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5 Benefits To Using Recyclable Packaging

Be unique with your packaging. Recyclable packaging lets customers know your product is well thought out from start to finish. Let consumers know you’re committed to improvement. Learn more about recycled packaging and how to use it effectively for your brand. 

What Is Considered Recyclable Packaging?

For packaging to be considered recyclable, it has to satisfy some basic requirements. Recyclable packaging must be able to be:

  • Collected
  • Sorted 
  • Reprocessed 
  • Reused 

Stand-up and lay flat pouch variations come in both recyclable and PCR materials. When recyclable packaging is reused, it must be incorporated into the manufacturing or the making of another item. Depending on the materials in that item, it may turn into a post-consumer recycled item that is bound for a different process. 

An important note on meeting the recyclable criteria is that all markers must be met, not just one or some. Many people have discovered that they have packaging that can be recycled but do not have sorting or processing plants nearby, which creates a separate issue for sustainability. 

How To Use Recyclable Packaging for Your Brand

Recyclable pouches are just as successful for packaging your products as other, less sustainable forms of wrapping. However, your company’s sustainability, public perception, and green rating will be far more agreeable than not. 

Use recyclable packaging as a selling point in addition to the features of your product. Despite the uniqueness of your brand, there are likely several other products in the same category. When deciding between your green connected packaging and other items of a similar product, it might be the fact that the packaging is recyclable that sways public opinion enough to get it in the cart over the alternatives. 

Benefits of Recyclable Packaging

Aside from the general feel goods you and your customers get from going green, recyclable packaging has measurable benefits. 

Packaging Ratios

Goods to packaging are more aligned. Rather than opening a recyclable pouch to find half of the bag empty, recyclable pouches are made to fit the product limiting waste efficiently. Flexible, recyclable packaging efficiently uses space with no extra material, which consumers appreciate too. 

Water Usage 

Clean water crises are all over the globe. Recycling is one way to reduce the use of water in production cycles. Recyclable and flexible packaging uses thousands of gallons less to produce than cans or bottles to package the same materials. 

Carbon Impact 

Climate change is a hot-button topic for everyone. Reducing greenhouse gases not only stops the degradation of the ozone layer but it makes for cleaner air in the meantime. Rigid containers emit more greenhouse gases than flexible, recyclable packages.

Fossil Fuel Usage 

Fossil fuels are in short supply and ultimately power more than just production cycles. Global conflicts and price wars are thanks to the growing scarcity of fossil fuels. Rigid containers consume far more fossil fuels than recyclable flexible bag packaging. 

Landfill Contribution 

Despite advances in space exploration, there is a finite area to dump the trash we create. Thermoformed baby food containers are among the most popular items in landfills compared with recyclable flexible pouches. 

Consider recyclable packaging for your products to communicate greener goals for the future.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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