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Best Factorio Mods – Factorio Overhaul Mods – Answer Diary

Factorio is a construction management & simulation game and very popular already. Read about Best Factorio Mods ever created for this game.


Factorio is considered one of the best construction and management simulations in the history of gaming. As per the main story, one engineer is crash-landed on an alien planet and must use all resources to build a rocket to return home. Its open-world game follows a fantastic story but is not limited to the primary campaign only. As a player, you must explore the planet, find resources and use your excellent management skills to utilize them for better use.

Like other games of the same concept, you must know that some of these resources are always limited. Careful use of different resources is essential, but some of them you can find a lot. There is a factory-style system that becomes better with time after the player finds better resources to utilize. It’s not just about building a rocket; the player must survive on this unknown planet when exploring, and anything can happen anytime.

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What are the 20 Best Factorio Mods?

To download all mods created for this game, you can always visit their official site, “Factorio Mods.” Unlike most other games, this game’s creator focuses on mods for this game by supporting it with a large platform. But there are over 500 mods available, and impossible for players to choose the best one. 

In this list of 20 mods, you can find different mods based on stat for the game. Each mod represents an entirely different style and details or is connected to a unique category of changes.

Rate Calculator

Now, this mod can help players calculate almost all vital stats for selected areas. It shows you production, consumption rates for material, heat, electricity, and more. Now players don’t need to check for maximum output with some calculator and plan for everything to happen in a few hours. All they have to do is choose a specific area, and that’s it.

Train Network for Players

If any player is using the train for transportation, this mod can help them a lot. For example, it improves who train system with multiple options for maximum production. This mod’s primary purpose is to make these trains more similar to a taxi, easy to access anywhere in the game. It helps players shift almost everything from one location to another, following simple steps.

Fill Storage Tanks

A simple mod that converts tank to storage fill tanks, especially for liquid. It’s hard to trust on different pipes because anything can happen to them at any time. But a storage fill tank can help you with fluid and almost everything essential to be added to use anytime you want.

Fire Place

Simple Fire Place that can serve different purposes for you. For example, you can use it to kill insects, use it as a beacon, and provide heat for everyone and allow players to look at a fixed distance for anything. If you are familiar with a campfire, this is a perfect example for understanding this fantastic mod’s different purposes.

Recipe Randomizer

When we play the same game repeatedly, it started to become boring for us; with this mod’s help, that can randomized recipe ingredients and make you feel like looking at something new every time. It keeps cost fair, makes everything complicated, and allows players to enjoy the game without feeling boring by using a similar interface.

Electric Weapons

If you are looking for a mod that can provide you powerful weapons and ammo to defend and attack, this one is a perfect choice. It includes a shock pulse launcher, electric gun, and rifle with different variety of ammo.

As you can understand from the below image, these are very amazing and powerful against all kinds of attacks by other creatures. Now you can quickly attack them from long range and kill them with more damage than already available weapons in the game.

Electric Weapons


If you are a game lover, everyone always faces one common problem when playing any game. Most of the time, enemies in the game cant fight like humans because of the low level of intelligence. We can quickly complete different missions and defeat or defend against them without much trouble. But this mod for factorio just solves this problem by making enemies hard for you.

You can now face enemies like a human opponent with a lot of tactics. They can make a plan, attack with proper planning, give you a tough time, and create lots of troubles from start to end of the game. Now Attacking enemies is also not easy because you can’t defeat them like a regular computer player. Unlike average opponents, now enemies can build strong defenses with proper settings like humans.

Microwave Transmission

Microwave transmission mods create different towers that can easily charge vehicles and act as transmitters for players. Now you can force charge batteries in the grid when close to the tower and in range of it. It may look like some defense tower to attack enemies with laser guns, but it’s just a harmless tool created with the help of this mod for players.

Pre 0.17.60 Oil

Unlike other mods, this one is not created to provide users with something new to the game. But this mod will give players some options to change current game settings back to the old version. It’s not like just changing or switching between different versions of the game, but you can choose anything you want. The main focus is oil, tech, and different related products and settings.

Kizrak’s Robots

You can now add some robots that can work correctly in your game. This mod’s primary purpose is to focus on Material Expensive, balanced, oil-free, tech-early logistic, and construction robots. You can find many different changes to this game after installing this mod related to almost everything, making the original game better with necessary modifications.

