Tuesday, May 24, 2022

5 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps for Small Business


One of the essential elements involved in small business operation is ensuring that it is simple for your clients to book appointments with you. Many businesses now operate entirely online, but it is not just those in the digital realm that can make use of scheduling apps.

Any small business that requires clients to book will be able to benefit from a streamlined and easy to use appointment app. These tools make life a lot easier, eliminate the chance of double bookings and missed appointments, and are a time saving and cost-effective business tool. Let’s have a look at five of the best. 


A well-designed and cleverly packaged scheduling tool for appointments and sessions is missed.com. The booking system is done by way of a cloud-based calendar. The client books by selecting a session that is convenient to them. This is then confirmed with the business, and all is set. 

This package comes with other features such as a video conferencing tool, HR elements, and a reporting and updating feature. It’s simple to use and perfect for personal trainers, legal service providers, counselors, tutors, and others running face to face online businesses, and especially growing businesses looking for a tool that can scale as the business expands.


This easy to use and comprehensive appointment scheduling tool is another popular option. Picktime is aimed at businesses that don’t need a customizable calendar and are happy with a generic one. It is surprisingly easy to set up and use, and the dashboard and access are slick and neat. There is a free option – as with the above – and while it is not as customizable as some, the standard generic calendar and booking screen is well-designed and does the job effectively. This one is great for sole traders. 


SimplyBook.me comes highly recommended for businesses that operate in the international sphere. With no fewer than 32 language options, and more features than some others on this list, the designers have clearly recognized that even the smallest online businesses can find custom abroad, such is the versatility of online commerce. Integration with a large selection of payment systems and a neat tool that recognizes the area of business you operate in and automatically optimizes the features to suit make this an ideal choice for a small business looking to expand rapidly.


A comprehensive suite of business tools including a booking and scheduling app, vcita is a popular choice with two features that are in the scheduling area. Each offers its own unique attributes, and they are designed to be simple to use and easy to set up. Like most such tools vcita is cloud-based which removes the need to use valuable storage space on your system. This tool offers excellent resources in building working relationships with clients, and also includes lead generation tools, invoicing and reporting, and many other useful business apps that will be of interest to online small business owners. 


The USP of Genbook lies in its ‘Last Minute Booking’ feature. A nicely designed booking and scheduling tool with a neat calendar forms the basis, yet when a prescribed date or time approaches, Genbook automatically offers discounted empty spaces – where they exist – to clients that are on your database. You can choose the time the discount is valid for, what the discount amounts to, and get more booked spaces without lifting a finger. This feature will be popular with businesses that have regular clients on perhaps a weekly basis, and who will be attracted by the idea of a discount when slots are left open. 


Booking and scheduling apps often put the onus on the client to make sure they have booked their appointment or session. This takes away a lot of the small and mundane tasks involved in keeping your business running at the maximum level of possible efficiency. 

Each of the above is worth further investigation if you are looking to automate your booking system, and all come with additional features that will appeal to a variety of small businesses. We hope we’ve helped you find the right booking and scheduling app for you, so you can help your business grow.