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Best BBQ In Arizona

Phoenix mixes the adventurous spirit and scenic splendor of the west with the contemporary amenities of a large city for those of us drawn to the concept of the wild west but who still appreciate creature comforts.

At a barbeque restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, they serve wonderful pork.

Phoenix has its fair share of cowboy food in the form of casual, family-friendly BBQ restaurants, in keeping with the wild west motif.

Phoenix barbecue joints serve a wide range of barbecue cuisine, including traditional southern barbecue and cutting-edge Arizona interpretations of the craft of smoked meats.

On my most recent visit to Phoenix, I dined at a number of barbecue joints to determine the best selections for you and your family to enjoy a full platter of meats and sides.

The following list of the top barbecue restaurants in Phoenix includes the best examples of all the barbecue specialties, whether you prefer ribs, pulled pork, or brisket.

Little Miss BBQ is a Texas-style barbecue restaurant with a devoted following that is situated in front of the Salt River walking circle and directly across the river from Phoenix’s international airport.

After a trip along the South Mountain route, both locals and visitors swarm to Little Miss BBQ, where there is always a queue out the door for lunch and dinner groups.

Little Miss Barbecue has unquestionably nailed the sweet, tangy, and spicy barbecue sauce that Texas barbecue is famous for, as well as its brisket.

BBQ restaurant and steakhouse Bobby-Q

The Phoenix region has been served by the establishment, formerly known as Bobby McGee’s Bobby-Q Restaurant and Steakhouse, for 50 years.

Bobby Q is a steakhouse, cocktail bar, and barbecue restaurant with locations in Mesa, Biltmore Plaza, and downtown Phoenix. It has a relaxed yet elegant cowboy-chic dining area.

All of their locations feature fantastic happy hours with reduced prices on beers, margaritas, and specialty cocktails.

Bobby-Q offers a wide selection of barbecue dishes that are expertly smoked and spice-rubbed, as well as premium steak cuts, fried chicken, salads, and southwestern-inspired appetisers.

I adored their smoked brisket tacos, which included chopped tomatoes, cabbage, cilantro, cotija cheese, salsa verde, and sliced brisket.

Qbare BBQ

Oren Hartman, pit manager extraordinaire, runs NakedQ BBQ in Deer Valley, a hip, all-encompassing barbecue restaurant. Oren left his position at a Fortune 500 business to follow his passion for barbecue.

To create a meal that includes every type of barbecue, from Kansas City to North Carolina, Chef Hartman travelled across the country.

NakedQ has every region accurately represented, whether you want a dry rub, a North Carolina sauce with vinegar as its base, or a Texas sauce with tomatoes as its base.

The hand-pulled pork sandwich on a brioche bun with a side of their incredible 3-cheese mac and cheese was my favourite dish.

BBQ by JL Smokehouse Fusion

A welcoming, no-frills Southern-style barbecue restaurant, JL Smokehouse Fusion BBQ offers all the well-known regional flavours from Texas to the Carolinas.

JL Smokehouse Fusion BBQ, which is a neighbourhood popular lunch place with a large dining area to handle a lunchtime crowd, is situated just south of Central City.

The extensive menu at JL Smokehouse features pork by the pound, enormous mixed dishes, sandwiches, po’boys, and more.

I adored how they used their delicious meats in foods like loaded baked potatoes and nachos. Whatever you choose to eat, be sure to reserve space for their superb peach cobbler.

Deer Valley BBQ & Catering by Pork on a Fork

Pork on a Fork BBQ, a barbecue food truck and catering business with a Deer Valley location, has won praise from USA Today and the Cooking Channel on a national scale.

Pork on a Fork has been rated best barbecue and a top 10 Arizona caterer company, so you may choose to have award-winning barbecue served to you at home or in a courtyard surrounded by trees.

It’s simple to order at their mobile restaurant since you first choose the type of meat you want to eat before selecting whether you want to eat it by itself, in a sandwich, a burrito, a salad, or a bowl.