Kizrak's Robots

Infinite Buffer Fluid Tank

The most potent Infinite Buffer Fluid Tank costs a lot to build, but you must know it’s worth it. Instead of producing over 100 different small fluid tanks, now you can make one, and that’s way better. But you must pay a lot of money for this one, which means expansive are the same. It’s not perfect for those who need to work with only a few fluid tanks; you can simply ignore it. But if you play for a long time and require a lot of storage, this one can help you a lot.

Plutonium Energy

The new item is created to produce energy for this game with more power and fewer storage requirements. Plutonium energy can also allow players to experiment with something new to this game. There are also a lot of different weapons connected with this energy that can destroy almost everything. You must know that all weapons production related to this game is expansive to make but deadly compare to standard weapons.

Best Factorio Mods - Factorio Overhaul Mods

Rampant Industry

Now you can find advanced versions of the Oil Refinery Oil Generator, Lab, Storage Tank, Assembler, Chemical Plant, Solar Panel, and Accumulator. It means there is no new addition to the game with something new. You can just find an advanced version of all-powerful items to the next level. These gaming items can now produce more energy, work with more speed, and many other benefits.

The Blueprint Designer Lab

You must know about blueprints and their importance for every game. Now This mod can help you test all of them in one place with perfect options to explore. Install the mod and build the ideal lab that can help you with testing. You can find a lot of different fantastic information about the mod by visiting the below link. There are some problems that everyone must know before installing this mod.

Shield Generators

Shield Generators is the most essential and powerful mod in-game that can improve every single building’s defense in this game. Now you can just install this mod, and it will allow you to activate a shield to increase defenses to the next level. As you can understand from the below image, every attack by the creator can negatively impact your structure, but these shields will help you save everything from destruction.

Shield Generators

Deep Core Mining

Powerful Ore-related tech helps you with deep mining and allows you to explore for more benefits when everything from the mine is depleted. It’s not some cheating mod for extra production but provides you with tools to spend money or invest in some additional ore.

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Realistic Ruins

Over 40 new ruins with crash sites are added to the game with the help of this mod. You can now find complete details, history, and critical information related to them, unlike the original game. Its huge addition to playing can improve the gameplay experience, and you can enjoy everything.

Construction Train

Multi-wagon construction trains is a Huge update to mod to take the train to the next level with unlimited options for you. Unlike original game trains, now you can add different weapons for storing all kinds of items at a fast speed. As you can understand from the below image, too many options are available for you in this simple train-related mod.

Construction Train


Nullius is a Factorio pre-sequel that continues the main story with considerable changes to the original game. They replace almost all recipes and technology from the game that can open everything for new options. You play as an android to explore new series of planets with a new adventure waiting for you.


It’s a simple scenario where you can dig through different rocks, allowing you to find the treasure of any kind. They just added unlimited opportunities to this game which is best for those who love adventure.

What is Factorio Pollution?

Pollution is a significant problem in our real world, and it affects all those cities where a lot of industry is built. But Factorio is based on actual life mechanics, which means you can face the same problem in-game. Factorio Pollution is an important factor in the game that can become a considerable problem when players will continue building more. There are many ways to reduce this population in-game; players can find different options & methods to follow throughout the game.

Is Factorio Available on Steam?

It’s one of the best popular games of all time; steam is the perfect place for this popular game level. You can visit Steam Page about Factorio to know everything about it. Players’ reviews, videos, images, price, and everything is added for you. 

What is Factorio Solar Panel?

Solar panels are always great sources of energy from natural light in the real world. You need to build these solar panels in-game to fulfill your requirement of life on an unknown planet. Factorio is mainly built on reality, and that’s means you can use all methods to produce energy in-game that we usually use here. Several Factorio Solar Panels are required in-game to run your factory properly.

What is Best Factorio Base Location?

To get an idea about the best base location in this game, you can always follow different methods. All of these are very simple and help new players a lot.

  1. It’s simple to ask other players to guide you about the best location, which already played this game a lot. With the best sites, you can easily defend and stay connected with the essential resources required to succeed.
  2. You can try different locations on maps and try to find which one is perfect for you. In simple words, you can test random locations and look at results after playing few games.

