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A beginner’s guide to playing online carrom

The online gaming industry is doing amazing these days. Our busy lives have dragged us away from playing our favorite games but the online platform has brought back the opportunity to play games of our choice. Whether you are fond of cricket, football, carrom, ludo or any other, you can play these games online. Fantasy games will give you the same experience as the real-ones no matter it is indoor or outdoor. And the best part is that you can enjoy these games with your family and friends which will make you more close to them. And on top of everything, you can even win cash prizes if you win the game.

Among all the games, carrom is enjoyed by every age group. Whether old or young or kid, carrom is a simple yet interesting game to play. If you wonder about playing it online, you can download any carrom app and sign up. This game is all about the tips and tricks and in case of any confusion you can directly refer to the frequently asked question section. Carrom is always a fun game to play whether in a traditional manner or modern manner. Also, the way to play the carrom is the same in both ways. Also, you will be intrigued to know that this game can be played with real opponents. You can win the cash prize and can instantly withdraw it. 

If you are a beginner to play carrom online, the following points will help you:

  • Types of carrom- There are three types of carrom in India- Family point carrom, point carrom and professional carrom. In family point carrom, the rules are pretty basic. If you pocket a black disk, you will get 5 points, 10 points for white and 25 points if you pocket a queen disk. The high scorer will win the game. This game is typically for those who want to spend some quality time with their family and friends. The point carrom is just like the family point carrom but with a minor difference. In this, you will be allotted 1 point for both black and white disks whereas you will be allotted 3 points after pocketing queen. The first one to score 25 points will win the game or the high scorer wins the game in some cases. In tie-breaker, both the players are given a few chances to pocket the disc. The third one is professional carrom in which the players are given a particular color of the disk to cover or pocket. The players have to score at least 29 points. Also, the players cannot pocket the queen before and after the first and last disk is pocketed respectively.
  • Common terms- Some of the common terms used in carrom are queen, foul, break, push due, penalty, covering, thumbing, white slam and black slam. If you are a beginner, make sure to go through these terms which will help you to understand the game better. 
  • Components of carrom- The components of both the traditional and online carrom are the same. It includes a carrom board which is made of wood and is square in shape. It has net pockets in its 4 corners to hold the carrom discs. Also, this includes nine black discs and nine white discs and one queen disc which is pink in color. Also, it has a big disc called striker which is a bit heavier which is used to make the shot. Talking about the design of the board, there is a circle in between the board and has four arrows pointing towards the corners. Also, it has four baselines and each baseline has a small circle in the end. 
  • Learn about the shots- When we see the striker striking the disk, it seems pretty basic. But little do we know that there are different types of strikes or shots in the carrom game. It is very important to know about these shots and learn them. There is a proper technique of doing this which will help you to not commit any kind of fouls. Some of the important shots you need to learn is displacement shot, middle shot, ‘cut and take’, the second hit, board shot and back shot. Once you will start learning and practicing these shots, these will seem pretty simple to you.
  • Know the fouls- The online carrom is quite similar to the traditional carrom in terms of rules and points. However, it is important for you to learn about these fouls so that you can avoid them. Some of the common fouls you should consider while playing is to first pocket the queen and then pocket the carrom man. Many forget about this and end up pocketing the last possible carrom. Another foul is when the player strike below the striker line. Also, if the striker fails to strike after three attempts, that is considered a foul too. To know more, make sure to go through the rules section to avoid any fouls.
  • Practice- If you are new, persistent practice is the only key to ace the game. You can do regular practice on the carrom app and become a master of the game. Once you think you have done enough practice and are ready for the match, you can start playing it to win the rewards and cash prizes. Once you will come across the rules, tips and tricks of the game, you will start finding this game interesting. 

So above are some points every beginner should know while playing carrom. If you are also looking for the online carrom app, you can download the most trusted app in the gaming world called ‘Gamezy’. This is one of the best apps because not only carrom, but you can enjoy other games as well like 8 ball pool. Also, you can earn money by winning the game. You can instantly withdraw the amount after winning the cash prize. You can easily download the Gamezy app on your mobile whether android or iOS. 

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