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Best mortgage brokers in Australia

If you’re seeking a lender, you’ll need a mortgage broker on your side. They act as middlemen, connecting borrowers with the appropriate lenders based on their needs and financial position. Their work is critical, especially for borrowers who often find the world of loans complex and complicated.

By handling the application procedure, mortgage brokers not only save the borrower time and effort but also preserve them money throughout the life of the loan. A mortgage broker can help you with anything from buying your first home to extending your investment portfolio to refinancing.

Because choosing the appropriate mortgage broker can be time-consuming, we’ve compiled a list of the best mortgage brokers in Australia.

Lydian Financial Services

Lydian Financial Services, directed by Christopher Booth, is a mortgage brokerage firm that offers mortgage brokers the tools they need to succeed. They provide full administration, back-office support, CRM and credit advising software that is fully integrated, an online chat community, and administrative team access. Not to mention marketing automation tools and a whole lot more.

Lydian Financial Services collaborates with brokers who own B2B professional services firms to support their clients’ debt and financing requirements. They offer a huge team of qualified and skilled financial planners.

Mortgage brokers get the infrastructure and support they need to succeed with Lydian Financial Services. They supply mortgage brokers with a variety of services and features that enable them to develop and succeed.

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My Loan Choices

Miguel Gonzalez founded my Loan Choices, a Mortgage Broker with over 16 years of experience in the finance industry to assist Australians in achieving their financial goals. Clients have praised them for their professionalism, excellent communication (by making the procedure simple to grasp and keeping customers informed at each step of the process), and most significantly, for becoming a trusted advisor for life. They’re in Melbourne’s Doncaster East neighborhood.

Miguel began his work in 2005 as a Credit Analyst, where he learned the entire back-end procedure of a loan from beginning to end. He realized he wanted to do more for customers and have more personal connections to assist them in making the best decisions throughout his time as a Credit Analyst. That’s why he decided to pursue his love for helping people and sharing his knowledge of finance and the financing process by becoming a Mortgage Broker.

Miguel and his team are now working on a series of informative YouTube videos and a Spotify podcast to assist First-Time Home Buyers, as well as homeowners and investors, in the process of qualifying for a Home Loan and improving their financial situation.

Miguel and his wife are also passionate about giving back to their community, so they are presently working with Vision Australia as Puppy Careers for Ray, a black Labrador-Golden Retriever mix who will begin formal training to become a Seeing Eye Dog in November.

Atlas Broker

Atlas Broker was founded in 2011 by four partners focusing on Equipment Finance. They were on a quest to build a diversified company that could meet a wide range of client needs and expectations by being inventive and brave in whichever area they decided to enter.

 All of their companies have expanded significantly, but they remain committed to their basic principles of compassion, bravery, honesty, innovation, and respect. These values guide every choice they make and every action they perform.

Though the COVID pandemic has been difficult, the future seems promising. Atlas Broker’s team and staff have a diverse skill set and can handle any situation, from the most complicated transactions to the most straightforward cases. 

Atlas Broker loves to work in the background, and they believe they are doing a good job when the client is unaware of their presence. They are the supporting cast, providing a wide range of commercial, residential, asset finance, and commercial insurance services.

Boss Money Mortgage Brokers

Since 2004, I’ve been a mortgage broker. Tom Uhlich of Boss Money Mortgage Brokers is a fantastic broker. Summer has a background in the property as a real estate agent, and Tom started his career as an accountant, so they wanted to combine their experience and expertise to create something of value.

Over 40 lenders are represented by Boss Money Mortgage Brokers, who offer home loans, commercial loans, personal loans, and car leases. They know what they’re doing and give great services to their clients, but they also have fun doing it. They work with a back-office team that does all of the heavy lifting, which is crucial to the brokerage’s success.

They go above and above for their clientele, going above and beyond to ensure that they always deliver on their promises. Last month, for example, they needed to make a hasty settlement and arranged for a solicitor to open their office after hours so that the clients could sign the forms. Tom traveled to Sidney the next morning to personally deliver the paperwork, settling the matter the next day.

Clients can count on Boss Money Mortgage Brokers to deliver on their promises 100 percent of the time. They strive for excellence, with a weekly target of improving by 1%, so clients can expect innovation. They never quit up on a client and consider themselves responsible for everyone they choose to collaborate with.

Ijarah Finance

Ijarah Finance, founded by Wally Ayad, is an Islamic finance company that provides clients with rental-based financing rather than interest-based financing. They make their items available through third-party brokers having access to the community.

Ijarah Finance is led by a group of specialists that have been named among Australia’s Top 100 Brokers. In the fields of residential and commercial lending, they offer Prime and Semi Prime products. They enable brokers to provide clients with rental-based and sharia-compliant financing alternatives.

