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Best coffee near me now in Australia

Australia’s coffee scene is widely regarded as the best in the world; home to the flat white, trendy cafes, and micro-roasters, Australian coffee has become a standard in its own right.

The attention to detail found in the majority of Australia’s coffee shops, as well as their support for independent roasters, make it a coffee lover’s dream. We’ve already covered the best coffee shops in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and New South Wales, so it’s time to move on to the best in the entire country.

We solicited suggestions from our audience and contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team for their favorite coffee shops. The overall rating took into account online reviews, previous media coverage, and notable blogs. As a result, One an impressive list of Australia’s best coffee.

Lamkin Lane Espresso

Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar, a minimalist coffee haven hidden down a little laneway, is one of the best places on the Sunshine Coast to get your java fix. The coffee is silky smooth, and the housemade Cold Press will have you wishing for warm weather every day.

Manchester Press

This is how every Melbourne coffee experience should be. Tucked away down a charming city laneway, with a rotating selection of single-origin and filter roasts crafted by expert baristas. 

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Aromas Coffee Roasters

Aromas, one of the country’s oldest coffee roasters, has been roasting artisan small-batch blends in Brisbane since 1982. They have a huge selection of 18 original blends, 12 single origins, and a Rainforest Alliance Certified line. Don’t be fooled by the industrial estate’s appearance – this is high-end stuff.

Sublime Coffee Roasters

They are so passionate about good coffee that they designed and built their own roasting equipment from the ground up to get exactly what they wanted. They claim to be “100% committed to ethical coffee relationships – if it’s good for you, us, and the grower – we’re on board!” The coffee is, indeed, sublime, as the name suggests.

Origin Espresso 

Origin is a charming cafe outpost of Four Mile Roasters, a Port Douglas coffee roaster. The passionate owner’s source, roast, and brew coffee that they enjoy drinking themselves, so you can be sure that every sip will be delicious.

Pixel Coffee Brewers 

We can’t get over how lovely this small-but-mighty coffee shop is – the vibrant tumeric, matcha, and beetroot lattes complement the fresh flowers on the table. Frequent visitors provide coffee beans such as Five Senses, Proud Mary, and Seven Seeds.

The League of Honest Coffee

When you see the Slayer espresso machines, you know you’re in for a seriously good cup of coffee. Their ethically sourced and rotating coffee blends are expertly brewed for one of the city’s best (and coolest) cafes.

Telegram Coffee 

This cute cafe is located within the 19th-century State Buildings – you can tell how good it is by the constant crowds around it. The owner, Luke, has been making coffee for over 20 years, so you’ll be in good hands.

Monday’s Coffee Store 

Monday’s focus is on the wholesale business. However, in the shop, you will be able to sample their product, which is served to absolute perfection by masters: simple, no-frills, and just really good coffee done right.

Ecru Coffee 

Ecru Coffee may be one of Hobart’s smallest cafes, but it holds a special place in the hearts of coffee enthusiasts. It’s Villino’s little sister cafe, where three Probat roasters hum along daily at the offsite coffee roastery, producing finely tuned, delicious coffee.

Single O 

Surry Hills’ Single O is a great little spot to sit curbside and enjoy a single origin pourover, decaf espresso, or espresso of the week. They always strive to source ethically and environmentally sound beans, products, and produce, and they even run their roasteries on solar power. You can truly feel good about your coffee.


It’s incredible how a simple hole-in-the-wall can bring so much joy to so many people. One of life’s great pleasures is sitting out here with your favorite brew when the sun shines—one for dog owners to bring their four-legged companions.

Edward Specialty Coffee

Edward Specialty Coffee, located in the heart of Brisbane, pays close attention to detail. They use Sydney roaster White Horse Coffee for milk-based orders and two different single origins for black coffees. The raw treats and snacks are equally delectable.

Elementary Coffee 

A wholesale coffee roastery, cafe, and retail shop in Adelaide’s CBD focuses on ethically sourcing coffee and treating farmers respectfully. This is a great place to spend an afternoon because of the well-trained and friendly baristas.

Crack Kitchen

Crack Kitchen is a cafe, roastery, and specialty coffee brewer all rolled into one; you’ll always leave completely satisfied. Throw in some of the best brunches in town, and you’ve got yourself a real winner.

Bunker Coffee 

Could this be the most out-of-the-ordinary coffee shop set in the country? Bunker Coffee is housed in a converted 1940s war bunker that has been overgrown with creeping fig vines. They brew with 5 Senses coffee on a regular basis and have a different blend to try every week. Get there early to get one of the fresh pastries before they run out.

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters 

This micro-roaster/coffee house creates delicious coffees with seasonal beans. They’re also extremely open about their entire coffee process, even publishing the prices that farmers or producers received for single-origin coffees and blends.

Sample Coffee St Peters 

Sample Coffee is an award-winning coffee shop with two locations, the most recent of which is in St Peters. The trendy coffee shop features an original 1957 roaster, a coffee-focused cafe with simple food, and a Pro Shop stocked with a variety of brew gear to help you make awesome coffee at home.

The Cupping Room 

The Cupping Room, Canberra’s own coffee shrine, is a concept cafe that takes customers on a flavour journey through various coffee blends. World champion barista Sasa Sestic is on the team, so you’re in good hands. The coffee is provided by Ona Coffee, a fantastic specialty coffee roaster.


Soak in the fresh seaside air at Newcastle Beach before crossing the road to Estabar, one of New South Wales’ must-visit coffee shops. The passion for coffee is evident here, with a seasonally changing menu, creamy gelato, and coffee from Single Origin Roasters.

Fiefy’s Speciality Coffee

It is a high-quality establishment where the only challenge for coffee enthusiasts is ignoring their insanely good hot chocolates. Firefly’s offers its own coffee training, has won numerous awards, and is generally regarded as a mecca for coffee enthusiasts in the area.

Chu Bakery 

While many people come here for the tasty food, the artisan coffee they serve is also fantastic. The cold brew, which is a must-have on those scorching hot days, deserves special mention. And look at how cute the bottles are!

The Rabbithole 

The Rabbithole, a cute little cafe in Darwin’s Smith Street Mall, serves Melbourne-style coffee alongside seriously drool-worthy breakfast options. They serve Campos coffee and have a guest roaster every month. Whether you’re a filter fan or a cold brew enthusiast, you’ll be well taken care of here.

Barrio Collective

Their goal is simple: to serve incredible coffee and delicious food, and they do it exceptionally well. Barrio has a genuine and natural focus on seasonal local produce, and their coffee is sourced from Canberra-based Project Origin and roasted by them.

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