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Best drones under $200

Even if you have $200 to spend on your next drone, you may still acquire a fantastic gadget. Today’s drones under $200 are frequently superior to machines costing over $500 yesteryear. With the health of our wallets in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most acceptable drones under $200.

All of the machines on this page have been tried and tested by thousands of users, with most of them giving them great ratings. Start by reading our guide to buying your first drone if you’re new to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

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Best Drone Under 200 Dollars

To determine the best drone under $200, we combed through the majority of the available drones under $200 and reviewed all of the reviews provided by people who have purchased and used them. Then, based on their pricing, specifications, and user reviews, we developed a list of the top drones under $200. Please feel free to use the results of our hours of research right now and thank us in the comments later.

1: Holy Stone HS110G FPV Drone

The Holy Stone HS110G is the greatest low-cost camera drone. If you don’t have more than a hundred dollars to spare, this model is for you, but you still want to see where you’re flying in real-time.

While it lacks stability, it may record higher-quality footage than quadcopters with stabilization but no SD card slot. Recording to SD Card means that the videos aren’t shaky and are considerably more enjoyable to watch.

Many users commend the remote controller and app for this drone, so if you’re new to quadcopters, you should have no trouble learning to fly with it.

One of the most significant advantages is that the batteries last a long time and are inexpensive, allowing you to gain more air time. The major disadvantage is that you won’t be able to fly while charging them.


  • Excellent value for money
  • For a beginner quadcopter, the footage quality is excellent
  • Batteries endure as long as they are stated and are inexpensive to replace
  • A fantastic and simple-to-use remote controller
  • App that is well-designed and user-friendly for beginners


  • Outside, it doesn’t hold its position and can be thrown around by the wind
  • Batteries can only be charged within the drone; it is not possible to fly while charging

2. Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera

This model HS120D costs nearly twice as much as the Holy Stone HS110D, including GPS, a separate battery charger, increased stability, and various new video-making choices. It’s a significant upgrade over the previous version, and most users are pleased with the enhancements.

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the camera quality, claiming that better photographs should be anticipated at this price point.


  • The quadcopter’s position is maintained, and it returns to a safe spot thanks to GPS assisted flight
  • Two batteries are included, as well as a charger
  • It also comes with a great drone bag
  • Because of the built-in “follow me,” object tracing, and custom path modes, it works well as a selfie drone


  • For this price, this isn’t a good camera

3. Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

In the same price range as the NH320 and H823H small-quadcopters featured here, the A20 mini drone is another budget-friendly option. The A20 is unique in that it is designed as a toy for children. However, it is also an excellent starter drone for adults. It also lacks the 3D flip feature.

One of its most notable features is the A20 remote controller. It’s smaller than others, making it easier for kids to handle and control. The controller uses 2.4GHz, which ensures a consistent transmission speed and quick response from the drone. It has a 3-Speed Mode for diverse environments and a headless mode and altitude hold, making it simple for beginning pilots to fly.

ACCORDING TO SEVERAL USERS, the A20 has a reputation for being a smooth flyer. It does, however, require calibration every time you turn it on, which is inconvenient. The controller’s transmission performance makes pairing a breeze on the plus side. The landing procedure is also straightforward, and the drone has a soft landing material to cushion it from a hard landing.

The Emergency Stop feature, which allows the quadcopter to land itself if you lose control, is also a standout feature. Although the drone has a headless mode that allows it to be flown in any direction, it also has an LED spotlight and a red tail light for more advanced users.


  • The battery only takes 30 minutes to charge.
  • Construction that is both affordable and of good quality
  • Smaller remote control for children’s hands
  • Indoor flying requires a lightweight and sturdy build
  • For direction, it has a headlight and a taillight


  • Every time you turn it on, it needs to be calibrated
  • The batteries are difficult to remove and replace

4. DROCON Bugs 3 Quadcopter

The Bugs 3 is the most cost-effective GoPro drone. It is surprisingly decent quality, easy to use for beginners, and supports all GoPro models, despite its low price. It also lacks smart flight technologies like GPS and WIFI, but it still provides reliable flights thanks to its greater weight and 6-axis gyroscope. These qualities enable the drone to withstand wind better than other drones in its class, resulting in the crisp camera footage.

It’s worth noting that the Bugs 3 doesn’t come with a camera, but it does come with a GoPro compatible attachment. In addition, the drone has a powerful brushless engine that allows it to move quickly for action pictures. It features night-flying LED lights, which I think is a lovely addition. The drone is equipped with a 1800mAh battery that provides at least 15 minutes of full-throttle flight duration. Although this drone is fantastic, some users have reported losing control of their drones while flying, which is a frequent problem with many models.


  • Brushless motor that is both powerful and quick
  • All GoPro models are compatible
  • Even with severe winds, long control ranges work well
  • The flight steadiness is exceptional
  • Signal alarms and low power
  • It’s ideal for both beginners and experts
  • You may use a 4K camera mount to attach your GoPro or other sports cameras


  • Drone that is more simple and has fewer functions
  • Occasionally, there are issues with the remote controller syncing

5. JJRC H71 Beginner Drone

The JJRC H71 is a low-cost drone with good specs. It will serve well as your first drone, and because of its small size (under 250 grams), it does not require registration. It also has a long battery life and is inexpensive for what it delivers.

It’s best used as a beginner’s training drone or as a play drone for youngsters.


  • Extremely light design
  • Flight time is long
  • Quadcopter with a low price tag
  • Durable and capable of surviving collisions


  • No SD card slot, video is only recorded when the connection is stable
  • Control range is limited


We looked at most of the drones under $200 on the market now and evaluated what others who have used them have to say about them. We also looked at their cost and specifications and determined that the Holy Stone HS110G FPV Drone is the best drone under $200.

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