Monday, May 23, 2022

4 Must-Have Essentials for New Parents

When you become new parents, you want to make sure you and your baby are prepared for what’s to come. However, it can be difficult to prepare when you aren’t sure where to begin.  There are many things to be aware of to care for your newborn, but with enough planning, you can get everything you need to make their arrival into the world perfect. We’ve narrowed down some essentials for new parents to keep your baby happy and safe as you begin the brave journey of parenthood.

1. Have Enough Baby Diapers 

One of the most important things to have with you as new parents is an extensive collection of diapers and baby wipes. Whether you go with traditional disposable diapers or cloth diapers, you need to ensure that you have enough. You want to make sure your baby stays as clean and as comfortable as possible. 

Having a good supply of diapers makes this a lot easier. Consider getting a diaper subscription delivery so you can avoid having to run back and forth from the store when you’re out of diapers. This way, you always have more diapers being delivered directly to your door for much-needed convenience! 

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2. A Baby Swaddle

Babies are used to feeling warm and cozy in the womb, so sometimes, the easiest way to stop them from crying or get them to fall back asleep is to mimic the womb environment. Using a swaddle blanket and perhaps a baby rocker can help re-create that environment. You can purchase pre-swaddled blankets for easy use when needed or teach yourself how to swaddle your baby in their baby blanket. Either way, you give your baby the environment they need to feel warm and comfortable. 

A swaddling blanket is one of the go-to items for new parents because it can sometimes be the only thing that will keep your newborn from crying! Babies need time to adjust to their new setting, so before you get ahead of yourself and start looking for baby shoes, take things in baby steps (pun intended) so that they can adjust in their own time.

3. A Baby Carrier

Sometimes you’re going to need an extra hand free to answer your phone or open a door. If you’re constantly holding your baby, your arms are busy. While your diaper bag does some of the heavy lifting, a baby carrier frees up your arms so that you can keep holding your baby and do whatever you need to do. 

A baby carrier is a sturdy backpack-like bag that you can put your newborn baby into. There are holes for the arms and legs to move comfortably and straps that the parent wears over their shoulders. Give your arms the break they need while still looking out for your little one! 

4. A Baby Care Planner 

Sticking to a schedule can be the difference between getting the sleep you need and feeling sleep deprived for weeks. Purchase a simple baby care planner to write down your baby’s patterns and the sleep schedule you’re trying to adjust them to. 

It is essential to set up a schedule outlining feeding times, naps, and any days you might have someone over to help you care for the baby and not feel out of sorts. Everyone helping out can refer to this schedule to help you stay on track. 

Products That Offer Parents Convenience 

The must-have products for new parents are those that ease the transition into parenthood as well as your baby’s transition into the world! Consider the four above suggestions as you navigate the world of baby products and choose the essential items for you and your baby.