I suggest getting their baby back ribs covered in sauce, along with a side of creamy slaw and waffle fries.

BAR-B-Q Danky’s

Paddy Danks, who hails from three generations of ranchers, butchers, and meat suppliers, owns and runs Danky’s Bar-B-Q, a multi-generational barbecue restaurant.

The Danks family began growing cattle and butchering meat in Slovakia, moved the family farm to Michigan, and currently uses meat from their active Paradise Valley restaurant.

For their distinctive brand of barbecue, Danky’s employs the freshest meat and 150 years of slaughtering and smoking.

Family packages, platters, meat by the pound, and great speciality sandwiches are all available on their menu.

I loved the wonderful smoked fried chicken they create with a side of fried okra and pork pit beans and their own barbecue sauce.

BBQ at Trapp Haus

The renowned barbecue food truck owned and run by pitmaster Phil Johnson has its flagship brick-and-mortar establishment at Trapp Haus BBQ, which is situated in the Roosevelt Row Arts District of downtown Phoenix. The trendy dining area has murals painted on the interior and outside walls, trendy furnishings, and a complete bar.

You can now pair a barbecue plate with a variety of desert-inspired cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer at Trapp Haus, whose barbecue has won numerous barbecue competitions across the country.

I ordered the vodka, lime, and prickly pear-infused Pitmaster Pink Drink to go with my platter of sliced pork belly and jalapeño cheddar cornbread.

BBQ at Honey Bear’s

Honey Bear’s BBQ, also referred to simply as “The Bear,” is a venerable downtown Phoenix restaurant serving both families and business travellers since 1986.

The closest thing to soul cuisine you can find in Phoenix is at Honey Bear’s BBQ, a family-run business run by transplants from the south.

In addition to the typical combo plates and sandwiches offered at Honey Bear’s, they also serve dishes from the South such fried catfish, fried shrimp, collard greens, and corn casserole. In order to get their slow-grilled rib tips, I advise going on Fridays.

Additionally, they provide loaded mac & cheese that is covered in BBQ sauce and topped with your choice of pulled pork, brisket, or shredded chicken.


HEK is situated in the Sunset Hills district of North Phoenix, directly across from the picturesque Lookout Mountain. Yeah BBQ is a modest, inconspicuous barbecue business that serves its unique kind of Arizona barbecue on unusual platters.

With 20 years of experience in the barbecue restaurant business, proprietor and pit master Kenny has honed a delectable range of smoked meats.

I advise having the extravagant Mountain Sandwich, which features slow-smoked brisket, pulled pork, and sausage topped with pickles and sliced onions on a brioche bun with a side of green chilli mac & cheese, if you want to try as many different types of meat as you can.

Austin BBQ House

Texas BBQ House is a South Mountain neighbourhood barbecue joint that exclusively serves lunch on Tuesday through Friday. If you prefer to eat outside while enjoying some fresh air, they also have a mobile BBQ truck that travels to a different place every few months.

Texas BBQ House will make you believe that you are in a little Texas town by serving juicy Texas Brisket, enormous turkey legs, and Texas-sized beef and pork ribs with a side of sweet and sour tomato-based sauce.

They also have a tonne of desserts made in the Texas way, including pecan pie and banana pudding. I decided to get the St. Louis ribs, Texas cream corn, and Texas sweet tea from the #3 cheap single-person combo.


Hap’s Pit Barbecue is owner and barbecue visionary Dan Darroch’s home-grown barbecue fantasy come true, and it is situated in Downtown Phoenix.

In 1988, Darroch built the smoker and rotisserie trailer for his now-famous Phoenix meats himself. From that point on, he sold his mouthwatering delicacies made from smoked meats directly from the trailer to rave reviews until he opened the downtown restaurant in 1994.

In addition to serving pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and sausage, Hap’s menu also includes lamb, ham, and whole roasted pigs. I suggest doing a hotlink dog style on a hot dog bun from a local bakery with coleslaw and kettle chips.

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