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7 Days To Die Mods – 7 Days to Die Alpha 17 Mods – Answer Diary

One of the best Survival Games ever created in the history of the Gaming World. Read about some amazing trending 7 Days To Die Mods in 2021.


A horror obsession. Get ready to be smacked by a survival horror game. No matter what platform you use, this game was made available for almost every platform. 


In 7 Days to To Die, the players are brought to a randomly-generated world occupied by horror. Being a survivor, you will face hunger, illness, and injuries. The shortage of food, water, and medicines will scare you. You need sustenance in-game. Do not let zombies smell your blood. Beware!

Genre(s): Survival Horror

Mode(s): Single-player, Multi-player

Platform(s): Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Engine: Unity

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What are 20 “7 Days to Die Mods”?

Mods make games more exciting. Install your favourite mods for 7 Days to Die and add scariness to the gameplay. Here is a list of the best mods of this game.


Make the ambiance around you more intense by this mode. You can do cosmetic development in this model. The gameplay will be more deadly because the weather will be more rigorous. Make this infertile soul more prickly. Number one mod in the list of “7 Days To Die Mods”

Why play over a smooth one without any hurdle. Make it intense for you. This mod will make nights more illuminated and bright, creating a haunting trauma. 

Gun skins: This mod will also alter the gun’s skins according to the ambiance. The tinkering of flashlights will make you see clearly in the rain and at night.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:


It’s time for transformation. Are you fed up with this terrifying gameplay? I got you. A change always brings more passion. You can transform this gameplay into a FARMING one by using this mod. 

To survive in the game, you have to fill your appetite. By applying this mod, you can cook meals and save some for later. You can raise your livestock and prepare food also.

Workspaces: You will be provided with a workspace. Isn’t it exciting? A spring season in a traumatic world. Harvest some spices and herbs. Eat your meat smoked. Oh, I can smell it.

Along with, raise chicks. A deep breath after the storm. This mod is going to be so popular.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● SMX: 

This mod is for those who want deep absorption gameplay. The more intense it gets, the more you will be experiencing grim adventures. 

Working: This mod will make your interface more extensive and sludgier. 

You can make this mod active only in-game interface. Even if your inventory is inspected, this will not change your interface. 

This mod is by Sirillion. You want to have a hand on this mod. The HUD emergence will be changed to grimmer, sludgier and immersive.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:


You must be aware of gameplay. It is a survival game. You have to survive against zombies’ horde. This mod fulfills your food and health needs. This mod will make it easy to maintain the state of your players. Tabs are being filled with this mod.

Additional power-ups: Except if the food and health bar gets filled, you can also maintain temperature and present the player’s state. 

Have enough benefit by expanding the XP bar on the HUD. By getting filled stats, there will be more chances of your survival. More power to fight against monsters.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:


The need for existence in this game against zombies is a must. You get out of your comfort zone; zombies will come after you. The roaming zombies will make you feel agonizing.

 This mod will help to transform zombies into casual people. Zombies will pass by. You will be comfortable doing chores. 

Better headshot: This mod will make headshots better. Hit those creepy creatures in the head. Zombies will be bumbling towards you, and you only got this mod to fight against. Give these headshots more fastly and reach your destination.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● Valmod Overhaul: 

This mod will assist you in doing your tasks. This mod will come with Overhaul in the expansion pack. This mod will change the whole gameplay—a more advanced and feasible game. Update your old style of gaming.

Features of the mod:

More cooking recipes. Make your survival possible with a variety of food. 

 With this overhaul pack, you will get street lights lighting up your way. You can use ovens and sinks as well.

The one more exciting thing that will increase curiosity in-game is “hidden doors” you 

never know where next door is going to take you.

Upgradation of weapons and mods. Tools, quests, clothes, and many things in this handy mod.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

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● Darkness Falls: 

Darkness will fall. The night will be more intense. More zombies will haul over you. This mod has brought respawning of zombies. Oops! Get enough food. Make your survival last long. 

Whenever darkness reaches your gameplay, you will have to tackle more zombies. More zombies mean more danger. Remember! Darkness is zombies’ power.

Features of the mod:

This mod is for real players. Those who liked “Hub city” will be fascinated by this one also. 

Gun Crafting is introduced. This will take you to the beginning era of the game. You need Lathe to craft guns. So yeah, it’s more of a challenge to handcrafting your weapons.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link: 

● Ravenhearst: 

Still, need more challenging gameplay? This mod has got you. Every injury will be worse. Hunger will be doubled. You will need to have an advanced fire to make food over. You need to be quick and smart too.

