Tuesday, July 5, 2022

5 Reasons Why Physical Therapists Need a Game Ready Ice Machine

When your business involves treating people suffering from an injury, you want to do everything you can to make their treatment time as pleasant and relaxing as possible. One of the most important ways to accomplish this is by providing them with a comfortable room and ice and water on demand. A game-ready ice machine is an essential part of every rehab center in different fields, such as physical therapy offices, dentist’s offices and chiropractic centres. Here are five reasons why every physiotherapist needs a game ready ice machine!

Increase Patient Satisfaction

If your patients don’t feel better after their first appointment, they may not return for more. Physical therapists often rely on patient satisfaction surveys to determine whether they’re doing a good job. If your patients aren’t satisfied, they probably won’t return. Game ready ice machines can help keep your patients coming back because they help with pain control and reduce swelling. They also help patients recover faster after their appointments to get back to doing the things they enjoy most.

Game Ready Ice Machines Increase Efficiency 

The more efficient you are at your job, the more value you can provide for your clients, and the higher your business will rank in search results—which means more traffic and more leads for you! If you spend 5 minutes preparing each bag of game ready ice machine sessions instead of 10, that’s a big difference when you’re talking about preparing a lot of bags each day!

More Effective Cooling than Other RICE Methods

Game ready ice machines from Source Fitness don’t melt as fast or get as cold as standard cubes, which means they won’t burn the skin if used in an emergency that doesn’t require complete treatment. Game ready ice stays at a therapeutic temperature for up to 50 per cent longer than standard cubes, giving you plenty of time to adjust the temperature with your hands before it makes contact with skin. While standard cubes may be good at keeping drinks cold, they can be hard on the body if used as part of a treatment plan. Game ready ice machines are specifically made soft and comfortable on the skin, no matter where treatment is applied.

Easy to operate

Physical therapists often work long hours, and they are always on the go. You might be making rounds at a hospital or treating patients at their homes. You don’t have time to fiddle with complicated machines when you need ice treatment for a patient. A portable game ready ice machine is as simple as it gets, making it ideal for your use.

In a Class of its Own

Game ready ice machines are clinically proven to reduce the pain and swelling of injuries or surgeries. Additionally, they won’t cause any damage to your home or office because it does not produce any heat when it is being used like some old fashioned machines do when they make crushed ice cubes.


If you’re a physical therapist without a game ready ice machine, get one! Without it, you limit the type of patients you can treat, whether you need skating or stride ready ice or just general use ice cubes. You might even be keeping away those new prospective patients that could come to your practice if only you had fresh ice available!

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Cary Grant
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