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Best pizza toppings

It has sparked a slew of wars and controversies. It has shattered entire families, if not entire nations. Of course, we’re talking about the age-old pizza debate: which topping is the best? Everyone has an opinion, but what about those of us who make the pies that we preach about? We decided to offer them a platform to lay it all on the line and tell the world the true order of pizza toppings because their scientific expertise has gone untapped for far too long.

We asked Nino Coniglio of Finest Pizza in New York and Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara, the indisputable master of all (pizza) creations, to weigh in, and this is how they evaluated them, from worst to best.


Pineapple is a poor, misunderstood fruit. It was universally voted the worst pizza because of its inherent wateriness, which muddled the texture of the pie — not to mention the fact that you couldn’t get it in Italy back then. Although many individuals have a soft spot for it, our pizzaiolos believe it is strictly forbidden.


Surprisingly, the ham was deemed too thick and sticky to top a classic pie while being the least popular of the three. Hawaii is kept in the dark.


Our guys think that peppers only give a sensory element to a pizza when they’re on top of it, so they definitely would’ve done better if they weren’t so bland. They have a good snappiness to them, but there isn’t much else to them.


We’ve got mushrooms in the solid middle of the pack, which crisp up to a wonderful earthiness when cooked but don’t quite make it out into the brilliance of the better locations due to their high water level and relative blandness without the addition of garlic or onions. People, it’s just better when they’re together.


Olives are a contentious topping since they can be subtly salty or overpoweringly chemical-y. Olives fall short of expectations when it comes to the smaller, canned black olives (with excellent ferrous sulphate!). The pizza, however, will rejoice when salty, natural kalamata olives are substituted. Man, get rid of the can!

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Our pizzaiolos couldn’t agree on where spinach should go on a pizza. According to Nino Coniglio, spinach has a place in the pantheon of pizza toppings, but it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi in the texture department, and Domenico can’t bring himself to accept it. You can mock us for eating spinach and olives, Popeye, but there are certainly toppings that contribute more to the overall profile of the pizza than spinach. However, it is suitable for vegans.


The simple onion, which, when placed on top of a pizza, provides it an unrivaled salty sweetness, was the second vegetable that made our list. Even while onions’ inherent sugars caramelize when cooked, they can’t compete with the meaty enticement of what’s to come.


Even though bacon isn’t normally a pizza topping, it takes third place due to its smokiness, crunch, and the fact that — well, it’s bacon?! This is possibly the only location on the list where the top spot was earned solely on merit (Nino Coniglio just plain loves the stuff on everything — pizza included). It always comes out on top when it comes to bacon on its own. However, some meats are better suited to pizza.


The doctor ordered a great spicy or sweet Italian sausage… on his pizza because it’s tasty that sense, and he’s hungry (typically, doctors are reluctant to prescribe it otherwise). Sausage on pizza has a long and illustrious history, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Also, because a good sausage is made up of a variety of flavours, like fennel and fiery red pepper, it adds a degree of spicy complexity to the profile that no other component can match, according to Mr. DeMarco. However, it is texturally deficient, which is why the top slot belongs to…


Pepperoni, oh, pepperoni. Where would we be if you weren’t here? The pepperoni’s pungent flavour, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and, in the case of natural-casing pepperoni, the meaty, scorched bite of the curled-up edges Our pizza specialists were unanimous in their opinion that pepperoni is the best pizza topping. Therefore, there is no need for further discussion. All of the others are merely mimicking.

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