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10 educational coloring pages for preschoolers

For those who are looking for Educational coloring pages for preschoolers, here is a review that will enlighten you to make a great choice.

Color by Number

Color by number pages enable kids to learn how to recognize basic numbers. It is an interactive activity designed to teach preschoolers basic math skills as they have fun with colors. These pages are fantastic and fun for preschoolers. It enables them to identify numbers and color those numbers appropriately. It also helps kids to recognize colors and practice their coloring skills effectively as well as stay entertained.

Print at: Color by Numbers

Preschoolers can color the diagram based on the provided color keys and practice the number while engaging in this coloring activities.

Solar System coloring pages

Solar system is a popular and fascinating topic in kids’ education. Solar system coloring pages have complete images of all the nine planets, comets and suns. This makes learning and study time easier for kids as everything in the solar system revolves around the sun as well as the largest star in the universe.  These coloring pages are a great way to help kids learn about the planets, moons and other objects in space with a lot of fun.

Kids can color each planet color guides or with the help of a guardian or teacher as the case may be. They can also memorize the order of the names of the planets as they color away. It is a fun activity as kids can play with colors and fill the planet images with proper shades from their color palette, hone their vocabulary and writing skills. With the use of mnemonic, kids can remember the names of the planets. Yes, with these pages, kids can learn in wonderment, know what is out there and see beyond using their imagination.

 Alphabets coloring pages

Alphabets coloring pages is no doubt a fun way to teach pre k, preschool and kindergarten age kids letters and sounds. Alphabet coloring pages help kids to learn the alphabets with the illustrations of animals, objects, and people represented on the pages.  The pages also have the full name of each alphabet and items written out. This can be colored in to expose them to letters and the combination of words.

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Coloring the alphabet is a good way to get young learners to be aware of the letters of the alphabet through this simplistic activity they like. They might not be able to read yet but can say the alphabets and still color the shapes represented on the pages.  With this, they can easily and gradually familiarize with the letters, sounds and words to aid further learning. This presents a great opportunity for phonemic awareness using images and sounds.

Shapes coloring pages

Shapes coloring pages are helpful for kids’ cognitive development and education. Shapes like rectangles, circles, triangles, cubes, squares, cones, pentagons, hexagons and other shapes are featured in these coloring pages.

Do you know that shapes make up the things we see everyday? I would like you to take a look around your environment to see that in nature and in the things around us. This certainly makes learning shapes easier and they can tell you the names of all the shapes. They can even start with the very basic shapes and color within the lines using their favorite shades while learning what shape the objects are made up of.

Count and Numbers coloring pages

Count and numbers coloring pages are helpful to preschoolers’ education. With this, they can practice counting and writing numbers.  Kids find fun in trying to fill in the missing numbers even when it is a hard task to count numbers.

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Image: Números para colorear

In these coloring pages, the images are placed inside another object in a black and white outline as well as color in the amount of objects shown in the pages. In some pages, colored objects on the left and each item is a number while on the right is the same object kids’ needs to color in the same format. The numbers could be inside images like cotton candy, puppies or other animals. Kids who have difficulty with certain numbers can use these pages to improve themselves.  They can also write out and count the numbers in the pages as they engage in the activity and color in.

Forest Animals coloring pages

Forest animal coloring pages create so much for preschoolers who love images of different species of animals. On these pages, kids can allow their imagination to roam into the forest to the smell of the fresh air and greenery atmosphere, trees and shrubs as well as nature in the grandest form.

 The Forest animal coloring pages depict images of various forest animals such as big Bear, Wild Pig, Snakes, Hedgehog, Wolf, Squirrel, Fox and other animals, canopy of trees, fallen branches and leaves, mushrooms and the fascinating forest. Kids can have full potential of fun and creativity as well as let their imagination and inspiration go wild as they use great color to bring out the originality of the forest environment.

Tracing coloring pages

Tracing coloring pages is a great educational tool for preschoolers. The themes in these coloring pages include; food, vegetables and fruits, animals, vehicles, birthdays, sea creatures, toys, school, etc. Each tracing image presented is to be traced by the kids from an object to explore their drawing and coloring skills. It aids them to recognize colors, improve fine motor-skills, identify and recognize objects depicted in the coloring pages. Preschoolers love to draw and write and color which make this educational activity a perfect one for them. They can strengthen their hand muscles, improve on their color recognition and have control over their pencil grip, practice patience, focus on the task needed for future writing ability. Above all, it easily serves as a fun activity for kids.

World Map coloring pages

World map coloring pages have intriguing images that fascinate kids. These maps in the pages come in many shapes and sizes which is useful for many learning experiences and kids will not find it boring to engage in.

With these coloring pages, kids learn a lot about countries and continents, oceans which are all represented on the maps images. Most map images have intricate edges and kids can be guided in order to color within the lines. Moreso, they can gain some great knowledge of Geography and maps in a simplistic way.  Kids can use the color guides written underneath the maps to splash contrasting colors to create canvas kaleidoscopic on the pages. The coloring pages teach kids a few basic things about latitudes and longitudes in the maps in an easy way.

Flags and Countries coloring pages

Flags and countries coloring pages is a great way to teach preschoolers about countries and their national flags. Kids are taught the topic in primary or elementary school.  The flag is known as a symbol of pride for its citizens and the country, its beliefs and values.  Countries project their philosophies and attitude to the rest of the world through the flag with a complex meaning depicted in their designs.

Kids often encounter difficulty in remembering the flags as there are many countries in the world but these pages aid them as they color symbols of the flag which have specific meanings based on culture and tradition of the country. It is an awesome way to familiarize the kids with the flags and countries as well as remember the flags for a long time. They can be taught the use of proper colors for the flag and countries, write the name of the country alongside the flag and memorize it while engaging in this coloring activities.

Rainbow coloring pages

 Rainbow coloring pages show kids coloring at its best and kids love to draw and paint rainbows as it enables them to experiment with color .The beautiful colors of the rainbow enchant them. Kids are especially fascinated when they see the seven colors of rainbow making an arch in the blue sky and represented in their coloring pages.

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