Which Game is Better? Factorio vs. Minecraft

Factorio is a different type of game because it’s based on the survival and construction of a large factory. Many players love this game and still enjoy it after a very long time. But you cant say this game is better than Minecraft at all.

You can find millions of active Minecraft players and too many different patches, mods, and everything available for it. Minecraft is a different game with other types of concepts, but it’s better than Factorio because of the number of players, support, and continued updates.

What is Factorio “How to Repair”?

How To Repair is a popular concept or set of tools that allow players to fix the different buildings in Factorio. The process of repairing is, straightforward but you must have all the essential tools at your disposal. With game progress, you can always find better tools that help you improve. Read an essential short guide on the same topic available on Caffeinated Game to clear all concepts about it.

Which Game is Better? Factorio vs. Space Engineers

Space Engineers is better than Factorio because of the limitation in gameplay and locations. You can explore a lot of planets and build ships to survive in vast space. There is no limit like Factorio and unlimited possibilities to expand an adventure game.

But Factorio is based on construction, and it’s better than Space enginers if you compare their complication level. In simple words, Space Engineer is better because of no limit and vast space to explore, and Factorio is better because of its perfect construction and complex system.

What is Factorio Controls?

Visit Yekbot to explore all available keys that can help you play Factorio more easily. You can also find some of those short keys below. These keyword quick keys’ primary purpose is to allow players to enjoy the game fast by pressing few buttons.

  • move-up=W
  • move-right=D
  • move-left=A
  • move-down=S
  • open-character-gui=E
  • open-technology-gui=T
  • close-gui=E
  • mine=mouse-button-2
  • build=mouse-button-1
  • build-ghost=SHIFT + mouse-button-1
  • remove-pole-cables=SHIFT + mouse-button-1
  • copy-entity-settings=SHIFT + mouse-button-2
  • paste-entity-settings=SHIFT + mouse-button-1
  • select-for-blueprint=mouse-button-1
  • select-for-cancel-deconstruct=SHIFT + mouse-button-1
  • open-gui=mouse-button-1
  • show-info=ALT
  • next-weapon=TAB
  • pick-item=mouse-button-1
  • stack-transfer=SHIFT + mouse-button-1
  • inventory-transfer=CONTROL + mouse-button-1
  • fast-entity-transfer=CONTROL + mouse-button-1
  • toggle-filter=mouse-button-3

What is Factorio Modpacks?

Mod packs in games are always a collection of different maps, units, and other austere settings. You can read about Factorio Modpack and also download them from the official site. It’s important to understand that these packs are different from mods as they contain some maps and act as an expansion of already available features. 

Is Factorio Modding possible for everyone?

Factorio Modding is not possible for every player who wants to change whatever they want in-game. Learning about how to create mods is not easy, but many modders already made terrific mods. You can become a student of any famous modder and learn from them about modding. But you must have some own personal learning skills to reach the next level.

What is Factorio Resource Spawner Overhaul?

Resource Spawner Overhaul is a cool mod that mainly focuses on resources. With some simple changes to the original game, a player can access more resources compared to a regular game. But it’s not limited to just help, but you can find some other minor changes too. 

How to Mod Factorio?

Each game is different from the others, and that’s why their location and process of installing mods are also different from each other. Watch the below tutorial that can help you understand the process of installing mods for Factorio.

What are Factorio Infinite Resources?

Infinite resources if one of the best mod ever created in Factorio History. It can make everything imbalanced and ignore all basic rules of games, but players love it. Over 77k people download this mod and enjoy it with unlimited resources.

What is Factorio Mod Location?

 Sometimes players are perplexed about the location of mods in this game. You can read about all possible paths for Factorio mods for different platforms. 

Here are the file paths for the default installations of Factorio on the following operating systems:

  • For Windows: C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods\
  • For Linux: ~/.factorio/mods
  • For Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/factory/mods


As you can understand from answers to many of the above questions, players are mostly confused about different kinds of mods about this game Factorio. We explain all the essential mods above and answer some of the mods in separate questions for you.

Factorio is not a game for everyone because you must have unique skills to complete different game stages till the end. Share this article in the forum related to Factorio or with friends who love this type of game is always a good idea. It can help us grow and also create better content resources for millions of players worldwide.

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