Because no other businesses use an Islamic approach, they stand out from the crowd and are known for providing superior services and products. Ijarah Finance assists brokers in providing something unique and truly beneficial to clients seeking faith-based financing solutions.

Ijarah Finance is dedicated to assisting clients in purchasing a home or business property without the need for an interest-based mortgage. They provide items that may be customized to meet specific demands, which is far superior to a cookie-cutter approach.

Nick Ball

Nick Ball works for Inovayt Finance as a finance broker. He helps his clients realize their financial goals, whether they are in the property, business, or investment, as an ex-business banker with a heart for people. Nick specializes in giving first-time homebuyers and investors and self-employed business owners real estate and professional services competent assistance.

Nick is a client’s go-to person for advice. His service goes beyond simply making bank or product suggestions; he considers his clients’ long-term needs and goals to develop a finance strategy that will help them get there.

Inovayt is a leading privately held financial services company with a central office in Melbourne and finance brokers and financial advisors all throughout Australia. Our company is customer-centric, and we place a high value on exceptional customer experiences and outcomes. We partner with our clients for the duration of their financial journey, not just for a single transaction at Inovayt.

SA Wealth Group

specializing in wealth creation, preservation, and protection For professionals, company owners, pre-retirees/retirees, and their families, SA Wealth Group is the boutique private advising and finance broking firm of choice. SA Wealth Management was founded in 2011 by Paul Katranis, the Director and Principal Advisor, in response to a significant lack of quality with continuous service and guidance. SA Wealth Group was created to understand the needs of consumers of all demographics, with a focus on building rapport and maintaining professional relationships with clients. This allowed SA Wealth Group to shift the public’s perception of brokerage firms.

SA Wealth Group’s staff distinguishes itself from standard brokerage firms by taking the time to get to know you or your business in order to uncover your beliefs and objectives. Their advisers and brokers work with a diverse spectrum of clients, from young professionals and families looking to create and safeguard wealth for the present and future to business owners and well-established companies. The method is the same regardless of the client or the sophisticated or important financial challenges they are dealing with.

SA Wealth Group uses the information gathered from clients seeking financial guidance to build sound wealth foundations and, as a result, establish an actionable path to success. The staff goes above and beyond to guarantee you succeed by keeping you on track, revisiting stated goals, and making any required changes. Look no further than SA Wealth Group for a mortgage broker who will work with you and your financial circumstances.

Axton Finance

Axton Finance, led by Clinton Waters, is a family business with a team of experienced brokers who specialize in various areas of lending. Home and investment loans, construction loans, ex-pat lending, and private banking solutions are all available through them. Clinton and his team have established a reputation by delivering outstanding client results and cultivating long-term connections. For them, clients are more than just transactions or statistics.

To guarantee that clients’ every financial need is met, Axton Finance connects them with trustworthy professional partners in the fields of wealth management, risk insurances, buyers advocacy, property management, conveyancing, and attorneys. Their approach is centred on achieving great customer outcomes, and they place high importance on honesty, which is the foundation of their company.

They believe that relationships are the foundation of their business. Thus they work hard to develop relationships with clients and earn their trust in order to encourage repeat business and recommendations through word of mouth. At Axton Finance, they structure their procedures and service style around the needs of their clients. 

Clients are treated with warmth, compassion, and an understanding of their needs and desires by Axton Finance. Mortgages are a big deal, no matter how big or small they are because they come with a lot of obligations. This is why they spend time educating their clients so that they may make well-informed decisions and carry out their plans with confidence.

EXP Financial Group

EXP Financial Group was founded by Angelo Lekkas in 2013 and specialized in residential, commercial, and construction loans. Since he was a child, Angelo has always aspired to be an AFL professional player or an Olympian. He became well conditioned for a very rigorous life of hard labor, devotion, and sacrifice as a result of his early involvement in athletics.

He was drafted first overall by the Hawthorn Football Club in the National AFL Draft in October 1993, when he was 17 years old. He played professional football with the Hawthorn Football Club for 12 years. He was a state and country representative and a two-time runner-up for the best and fairest winner.

After achieving his youth football aspirations and looking ahead to his next phase, he was in high demand for a sports manager post. After considerable thought, he realized he had a strong desire for change and accepted a position as a loan manager with the ANZ Bank. By 2013, he built up a strong clientele database and launched his own company, which became EXP Financial Group.

EXP Financial Group has experienced great growth in recent years and has a devoted customer of construction firms. They’ve also amassed a database of high-profile personalities, including professional football players and athletes. They specialize in complex self-employed loan conditions, but they can obtain financing for anyone, whether individuals or businesses. They recognize the difficulties that Australians face and give refund proposals that demonstrate a real concern for their client’s financial well-being.

Angelo Lekkas’ brand is always evolving and growing into new regions.

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