Fun adding features:

 Make a zombie hoard by the 21-day blood moon. Sounds scary! 

Make your defense more protective by charging your fence. Do not just kill zombies; destroy these creepy creatures. 

This feature is not cruel. Decorations! You can have fine and beautiful furniture—decor at holidays. Make your residence a place of living. 

● Starvation: 

You will face hunger. Told you! This mod will take your hunger to the next level: more difficulties, more excitement in the game. Not only excitement, but this mod will also make the game more realistic. An interface close to real life. 

This mod is explicitly called Starvation because you will have to face fatigue, food spoilage, and epidemic. Starvation will blow you out. The invasion will take you close to death. Your food prepared with effort will be rotten. No food means more hunger. You will need more resources to fulfill hunger.

Key Features:

Tame your pets. Pets will assist you in critical hunger games. Your pets will assist you in this threatening mod. Tame these well.

There will be more things to kill you. These will make you more eager for the game. 

This is a more challenging mod of this 7 Days of the Death game. 

Another exciting feature is that you can make your character insane. Yeah, you read it right. This old fashioned illness will turn to an extreme madness. 

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● Real Survival: 

This mod is pretty much similar to the Starvation mod. But it has its characteristics as well. True Survival needs extra skills and survival strategies. You will face a deadly environment in this mod as well. 

Although having similarity to starvation mode, this mod has its own.

Stimulants: Your character will get addicted. Make a withdrawal from stimulants. 

Unpredictable Zombies: 

Need more excitement? What if one zombie attacks you, but the other one gets the shit out of you! Oh, that one will make you invite to survive. This feature will make each zombie of different nature. New zombie, new challenge!

Dead is Dead:  This feature will lessen your wellness up to 10. If you are dead, then you can not respawn with this character again.

Download link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● War of the Walkers: 

If you are looking for fun and challenges in one mod, then this one’s for you. Many new features will keep you engaged in the game. 

This feature will keep on surprising you with new loots, new enemies, more probabilities, and exciting challenges. A gift ready to be unpacked. Keep your hands on the game controller and eyes on the screen, as this mod has changed every time.

Key Features:

You will be provided with more survivors. These will attack zombies as well as wildlife. An addition to the survivors means more chances of survival.

You will get additional and improved health items. 

There will be more bandits to attack upon. Improved health items will help you to defend against bandits. 

New UMA.

New zombie hoards and zombie spiders.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

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● Medieval: 

Why not be a little classy? This mod has some excellent fantasized features. You will see fantasy stories in this mode. 

Key Features: Some of the thrilling features of this mod are as follows:

Do you want to be Dragon Riders or a Knight? This mod has this class.

Be a King or Queen you always wanted to be while brawling against zombie hordes. 

You may face “Dragons” also. Step into many dungeons to explore this mod. 

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● Gnamod: 

If you enjoyed the main game and want to have some problematic gameplay, this mod will fulfill that craving. This mod makes gameplay more challenging for players. The base game with added difficulty is a must be played. 

Many ones out there do not go for intense gameplay. A little difficulty level will be chic.

Key Features: 

This mod comes up with other modes like Horde mode. Nomade mode and Necropolis. These will add a new story to the base game.

You will not have to face easy hordes. All 7,14 and 21 will be of deadly difficulty. 

If you want to survive, then you need to be self-sufficient. 

Zombies will get stronger. This is what makes this mod different from others.

Download Link: Click this link to download this mod:

● Fennec: 

This mod is quite different from other mods as this mod does not have levels. Apart from classy mods, this mod allows you to be specialized in certain regions. 

You choose an area and get specialized in it. Get your skills in your hand and be an expert survivor of your site.

Key Feature:

Your quests will be solved according to your specialization. More skills will make you a more authentic specialist.

The radiated zombies can see you no matter how far you are farther. In this mod, zombies will get stronger. 

  I can see the specialization in many class systems like carpenter, crafter, and builder in this mod also.

Set a goal to get something done; this mod will ascend you to that.

Download Link: Click on this link to download this mod:

● Undead Legacy: 

Fallout influences this mod. If you have been a fan of Fallout, then this mod is for you. The undead legacy. The untold dead less gameplay. 

This mod comes up with a powerpack of 770+ new items and 47 collectible perks—a whole unique scenery for players. 

Fun Features:

Many fun features will blow you up with excitement.

