Tuesday, May 24, 2022

7 Amazing Benefits of Staying Sober

Becoming sober is like waking up after a never-ending nightmare. Your head feels clearer, your eyes are not blurry, and your body doesn’t ache in random places. Your mind begins to rebuild itself emotionally, allowing you to see the world from an optimistic perspective. A chance to relive life is no less than a blessing.

Addiction can start at any age. Falling down this long and messy road is not easy. Addiction steals more than your health from you. It destroys relationships, isolates you, and buries you under the weight of your guilt. It is courageous to seek help and pull yourself out of the rut you’ve fallen into. 

Sobriety is a gift, and you will get to enjoy it physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the beginning, sobriety is tedious, especially when you’re like a toddler learning how to walk again in the first few years of recovery. While there is a chance you can relapse, sticking to your newly found life is applicable. Here’s what turning a new life looks like for you: 

  1. Your Mental Health Improves

Rehab centers do more than take away the bottle and curtail the drugs. These establishments provide tools like therapy, exercise, and a structured lifestyle to help you mend your mental health. Establishments like the Delphi Health Group have the skills to treat co-occurring mental health illnesses exacerbated by substance abuse. 

When you embrace sobriety, it also dims down aggravated mental health ailments like depression, anxiety, and even eating disorders to a manageable level. While taking drugs and drinking alcohol may have amplified the noise instead of your head, becoming sober finally gives you inner peace. 

  1. Sleep Is Now Possible 

As an adult, you need at least nine hours of sleep every night. However, substance abuse steals those precious hours from you. In the US, people who use substances are ten times more likely to have a sleeping disorder. This is because using drugs and alcohol causes an influx of dopamine to rush through your body. When you consume a potent stimulant like cocaine, you stay awake through the night. 

Once the substances wean from your body, the chemical balance starts to go back into place. Your brain recovers the lost adenosine, and you start feeling sleepy again. As a result, you get to go into a deep slumber and go into REM. About 20% of your sleep must be in the REM stage, and this helps your muscles relax completely and make you feel well-rested the following day. 

  1. A Chance to Build a Routine

When you have a clear mind and feel relaxed, you make yourself a proper routine. However, when you’re abusing substances, you lose track of time, bail on responsibilities, and blackout for most of the day. As a sober person, you get to make up for the lost time. 

Sobriety is a golden opportunity to rediscover your faith. However, once you stop those habits, you can rebuild your life from ground zero. Your routine will consist of every activity which enhances your sobriety. You may join a gym, have a balanced diet plan, keep your surroundings clean, and in some cases, make time for prayer. With an appropriate routine, you can revisit spirituality and spend time learning about it like never before. 

  1. Improved Physical Appearance 

Improved diet, hygiene, physical fitness, and sleep work wonders for your body. When you look good, you feel good, which boosts your confidence. The under-eye bags go away, red patches and acne-like rosacea get lighter. The dull, tired look with sunken cheeks also disappears, making you look radiant. 

Improved self-esteem will make you more appreciative of your physical appearance and encourage you to maintain yourself. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting Monty haircuts, facials, and even manicures. 

  1. You Get To Save Money

Substances don’t come cheap. A gram of Cocaine in the US can easily cost you over $160 and wrack up an annual bill of over $10,000. Not only are you wasting money, but you’re also making life much harder on yourself by self-inflicting financial problems. But, stopping substance abuse allows you to save money and spend it wisely. Instead of jeopardizing your lifestyle, you will live a fulfilling life with less stress about making ends meet. 

  1. Have a Family Again

There is nothing better than holding your children close and embracing your partner, especially if they got neglected for so long. But, seeking their forgiveness and building a relationship with your loved ones is only step one of becoming sober. You still need to atone for much, and your loved ones may even meet you with resistance. You should become an active parent and show how much you care. Be the parent they always wanted by playing an active role in their school, listening to your child, and, if needed, taking them to therapy. 

It would help if you also worked on rebuilding your relationship with your partner, which wouldn’t have been possible in the past with the constant hangovers and passing out far from home. Show that you’re a changed person by attending family therapy sessions and being attentive to your partner’s needs. You should also give them space to deal with the emotions they feel while they reconnect with you.

  1. A Moment to Forgive Yourself

Addiction can fill you with shame and guilt. You may feel unworthy, unloved, and hate yourself for existing. Turning to sobriety can save you from these dark and looming thoughts. You will become a whole new person when you allow yourself to attend NA meetings and follow the 12 steps program. 

Once you start walking towards a sober life, you will learn to forgive yourself and let go of the weights holding you down. Forgiveness is an essential part of recovery. It humanizes you, fills you with hope, and reminds you to go easy on yourself. With forgiveness comes gratitude and these two features are soul food. You start to develop a more optimistic outlook on life, empowering you to build your future. This could be your spiritual awakening after a long time of silence. 

Final Thoughts

While addiction may start due to complex reasons, you need to stop it. Don’t let it escalate further, and work on having a life free of substances again. When you choose to become sober, you save yourself from a lifetime of regret. 

Once you embrace sobriety, you will feel your mental, physical and spiritual health improving. You also get to save money and spend it on your loved ones. What’s more, your family gets a second chance to be with you. No drug or alcohol can compete with the feeling of being accepted or loved.