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Appe Recipe

paniyaram recipe | moment appe recipe | moment rava kuzhi paniyaram with nitty gritty photograph and video recipe. a south indian breakfast recipe which is known as paniyaram in tamilnadu, paddu in karnataka and ponganalu in telugu. regularly paniyaram recipe is ready with extra idli hitter or dosa player, yet this recipe is a moment form ready with semolina.

moment appe recipe

paniyaram recipe | moment appe recipe | moment rava kuzhi paniyaram with bit by bit photograph and video recipe. appe or paniyaram are ready in a unique skillet or form which regularly has 7, 9 or 12 shell shapes. the dosa hitter or extra player is filled each shell which is subsequently steamed by garnish it with some oil. it is subsequently presented with decision of chutney or even sambar for morning breakfast.

I have previously shared the credible and customary paddu recipe which is ready from the left over dosa hitter. anyway I needed to share moment of rendition paniyaram recipe without the problem of splashing and establishing. thus I have utilized ordinary sooji or rava which we normally use it for upma or uppittu. I have even added curd or yogurt which acquaints the sharpness with the hitter. it likewise hurries the aging system when blended in with baking pop. on the other hand even eno natural product salt can likewise be utilized for moment appe recipe in the spot of baking pop. further, add the baking soft drink not long prior to cooking to come by the improved outcome.

paniyaram recipe

while it is one of the simplest moment breakfast recipe, yet a few hints to make wonderful paniyaram recipe. first and foremost, splash the rava well in sufficient curd and water. additionally add vegetables of your decision like capsicum, peas, beans to plan blended vegetable appe recipe. in conclusion, moment paniyaram taste extraordinary when served hot, but can be stuffed for lunch box.

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