This mod needs an experienced gamer. If you are one, then you only can handle these power ranging zombies.

The extended you survive, the longer you will run short of food. You may have to scavenge for food. 

As there are many new items available, so players will enjoy crafting. 

Download Link: To download this mod, click on this link:

● Vehicle Madness: 

You will get this mod in A19. For those who have not played this mod, this is not going to be for custom vehicles like the vanilla style. 

You can have many vehicles in this mod, from police cars to fire trucks and rusted old ones. Keep up your hope to find one running; if not, then ready to have in loot. One of best amazing mod in list of “7 Days To Die Mods

Important things:

Although there are some points to take care of in this mod. 

This mod is a model of an overhaul. 

A new game save option is required as the mod keeps on changing its block. 

You are not allowed to change or extract any of the assets in this mod.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● Invisible Dye: 

Alright! So this one is quite an interesting mod. You can apply an invisible dye to your clothes and weapons. But do not use it as your shield. 

You will have this mod in the dyes loot group or sometimes in outfits loot like other dyes. 

Terms of use: 

You can use this mod in combination with an overhaul or mod pack or create a modified one. 

You can use this mod as long as your game keeps on using UMA for your character. Once it stops, this mod will also stop working.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● Recipes for Ingredients: 

If you want to craft your components, then this mod is for you. This mod is perfect for changing recipes and making your game more exciting. 

Electronic and mechanical parts, tool and die set, small engine, sewing kit, and toolset can be made more complicated.

The base game gets bored if you do not enhance it with new mods. This mod will help you to make new combinations.

Download Link: You can download this mod by clicking on this link:

● Weapon/Hands FOV (Camera Distance) Changer: 

A while ago, TFP locked this mod. The reason for locking this was that the hand model looked so awkward. 

But here it is, a good vibe that this issue has been fixed. The developer has made changes with the hand/weapon model to something more reasonable, like 60.


A console has been added to this mod.

This mod is DMT, so it requires a DMT modding tool. 

A pistol AAA FOV aim is not a DMT mod, so it is a bonus in this mod.

Download Link:  There are multiple links for multiple choices. Click on any of your choices. for 0-FieryRiderCore for Changer. for Pistols AAA FOV aim. 

● WorkStations: 

Want to upgrade your workstations? Then this mod is for up-gradation of workstations. This mod allows you to pick up any broken workstation and amend these by combination recipes. 

This mod also allows you to build broken vending machines. This will add cost to change recipes. 

ChangeLog: The change and repairment of workstations include a 2k duke cost.

Download Link: Click on the links below to get this mod:

For A19

For A18 

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What is “7 Days to Die Alpha 18”?

Alpha 18 is one of the significant updates that has been done to this game. Currently, the latest update is A18 B155. Many amendments have been made to the game as new bugs were popped up.

How to get this mod:

● Open Steam.  Right-click on 7 Days to Die.

● Select properties from the menu.

● Select the Betas tab.

● Click on the Drop-down menu that says NONE-Opt all of the Betas.

● Scroll down until you find the latest experimental.

● Click on it and wait until A18 is downloaded. 

Can we Play 7 Days to Die on PS4?

7 Days to Die is an open-world game hence requiring an advance set up to play on. You can play this game on PS4 and PS5 also. But unfortunately, PS4 does not support some of its features. It is better to play this game on PS5.

What are the “7 Days to Die Navezgane Map” is?

Navezgane is the main locale in this game. Navezgane, a county in Arizona, a rare devastation area. “Navezgane” means “Killer of Monsters.” This locality covers around 32km square with 100 meters of highly illumined space. 

Can we Play 7 Days to Die on Xbox One? 

You can only play this game on Xbox One if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. As 7 Days to Die is a live game with exploration, looting, crafting, and many features, it requires the Gold edition of Xbox One.

What is “7 Days to Die Console Update”?

There is not any plan to update the console. However, we may see a new generation of 7 Days to Die in the near time. For this, your PC needs to be gone Gold.

What is “7 Days to Die Mod Launcher”?

This launcher allows you to install mods easily without doing that manual copy/pasting of links.

This tool is known as 7D2D Mod Launcher. An effortless way to install your favorite mods. This launcher also keeps your mods updated manually.


This article is a detailed overview of the 7 Days to Die game. Its installation of mods and related queries have been discussed on the player’s demands. The download links for mods have also been added for our effortless gaming acknowledgement. Hope you love reading 7 Days To Die Mods”

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