with any type of connection and has a graceful appearance. It also prints better and can share resources. Additionally, the printer is environmentally friendly because it saves energy and reduces waste in the paper. 

This printer has cartridges that save ink. It is an original HP 58a/58x toner cartridge. They help avoid reprints and use ink at the right amount. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, so this printer is perfect for your office to print plain paper, carbonless paper, brochures, invoices, and more.

Highlighted features:

  • This printer has a way to protect your information.
  • It prints 40 pages in one minute.
  • The printer also has an Ethernet connection, so you can connect it wirelessly or with a USB cord.


The printer can’t print color papers or cardstocks. The toner price is also a little high.

Final words

A good carbonless paper printer is a great choice for your business. Our article told you about 3 of the best printers and gave some facts that might help you make your decision. Don’t just buy one because it is pretty; follow our advice and find the right printer that will work well with your business needs.

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