Tuesday, November 29, 2022

8 Flooring Tips for a Standout Living Room 

Just like kitchens, your living room floors can make a big difference in the final outlook. Whether you go for hardwood flooring or travertine tile floors, each has its pros and cons. That is why it is wise to choose one that suits your lifestyle. In addition to the many flooring choices, your sofa alignment and their colors can play a vital role in your home décor. Laminate Flooring Underlay is also a best for your living room.

Keeping these elements in mind: this article contains eight more factors that can have surprising effects on your living room design. So, arrange your furniture, area rugs, and dining room according to these flooring tips. If you want to make your living space stand out, consider these tricks:

  1. Rustic wooden floors
  2. Colorful area rugs
  3. Painted brick walls 
  4. Travertine tile floors
  5. Wooden centerpieces
  6. A deep velvet sofa
  7. Ceramic tile floors
  8. Low back couches

Rustic wooden floors:

For starters, a comfortable sofa is there for the sake of aesthetics. What makes your living room lavish and stand out is the type of flooring you choose. If you intend to give a rustic flair to your living room, go for hardwood floors. In addition, you should go for a natural wooden texture rather than a synthetic one. Moreover, decorate your living area with wooden beams and neutral rugs. 

Colorful area rugs:

It does not matter what kind of flooring you have: a living room décor is incomplete without notable rug pieces. So, complete the look by picking the best handmade area rugs. It will not only improve the aesthetics but also anchor your furniture pieces. For instance, neutral rugs are perfect with bold home décor. In contrast, go for colorful are rugs to brighten up an otherwise neutral living room. 

Painted brick walls:

A fireplace is as essential as a chandelier in your living room. It is not something to ignore. That is why painted brick walls can enhance your wooden or tiled flooring. If you have an old fireplace, spruce it up by using brick walls. Also, paint it neutral with a dark floor and enjoy the glow reflected on the floor. Cream color paint, in this case, will take you back to the ’70s and its old charm. 

Travertine tile floors:

best Travertine tile floor are stylish and unique because of their natural color and organic visual appeal. So, it is much better to go for earthy tones like beige, gold, rustic, brown, or other tans with neutral wall paints. Also, it will give a natural and old-school feel to the entire room décor. In the same way, sealing tiled floors can make cleaning easier and add to its longevity. It’s common for travertine to have holes in them but Clean Image of Orlando knows how to repair and fill up the holes so your floor looks good again.

Wooden centerpieces:

Everything that rests on your living room floors adds flair to its visual beauty and appeal. So, go for wooden centerpieces placed in the center of the sofa set for a traditional look. On the other hand, a glass-top coffee table reflects modernism in your living room. Moreover, it will add depth and interest to the visual delight of the room. Therefore, try this flooring tip with the help of centerpieces. 

A deep velvet sofa:

A bulky velvet sofa is all you need to spruce up your formal living area. Velvet, in itself, is a luxury material for furnishing- so go for this fabric if you want to make your floors a little more attractive. A purple or a blue velvet sofa will instantly make your living area stand out from the rest. Also, match an elegant area rug that will balance its outlook. 

Ceramic tile floors:

If you love the look of shiny tiled floors, ceramic tile floors are the best floor choice for your home. It is highly durable and stain-resistant for a busy living room setup. Moreover, ceramic is hard-wearing when you have bulky furniture pieces in the living area. In addition, these tiles are sturdy and resistant with a glazed protective sheen. For those who have allergies, use these floor tiles with no area rugs.

Low back couches:

Surprisingly, low-back couches and sofas give a certain flair to your living room space. Also, tufted couches are the suitable choice for open living rooms spaces with a combined dining area. If you are concerned about cleaning beneath them, it is no issue. The reason is that couches are easy to vacuum and maintain along with the floor. This flooring tip will come in handy for your open living space.

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There are many ways to make your living room stand out. For starters, hardwood floors paired with neutral rugs can enhance its visual appeal. In addition, travertine tile floors and ceramic floors are equally resistant and durable for a living room. And wooden centerpieces, a velvet sofa is all that you need for a final touch. For the best tiles, go to Nesttiles and explore your options.