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Alternative Singapore Attractions That You Need To Visit

Singapore has more to offer than shopping and great food. The city actually has a lot of hidden places that are begging to be explored. Below is a list of some alternative Singapore attractions that you need to go to if you’re looking for unique activities to do in the city.

Wessex Estate

One of the best Singapore attractions for history buffs is the Wessex Estate. This is a former British Army base that was built in the 1930s and 1940s. Now it’s a cool-looking compound filled with black-and-white colonial-era buildings. The place has become some sort of an art center with its numerous art galleries and studios. You can find some of the artists there and chat with them and listen to their stories. When you get hungry, you can go to Colbar, a sort of a secret cafe that serves Western food and drinks. Wessex Estate is located at 9A Whitchurch Road.

Istana Woodneuk

Do you know that there’s a place in Singapore where you can hunt for ghosts? But first you need to find Istana Woodneuk. It’s an abandoned house that used to be owned by a Sultan of Johor. And like other old abandoned mansions, this one is said to be haunted by spirits as told by people who supposedly had sightings. Finding the place is already a challenge since you can’t find it in any modern map of the city. And you also can’t go outside since it’s a closed private property. But you can view it from afar and take pictures of it if you want. Istana Woodneuk is located along Holland Road.

Marsiling WWII Tunnel & Naval Base

This is another attraction that history and war buffs will surely have a grand time visiting. You will surely have a grand time exploring the old underground tunnels while trying to imagine what it was like during the war. This is an abandoned warsite that is situated in the middle of a jungle. It was used both by the British Royal Air Force and the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. If you want to see the bunker, you need to look for the rope hanging at its small entrance. One of the entrances to the base is located behind a field at Marsiling Crescent.

Bollywood Veggies

If you want to spend a day on a farm then you should go to Bollywood Veggies. It’s also a good place to have lunch consisting of fresh organic produce via the farm’s farm-to-table restaurant. The place also hosts different activities such as cooking classes, hands-on horticultural programmes and farm tours. Bollywood Veggies is located along Neo Tiew Road.

Tanjong Rimau

There are only a few places in Singapore that are undeveloped and one of them is Tanjong Rimau. The area boasts of large rocks, mangrove trails, and tiny hidden caves. It’s a good place to go to if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. Indeed, this is one of most unique Singapore attractions that you can visit. 

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